Flexible Soft LED Display

A Flexible LED display, or a soft LED display is a type of LED display screen that have huge flexibility and is bendable.  The soft back shell enables better fit into different sites with different angles so as to have strong adaptability to various installation conditions.

It owns high protection capability such as high water and dust-proof ability, high-standard visual performances like high brightness and contrast ratio, and also unique flexibility to allow for building various creative LED displays!

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1. What Is Flexible LED Display?

A flexible LED screen consists of LED pixels arranged on a pliable material such as rubber or PCB. It is insulated on both sides with a flexible transparent material to protect the LED circuit from damage. This structure makes flexible LED screens very resilient.

Due to its flexible features, it can be used to create different shapes. And the panels are connected with magnets along their border lines to create a seamless LED display.

2. Linsn Flexible LED Display Features

Thin and light design with flexible raw materials, soft LED display can form different shapes and bend to any angles. It won’t break LED lamp beads when used to achieve creative LED displays such as ball LED display, curved LED displays and magic cube LED displays.

1. Allow for complicated and creative display shapes to improve visual performance.

flexible Soft LED display module
2. Time-saving and easy operation, allowing for assembling LED display screens directly.

3. Excellent visual performance including better color uniformity, wide grayscale, and high contrast ratio.

4. Easy installation and maintenance, supporting magnet connection and dual services.

5. No metal frame, which reducing the weight of LED cabinet, thus saving storage room and transportation fee for customers.

6. Strict quality control and 72 hours aging test, professional aging workshop enabling stable working of every LED cabinet we deliver to you.

7. High-quality components including Epistar LEDs, NationStar LEDs, MBI5124 driving IC, and international-famous power supply, and so on. High refresh rate and stable running are all ensured.

8. Saving your budgetUp to 20 sq meters can be packed inside one flight case thanks to their lightweight design, so you can cut down on shipping costs as well as labor costs.

Moreover, as the durability and multi-functions of the LED display, they are more endurable than traditional displays so to save your maintenance cost and storage cost.

3. Why You Need Flexible LED Display Screen?

Linsn Flexible LED Module
High Flexibility, Perfect Visual Performance
Linsn Flexible LED Module
High Flexibility, Perfect Visual Performance
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1. 3 In 1 SMD LED lamp beads, high brightness with wide viewing angles, and 16 bits wide grayscale allowing for all colors you want to display.

2. Driving IC MBI514 ensuring stable running, reducing power consumption, and support high refresh rate to offer better visual performance.

3. Allowing for various creative shapes such as curved LED displays, ball LED displays, cylindrical LED display and other special-shaped LED display.

4. High definition, close viewing distance, perfect for indoor LED display.

5. Eye-catching design available. 

Because you can easily adjust the pixel pitch, brightness on these displays and shapes, creating great designs is easy. They give you great flexibility and allow you to experiment with different designs to see what works for you.

6. Saving your budgets

When used correctly, they offer an excellent return on investment by attracting potential customers to your business. 

Our LED displays offer excellent quality images and videos at an affordable price, allowing you to boost profits by applying them to your business.

7. Easy installation and maintenance

Flexible LED display are very easy to install, which means you can set them up yourself. They come mounted on a solid base that allows them to occupy the space you want to work with. 

The installation process is made easier with the bendable structure and easy-to-follow instructions. 

Moreover, you can easily maintain the screen from module level, which makes the whole process can be done in short time.

4. What Can You Achieve By Flexible LED Modules?

Flex LED display can be designed as waves, irregular shape LED displays are designed as hexagons and five-pointed stars, etc.

These innovative kinds of screens put forward more requirements to the production techniques of manufacturers, and Linsn LED has adequate manufacturing experiences in creative LED display screens.

(1) Curved LED Display

Curved LED screens can be used in conjunction with the modular LED screens to create the transition from a flat surface smoothly around a corner, thus no damages to the flatness and integrity of the surface, and can improve the adapotability of LED displays greatly.

(2) Cylindrical LED Display

This type of LED display screen is innovative and has outstanding advertising ability that can impress customers deeply. It can be designed as a sphere circle, barrel cuboids, squares and many more shapes.

Cylinder LED Display Customer Cases

(3) Flexible LED Curtain

The flexible LED curtain display can make a large-area outdoor media facade, and the advantages can be high transparency, ultra-lightweight structure which doesn’t need heavy supports and high brightness.

Flexible LED curtain is highly luminous and can be viewed even in bright sunlight, making them ideal for outdoor events.

Curtain LED screen can be designed in various shapes and sizes to fit any indoor or outdoor space, making them highly versatile for use in a wide range of applications.

(4) Ball LED Display

Typically, we can divide ball LED displays into two types: hemispheical LED screen and orthospherical LED display.

Indoor full-color spherical screen has a pixel pitch of 2mm (P2), 2.5mm (P2.5), 3mm (P3) and 4mm (P4), and that of outdoor full color can be >6mm (P6).

(5) Stage LED Screen

Flexible LED screen can be  can be shaped and molded into different forms and sizes, making them ideal for creating unique and innovative stage designs.  

It can be seamlessly integrated into stage sets and designs, allowing for a cohesive and visually stunning presentation. 

Also, it consume less power than traditional stage lighting, reducing energy costs and lowering carbon footprint.

(6) Transparent LED Film

Flexible LED film embeds LED lamp beads into a flexible substrate, and the entire LED film is very thin and lightweight just like a thin and light piece of paper that can be bent and folded. It can be used as flexible scrolling LED display.

People use it to create curved or irregularly shaped displays on curved walls, columns, or even clothing. 

This foldable LED screen is ideal for situations where conventional flat-panel screens cannot be used, such as limited space or the need for special shapes. 

Compared to traditional LED screens, flexible LED film is more compact and lightweight, making it suitable for unique installation scenarios.

(7) Möbius LED Display

This is an innovative LED screen becoming popular in recent years. The special shape with Möbius strip, presenting a continuous single surface, hence its name. It is build with bendable LED screen to be bent into various shapes such as loops and spirals, thus needing foldable LED screen with high flexibility.

However, the special design can capture your attention immediately.

mobius led screen
mobius led display

Our Mobius LED Screen

(8) Flexible Mesh LED Display

A flexible mesh LED display is comprised of flexible mesh material embedded with LED lights. It is bendable with high transparency, so that can be used to fit various building shapes and structure!

Its pitch typically ranges from 35mm to 200mm, making it highly advantageous for large-area displays exceeding 500 square meters and creative displays.

(9) Ribbon LED display

A ribbon LED display is a type of flexible LED display screen that is designed in a ribbon-like shape. It is characterized by its flexibility, allowing it to bend and conform to various curved surfaces or irregular shapes. 

(10) 360° Encompassing LED Display

Flexible LED displays are exceptionally thin, lightweight, and possess remarkable flexibility, allowing for the creation of highly adaptable shapes like ribbons, capable of bending up to 180°.

This encompassing structure offers viewers a fully immersive visual experience by surrounding them with content from all angles.

(11) Other creative design LED screen

Besides 10 types of creative LED screen we have mentioned above, there are more kinds of special designs can be achieved by flexible LED display panel. 

For example, we can use flexible modules to create an outer layer that wraps around the surface of objects, or combine them with mechanical devices to make LED mechanical screens. The high flexibility gives us unlimited possibilities for designing different shapes. 

In the video below, flexible modules are used to create the appearance of a vase, making good use of space and being very innovative, leaving a lasting impression.

It can also be made into a floor LED screen that cascades like a waterfall onto the ground, with no gaps at the seams. People can step on it without causing damage to the surface of the display screen. This combines the advantages of LED floor screens and flexible modules.

5. How to Repair Flexible LED Display Module?

Broken Lamp Beads on the Module

(1) Remove the gel around the LEDs with sharp tools such as a tweezer until the pins are clearly exposed. 

(2) Use a tweezer to keep the lamp bead in place, and solder it with soldering iron at temperature around 40°C (too high temperature will damage the LED display) for less than 3 seconds. 

(3) Install the right light beads on the PCB board (the long probe of LED lamp bead is the positive electrode, and the short one is the negative electrode. And the square hole on PCB board is for the positive electrode while the round hole is for the negative electrode). 

(4) Melt down a little solder wire and touch it with the solder tip, then solder the LEDs and PCB board with the solder wire. Finally, seal the LED display with the same type of gel (PH=7).

Color Missing

a. Check the signal cable connection and reconnect, also check the power supply for the first module in the row.

b. Check whether the flat cable is working normal. If any problem, reconnect the cable.

c. Change a LED display module to see whether the color missing phenomenon disappears.

One row displaying color inconsistency

This problem may be caused by the failure of the pins of the driver IC that controls this row.

First, position the corresponding driver IC. You can find it through the circuit diagram, and replace it and drive it.

No displaying on a single LED module

a. Check whether the power supply contact is normal. For instance, whether the power plug is loose or not. 

b. If there is wrong color displaying or color inconsistency but correct pictures, the problem may occur in signal input. Plug out the cable then plug in again, or replace the flat cable. 

If the problem still exists after replacing the flat cable, check whether the interface of the PCB board is working properly.

6. How to Make Flexible LED Screen?

Here are typically two ways to make flexible LED display – by flexible LED display module or LED display cabinet.

1. By LED display module

Let us know the basic tools we need to have for preparation:

led display accessories

(1) Preparation: 

Ensure that the installation area is clean, level, dust-free, and dry to ensure the stable installation of the LED modules.

(2) Layout Confirmation: 

Determine the layout and installation positions of the LED modules according to the design requirements, ensuring they conform to the shape and size of the display screen.

(3) Installation of structure: 

Install supporting structures or brackets according to the design requirements to support the LED modules and the entire display screen.

(4) Module Installation: 

Install the flexible LED modules one by one onto the structure, ensuring secure connections between modules and maintaining layout consistency and integrity.

Many flexible LED modules are installed using magnetic suction, which is suitable for applications where installation space is limited and front maintenance is required. It does not require rear installation space, making installation very quick and simple.

(5) Connection of Power and Signal Lines: 

Connect the power and signal lines of the LED modules to ensure the normal operation of the LED display screen.

(6) Testing and Adjustment: 

Test the installed LED modules to ensure normal display performance. Make adjustments as needed to ensure the display meets design requirements.

(7) Completion of Installation: 

After completing all installation steps, perform a final inspection of the LED display screen to ensure stable installation and excellent display performance.

(8) Configuration:

For detailed steps about LED display configuration, please click to turn to this article: Novastar LED Configuration! We will give you step-by-step instructions and screenshots for each step for you.

It is easy to install our flexible LED modules!

2. By LED Display Cabinets

The process of this method is easier than by LED display modules as components have already been installed inside already.

Flexible LED displays are often designed with various curvatures, so the cabinets are also manufactured with different curvatures to accommodate this.

Differences between Installation of Flat LED Display and Soft LED Display

(1) Installation Surface: 

Soft LED displays are typically installed on curved or bent surfaces, such as cylinders, curved walls, etc., while flat LED displays are installed on smooth walls or flat structure.

(2) Flexibility: 

When installing flexible LED displays, it’s necessary to consider the flexibility of the screen to ensure that LED modules can adapt to the curvature and bending of the installation surface. 

This may require special structures or installation techniques to ensure the flexibility and stability of the LED modules.

(3) Environmental Adaptability: 

Flexible LED displays usually have better environmental adaptability and can be installed and used in various complex environmental conditions, such as indoor circular ceilings, outdoor curved building facades, etc. 

Flat LED displays are more suitable for installation on traditional walls or brackets, with relatively lower requirements for environmental conditions.

(4) Aesthetic Effects: 

Flexible LED displays can achieve more creative and attractive design effects, such as circular LED displays, curved LED displays, etc., attracting more attention. 

The design of flat LED displays is relatively more traditional, mainly displaying information in a flat form.

(5) Installation Techniques: 

Installing flexible LED displays requires more flexible installation techniques and technologies to ensure that LED modules can properly fit the installed surface, while ensuring good contact and heat dissipation effects. 

Installation of flat LED displays is relatively simpler and more direct, usually using fixed brackets or hangers to complete the installation.

(6) Reliability:

Compared with flat LED display, LED flex screen has better anti-impact, anti-impact and anti-shock capacity to reduce outside damages. Traditional LED screens, on the other hand, are relatively fragile and require careful handling and maintenance.

(7) Wide viewing angle:

Flexible screens typically have a larger viewing angle. For example, cylinder LED screen allows people to view the contents 360 degree, and immersive curved LED screen provides wider viewing angle, too. 

7. Linsn LED Flexible LED Display Customer Case

Ceiling LED Display to Korea

High Flexibility

The high flexibility enables the display can be suitable for different structures and rooms of the buildings, thus improving the compatibility of the display with any installation environment.

High-quality Visual Performances

Flat LED display surface, smooth splicing, high contrast ratio, high refresh rate, and adjustable high brightness level, all give Linsn flexible LED display excellent visual performance.

Frontal Services Available

Highly magnetic magnets, which support frontal services better. Save time and cost for installation and maintenance, and shorter the process of them largely. In only several seconds, you can achieve disassemble and assemble of flexible LED display module well.

Multiple Available Pixel Pitches

P1.25, P1.5625, P2, P2.5, P3, P4, and P5 pixel pitch are all available. Multiple choices support our flexible LED screen suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, and different viewing distances.

P2 Flexible LED Display Screen Customer Case

Creative Designs

One of the main features of flexible LED display is that it can fit in different applications with the creative designs as the high potentials it owns make it can be suitable to more conditions.

This is a especially useful function to gather people’s attention in the modern environment where people is overwhelming with huge information.

360° emcompassing LED display screen

As you can see from the video, our flexible LED display can be bend 360°, and forming different shapes of displays such as cylinder LED display, curved LED display and cube LED display.

Giant LED display Avaliable

LED display screen allows highly customization, therefore, it is not limited to some sizes or specifications like LCD displays.

8. Flexible LED Module Specifications

Pixel PitchLED TypeDensity(dot/㎡)Module PixelModule Size(mm)Driving ModeBrightness(Nits)
240*120mm Series
320*160mm Series
256*128mm Series

9. FAQs of Flexible LED Screen

(1) Why flexible LED screen is more expensive than traditional LED display?

The cost of flexible LED screens is evidently higher than that of regular LED screens, primarily due to their use of more durable materials. Moreover, the manufacturing of flexible LED signage cabinets and PCB boards involves additional customization, adding to their overall expense. 

It is worth noting that the price of flexible LED displays may also vary based on factors such as the type, size, and pixel value of the required LED screen.

(2) Why choose flexible LED screen?

Most of customers who choose flexible LED screens due to their high flexibility and they can use the feature to build special-shape LED screen.

What is more, these screen can still perform high visual performances and fine pixel pitch.

10. Flexible LED Screen Price

To calculate flexible LED display price, here are some parameters to know before:

1.LED display model

2.Pixle pitch

3.LED display size

4.LED control system including control card and video processor

5.Packing information

Often the sales will give you a quotation including information above, and the estimated prices for you to refer to. As a result, the best way for you to get the price can be just contacting a reliable flexible LED screen manufacturer, and you will receive quick response typically within 24 hours.

Here are more details about flexible LED screen price. If you want to see more, just click the button!

(1) Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch refers to the distance, typically measured in millimeters, between individual pixels on the LED screen.

Generally, the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution, and the closer the optimal viewing distance.

You can select the pixel pitch based on your desired viewing distance. If you’re unsure, feel free to reach out to our sales team for assistance.

(2) LED Screen Size

The sizes should be calculated based on the shapes of your special-design display. If you have confusions about the size, you can contact with the sales with your diagram.

(3) Indoor or Outdoor Flexible LED Display

a.Outdoor: Outdoor LED screens are designed to withstand rain, sunlight, dust, lightning, and varying temperatures. They are brighter than indoor screens and typically have lower pixel densities for longer viewing distances.

b.Indoor: Indoor LED displays have higher resolutions to meet the requirements of shorter viewing distances. They don’t need to be as bright as outdoor displays and don’t require the same level of durability since they are not exposed to outdoor elements.

(4) Fixed or Rental Flexible LED Display Screen

a.Fixed: If you need to install the screen permanently and won’t be moving it frequently, a fixed LED display is suitable.

b.Rental: LED rental displays can be moved after your projects are completed, such as for commercial events or benefit concerts.

(5) Your Requirements for Visual Effect

Consider factors such as contrast ratio, refresh rate, and brightness level based on your specific needs. If you’re unsure about these parameters, consult our sales team for guidance.

(6) Installation Process

The duration and labor required for installation will impact the cost of the flexible LED screen. Longer installation periods and more labor-intensive processes will result in higher prices.

(7) LED Display Configurations

Various configurations directly affect the final price. Factors include the brand of LED lamp beads—Nationstar LEDs typically cost more than Kinglight LEDs—LED chips, power supply, cabinet materials, and more. 

11. Linsn LED - Best flexible LED Screen Manufacturer!

Linsn LED is a professional LED display solution provider established in 2016. We provide high-quality and cost-effective LED display solutions and professional services to customers worldwide, with multiple certifications including CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHs, and IECEE.

Currently, our annual sales revenue abroad reaches 100 million RMB, and 500 million RMB domestically!

We have a professional factory covering an area of 12,000 square meters, advanced production equipment, and strict quality control. Over the years, we have been committed to the production, research, and development, and sales of LED displays!

smt workshop 2

SMT Machine

smt workshop

SMT Machine

SMD LED Production Line
led module assembling line

Assembling Line

linsn assembling factory

Assembling Line


Aging Test

In 2016, our factory covered an area of 2000 square meters. After years of efforts and development, by 2018, our factory area had expanded to 4800 square meters, marking the continuous growth of our production and sales scale.

In 2023, the area of our factory has reached 12000 square meters. This is what we expected and the result of our pursuit of excellence. We believe that we will continue to break through ourselves in this field and provide the best products and services. We look forward to working with our customers to create a better future.


Linsn LED provides customers from worldwide with high-quality and high cost-effective flexible LED displays, and also all-around services for you to achieve your successful LED display projects!

We offer a 3-years warranty and 5% free spare parts for you, and also free sample activity! For any more information, just contact us or join our free sample activity.