Giant LED Screen Rental Cases to UK and Nigeria

P2.976mm Giant LED Screen Rental Case to UK

This is our giant LED screen rental case for our UK customers. He asked for a high-definition display with high resistance as the screen would be installed outdoor thus the changeable environment such as rainfall, dust and strong wind and so forth are frequent. We provided Linsn MA1000 as the choice as this product can meet all the requirements including high brightness, high definition and IP65 protection level. Moreover, the price is favorable so as to save more budget for our customers who want to purchase a giant LED screen. 

Project Specification
  • Installation Country: UK
  • Product: Linsn MA1000 series
  • Pixel Pitch: P2.976mm
  • Cabinet Size: 500 x 1000 x 90 mm
  • Module Size: 250*250mm
  • Display Height: 2000mm
  • Display Weight: 8000mm
  • Display Size: 16㎡
  • Protection Level: IP65

P5mm Large Screen Rental Case to Nigeria

This indoor rental LED screen for our Nigeria customer with LED cabinet size of 960*640mm is high-effective and cost-efficient. For indoor LED screen, although the standard for protection level is not as high as outdoor LED rental display, it comes up with the same standards for high-quality display effect, real-time control and management and high stability and safety.

This display can perfectly meet customer’s needs for strong expressive force and good quality. Also, we provided all-around services day and night to help the installation and operation guidance, which helped this customer to install the screen quickly, and manage it easily, saving him lots of time and labor costs.

Project Specification

  • Installation Country: Nigeria
  • Pixel Pitch: P5mm
  • Cabinet Size: 960x 640mm
  • Display Height: 1920mm
  • Display Weight: 16000mm
  • Display Size: 30.72㎡
  • Installation Site: Shopping mall
  • Protection Level: IP54
  • Application: Advertising, Informing, Entertainment and so on

Relative Product


Linsn MA1000 series has cabinet size of 1000*500mm, and multiple available pixel pitch including P2.604mm, P2.976mm, P3.91mm and P4.81mm, meeting requirements of both indoor and outdoor applications. It owns excellent heat dissipation ability and waterproof ability, protecting MA1000 series from damages from outside greatly, and prolong the service life.

High-standard Design

magnesium-alloy-1000mm-series-led-display screens

MA1000 series has perfect design which both considers practicability and artistry. It is friendly to all users with different levels of experience. For example, the power connector, data connector, top handle, side lock are all designed to convenient the operation.

Back and Front Maintenance

MA1000 series supports dual services including back and front services. It is more reliable and easier for repairing than other soft connection LED cabinets.

Within several seconds, you can remove or assemble the magnetic LED cabinets from the front just with a simple tool in several seconds. Moreover, the lightweight of only 13Kg that makes the cabinet is easy to move, assemble, store and transport. All these can save you lots of time and energy.

light led display

The thin and light cabinet helps to save you lots of time and energy and save your budget by reducing the transportation fees and storage costs. Only 13Kg, you can install it easily with only one or two people, which can decrease the labor costs and installation costs greatly.

Seamless Display

The advanced seamless picture and visual effects can provide audiences perfect experiences to impact them deeply. Especially for giant LED screen display, this feature seems to be more important as large screen comes up with more strict requirements for uniformity.

Curved Installation

MA1000 series supports curved installation, and the inner arc and outer arc can reach 10 degrees separately, so the total adjustable angle can be up to 20 degrees. This can meet different requirements for different parts during the installation of the whole screen, thus performing seamless pictures for you.

For giant LED screen rental projects, this feature will help a lot as the bigger the size of the screen, the more limitation will exist as the room is limited.

Today we share two giant LED screen rental cases to UK and Nigeria separately. We are aimed to provide customers with high-quality products with all-around services. For more information, welcome click LED display screens to know more about the latest information and promotion activities!