Front Accessed LED Display

Why Choose front service led display Panel ?

1.Dual-maintenance, from both the front side and the rear side. People usually use its front maintenance function.which just need less than one minute to take out from the led display panel when for maintenance,saving the labor and maintenance cost.
Latest IP68 Waterproof Front & Rear Service LED Display Panel
IP68 Waterproof Front & Rear Service LED Display Panel
IP68 Waterproof Front & Rear Service LED Display Panel
Front Accessed LED Display
2.Easy Maintenance, easy to take the modules with a 2.5mm hexagonal screwdriver,No screws, Just need to take out two fastening screws from the module, we can do the replacing easily. Which will save nearly 50% maintenance labor and time.
Front Accessed LED Screen Panel
3.Reasonable PCB design, reliable and long life time,New plastic cover with new mold, smaller module gaps and better screen flatness.Excellent Waterproof structure design.
Front Service LED display

4.Cabinet with high hardness and pannel’s flatness and Internal thread way make it looks more simple. Any cabinet size can be customized according to actual requirement. While Traditional led display need to take maintenance room into consideration, however front service led display panel solution will less your worry on these problems.

Outdoor frontal opening led display Cabinet Features:

  1. Led Screen with high brightness: ≥6500 nits shows normally under strongbright sunlight.
  2. Good Quality led chip with low led attenuation,best color uniformity, low default rate and long lifespan.
  3. Totally Waterproof of IP65 rating testing before shipment which ensure led display screen work well under heavy Raining environment.
  4. Good resistance to deformation with high hardness panel body,thickness: 135mm.Excellent windy, corrosion resistance function after surface treatment.
  5. Installation become easily and more fasten. with SMD, perfect solution for outdoor advertising LED display panel.