Flexible Outdoor LED Display, Valuable Display You Need!

Flexible outdoor LED display has different and innovative appearance, and also stable and advanced functions. Compared with traditional LED display, the high flexibility and high-definition displaying performance make flexible LED display have more suitability for different outdoor LED display than conventional ones.

Specialties of Flexible Outdoor LED Display

This kind of flexible material can endure extreme compression, and is resistant to distortion and bump. Therefore, flexible outdoor LED screen is especially suitable for creative installation such as cylindrical LED display, curved LED display, magic cube LED display, ribbon LED display, and so on.

flexible outdoor led screen

They have specialties but not limited to:

(1) A space-efficient compact design, can save room and labor-cost;

(2) Easy to install given the pliable feature, and can be suitable to different building structure;

(3) Highly customizable functions, multiple-customized choices including size, shape, and pixel pitch;

(4) Easy to maintain, and can support frontal and back maintenance;

(5) High mobility- easy to be mounted, dismantled and folded for storage and transportation.

What Can Flexible Outdoor LED Displays Do for You?

The flexible outdoor LED screen can achieve many functions that will promote your turnovers and help to propagate positive brand images.

(1) Promote your brand images

Flexible LED displays can attract potential customers to your business within several seconds. It can be one of the best ways to capture attention of viewers.

Moreover, your earnest and innovative advertising method can make your prospective clients think they stand to gain once they visit your business. Just imagine, if you have such idea that this company has put so many energy into advertising, and also the advertisements leave you deep impression, will you be tend to believe this company a reliable one?

Besides, this creative LED display also offer you a great platform to perform the actual strength to more people.

(2) High cost-efficiency, budget-friendly

A cost-effective solution can save more budget, and leave more potentials for future investment. That is why flexible outdoor LED display appears – obviously they can save your budget, and bring you higher rate of return.

What is more, we can give customers more competitive prices based on this high effective project as we can use less money to do more things, thus reducing final prices to customers.

(3) Easy installation and maintenance

The easy installation and maintenance mean you can set up them by yourself. This feature comes from their pliable material which allows them huge free to be installed as different shapes and in different rooms to take up the desired space you want to work with.

Additionally, they are very easy to access when maintaining. Both frontal and back services can be reached out, facilitating the process of fixing problems effectively.

(4) Eye-catching advertising method

Flexible outdoor LED screens can show your creativity fully, and give you more chances to get services and products that are aligned with your business and brand images.

The highly customizable feature allows more potentials to create suitable pixel pitch, brightness, shapes, functions and so on, making great design quite easy.

(5) Save labor and transportation cost

The display can be rolled up, and has thin cabinet, therefore can save storage room, and the light cabinet can save transportation fee for you.

Where Can You Use Flexible Outdoor LED Screen?

Where can you use flexible LED display screen to gain more profits, and impact your viewers deeply? Here we list some of the most common using scenarios:

(1) Creative Designs

One of the main features of flexible LED display is that it can fit in different applications with the creative designs as the high potentials it owns make it can be suitable to more conditions.

According to this screen’s specialties, it can achieve many creative LED displays such as LED cube display, spherical LED display, ribbon LED display and so on. 

Sometimes the display can be customized to certain angles for you if you have such need so as to achieve more adventurous shapes.

(2) Giant outdoor advertising LED display

Soft LED displays can support giant LED display installation whether is installed from LED modules or cabinets. Besides, you can customize your preferred size and design.

Further, as soft LED display has outstanding heat dissipation, it can be more durable than other kinds of displaying medias. The long duration of use give customers higher cost-efficiency, and less worry of daily maintenance.

(3) 360° emcompassing LED display screen

Flexible LED displays are ultra-thin, light and have flexibility. Therefore, it can design highly flexible shapes such as ribbon, and can be bend 180°. 

1.The LED display module with soft cover can achieve the highest color uniformity and grayscale, which can protect LEDs effectively.

2.The flexibility makes LED display installation easily and quickly.

3.The high flexibility gives designers more free to create more innovative shapes.

flexible outdoor led display

(4) Outdoor Flexible LED Mesh Display

This is an advanced and innovative LED display that can show your contents easily, and is rarely seen in the market.

However, the stylish appearance will not influence the final displaying performances, and only add more attractiveness to the whole look.


In this article, we discussed the characteristics of flexible outdoor LED display and how can they apply to your project. For any information about LED display, welcome turn to your LED FAQ page right now!