Floor LED Display

Thanks to the vigorous development of the entertainment industry and theatrical performances, floor LED display is more and more popular. Of course, this is also inseparable from the maturity of led technology. More and more stage planners apply interactive LED floor tile screens to various large-scale stage performances.

They bring people a different audio-visual experience based on the excellent display effects and intelligent interactive functions. In addition to the stage, the interactive floor LED screen has a wide range of applications. In various large shopping malls, science and technology museums, exhibition halls, scenic spots, and other places, people will not be unfamiliar with it.

If you are not familiar with floor LED displays, this article will be a good helper for you to understand floor tile screens. What is a floor LED display? Compared with other led displays, what are its features? How do interactive LED floor tiles realize human-screen interaction? After reading this article, you can find the answers to these questions.

floor led display

1. What is a Floor LED Display?

A floor LED display is a personalized LED screen specially designed for floor display. Compared with the traditional LED display, the floor LED display adopts a special design in terms of load-bearing, protection performance, and heat dissipation performance. Its purpose is to make the floor tile screen adaptable to high-intensity stepping and long-term stable operation.

With the continuous advancement of technology, LED display developers to combine display technology and sensing technology to develop an interactive led floor tile screen. The interactive led floor screen is equipped with pressure sensors, capacitive sensors, infrared sensors, and other equipment based on ordinary floor tile screens. 

With the help of modern technology, the LED floor tile screen provides a more efficient means for stage performances, creating a more dreamy stage effect. At the same time, it also brings a more comfortable viewing experience to the audience.

If your project does not require an interactive system, the LED floor tile screen can use a common control system, such as Novastar, Colorlight, and Linsn. You need to pay attention to the load-bearing and outdoor waterproof problems of the dance floor screen. The following picture is an installation diagram of a common floor LED screen.

floor led screen

2. The induction principle of the interactive Floor LED display

LED floor tile screens are beneficial in stage performances, exhibitions, and other occasions. It stems from the expansion of the LED display market and the refinement of people’s demand for LED display products. The use of LED floor tiles in stage performances is very eye-catching. 

It can broadcast live, replay highlights and slow motion, show close-ups, and create different background environments based on the contents of the performance. Realistic graphics and powerful music combine to create a powerful, modern scene. It gives people an immersive feeling. 

However, the LED floor tile screen can only play fixed pictures according to the predetermined program to match the performance. And it is difficult to achieve the best dance effect. Therefore, the interactive LED floor tile screen came into being.

The sensor is an essential hardware facility for the interactive LED floor tile screen to have the function of induction and interaction. When someone moves on the floor tile screen, the sensor can track him/her position and feedback the relevant information signal to the master controller. 

Then the master controller outputs the corresponding display effect after logical judgment. There are various interactive effects, such as water ripples, broken glass, and blooming flowers. Manufacturers can generally provide relevant interactive effect materials. If you have special requirements, you can communicate with your floor LED display screen supplier.

The interactive LED floor tile is a new type of floor digital display device with interactive special effects. And it has excellent display performance. Compared with ordinary floor tile screens, their differences are obvious in the following points.

3. Interactive Floor LED Display VS. Interactive Floor Projector

The ground projection and the interactive led floor tile screen have similarities in the display effect. But their differences in other respects are quite obvious.

3.1 Projection principle

The ground projection system projects images onto the ground using projection equipment suspended from the top. When the visitors walk through the projection area, they can interact with the virtual scene on the projection screen through the system identification. Ground projection is a form of VR(Virtual Reality) technology. It makes people seem to be in a real environment.

For the LED floor tile screen, the interactive function is mainly realized by employing induction equipment. Moreover, the interactive led floor tile screen has the incomparable advantages of projectors in displaying high-definition images and videos.

3.2 Installation Requirements

The projector has some special requirements for the installation environment of the venue. You must consider lighting issues. 

Firstly, the ground should not be directly exposed to strong light. Secondly, the ground should be made of matt fabric. 

Finally, the projector needs to be hung at a distance of 3-4 meters from the ground. If you can not guarantee the above requirements, the projection effect will be affected. At the same time, there should be no obstructions between the projector and the area to be projected.

In contrast, the interactive led floor tile screen does not need to consider the above requirements. Installation is simpler. Because the LED floor tile screen can better control the brightness and color. It’s a more high-tech option for you.

3.3 Touch Technology

Interactive LED floor tiles can be combined with touch sensors. When you touch a point on the display, visual phenomena such as a halo can be generated. This is something that projectors cannot do. The introduction of touch technology makes the interactive led floor tile screen better than the ground interactive projection.

4. The Differences Between Floor LED Display and Interactive LED Floor Tiles

With the help of the corresponding sensing device, the interactive floor tile screen can track the movement trajectory of people. Then, present timely picture effects according to people’s activities. For example, at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, there were traces of snowflakes where the actors walked.

4.1 Interactive effects

Whether it has interactive functions is the biggest difference between the two displays. The traditional LED screen only plays the role of the display. 

The inductive LED floor tile screen also needs to collect and transmit the coordinate information of the interactive point of the audience to locate the interactive point. The exquisite and novel interactive effects make people feel the power of technology.

4.2 Different control software

The traditional LED floor tile screen only needs to use ordinary playback software. It only needs to play the video source and does not need to accept other signals. However, the control software of the interactive LED display needs to receive the coordinated information of the interactive point from the display panel. 

Then call different program files and video files to play according to the received information. In this way, the effect of real-time interaction is achieved.

4.3 Different data transmission directions

The data of the ordinary floor tile screen belongs to one-way transmission. Signals are mainly sent from the control end to the display end. The interactive LED floor screen adds data return, which belongs to two-way transmission.

5. Advantages of Floor LED Screen

The Linsn LED floor tile screen is a full-color display that is convenient, flexible, and easy to install and maintain. Because of its unique advantages, LED floor tiles are widely used in stages, concerts, shopping malls, exhibition halls, and other fields. Next, we will introduce the advantages to you.

5.1 Excellent display effect

LINSN LED uses high-quality, high-contrast Nationstar and Kinglight lamp beads to ensure that the full-color LED floor tile screen has excellent stability and great color consistency. 

The picture is rich in color, delicate, and realistic. It has a good display effect in various applications. At the same time, there are many pixel pitches for you to choose from. LINSN LED will provide high-quality LED floor tiles with high-definition picture quality for you.

5.2 Good load bearing

A qualified LED floor tile screen must have good bearing capacity. If you are using an LED floor tile screen on a glass plank road or some occasions with large traffic, it is necessary to be careful. Good load-bearing is the key to ensuring the personal safety of tourists and the operation of display equipment. 

The maximum loading capacity of LINSN’s led floor tile screen can reach 2T/m², which can easily deal with load-bearing problems.

5.3 Super strong protection ability

Waterproof, non-slip, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant are the outstanding features of the Linsn dance floor LED display. The mask is made of high abrasion resin or frosted glass, which can resist long-term use and trampling. The mask and bottom shell are assembled seamlessly. 

There are no screw holes on the surface of the module. Besides, a waterproof rubber ring is around the special mask. These designs improve the protection performance of floor LED displays.

5.4 Smart Interaction

With the help of intelligent sensing devices built into each LED screen cabinet, the interactive floor tile screen can interact with the person standing on it. As people walk on the screen, the sensing device can trigger interesting interactive effects based on their actions.

5.5 Easy installation

It supports multiple installation methods. According to the actual installation environment, you can choose different installations. Ground installation, embedded installation, steel frame installation, or rail installation are all ok. Simple operation and time-saving.

You can adjust the height of the cabinet support feet from 130 to 170cm. Perfect for use with multiple mounting heights. At the same time, the front maintenance method is very beneficial to the repair and replacement of the module.

dance floor led display

6. Application Fields of LED Floor Tile Screen

The rise of the entertainment economy has promoted the emphasis on performance quality in the performing arts market. The audience has put forward higher requirements for the stage presentation effect. LED floor tiles have become the new favorite of stage performances and have been well received. 

With the reputation accumulated in the performing arts industry, they have gradually emerged in other fields.

6.1 Stage performance

People can see the LED floor tile screen in the stage design of many large-scale parties. During the performance, the LED floor tile screen combined with the content of the show presented a splendid picture effect, which was impressive. Therefore, stage designers are very fond of LED floor tiles. 

The planners integrated the stage background into the LED floor tile display to create a much larger stage space.

6.2 Large shopping malls

In some large shopping malls, in addition to the conventional LED display used for advertising, the LED floor tile screen is also an advertising carrier. On the one hand, with novel interactive functions, it can attract more people to stay and bring more potential customers to the business. 

On the other hand, the led floor tile screen can display the promotional information of the shopping mall. So it can be a good helper for brand promotion. In a word, the floor LED display conveys more commercial information as commercial LED display.

floor led displays

6.3 Interactive Exhibition Hall

In some science and technology museums or modern exhibition halls, visitors can also see the application of led floor tiles. The novel interactive led floor tile screen can better retain the sight of tourists and bring tourists a more novel experience.

6.4 Medical and teaching

Healthcare facilities can turn therapy into a game-like experience by allowing patients to walk on interactive floor tiles. In the field of teaching, LED interactive induction floor tile screen provides a unique learning platform. It greatly enhances the fun of teaching with engaging somatosensory games and interactive videos.

In addition to the fields mentioned above, LED floor tiles are also common in entertainment venues such as catwalks, bars, and nightclubs. It can set off the entertainment atmosphere of these places very well.

The Bottom Line

From the perspective of the development of the LED display industry, the LED floor tile screen is the result of industry segmentation. In the era of rapid development of high technology, the intelligence of the Led display industry is also the general trend. 

It is widely used in stage performances, digital exhibition halls, and large shopping malls. With the continuous improvement of technology, LED floor tile screen is bound to bring more surprises to people.

In this article, we have introduced the floor LED display to you from several aspects. Include definitions, features, application areas, and comparisons with similar products. Linsn LED is determined to provide high-quality floor LED screens. If you have any needs, please leave us a message.