Giant Outdoor LED Screens Newest Customer Case

Giant Outdoor LED Screens Customer Case

Linsn LED provides customers from worldwide with high-quality LED display screens with affordable prices. We have completed more than 10,000 LED screen projects during the past 12 years, and many of them are giant outdoor LED screens projects. Here we will introduce to you some giant outdoor LED screens real customer cases, and also recommend you the most suitable LED cabinets for reference!

As you may know, if a LED display is large, meaning there will be more chanllenges put forward to the quality and safety of the screen, which also represent the supplier should have aundant experiences and capability to deliver qualified products on time to customers.

MAGIC1000 Giant LED Display Screen to the US

Installation Country: the US

Pixel Pitch: P3.91mm

Display Size: 20m*2m

Module Size: 250X250mm

Cabinet Quantity: 81Pcs

Cabinet Material: magnesium aluminum

Cabinet Size: 500X1000mm

Refresh Rate: 1920Hz

Application: Outdoor applications

P3.91 Giant LED Display to the UK

Installation Country: the UK

Pixel Pitch: P3.91mm

Display Size: 25m*1m

Module Size: 250X250mm

Cabinet Quantity: 100Pcs

Cabinet Material: magnesium aluminum

Cabinet Size: 500X500mm

Refresh Rate: 1920Hz

Application: Outdoor applications

MAGIC500 Outdoor LED Display


Linsn rental LED display MAGIC500 series, the latest series of Linsn LED display, has many features that stand out from other products at the same price range.

Ultra High Resolution

Avaliable pixel pitch: 2.604mm, 2.976mm, 3.91mm, 4.81mm, small pixel pitch provides you excellent and detailed visual experiences.

Very Easy Maintenance&Installation

Both the frontal and real service are available, saving installation time and cost, and providing you with more potential for different applications such as wall-mounted LED video walls.

Perfect and Economic Cabinet Design

Each part of Magic500 LED cabinets enjoys a perfect, aesthetic design, that meet your requirements in all aspects.

Neat and reasonable design, quick and reliable locks, precise curved lock four corner protectors, super lightweight all give MAGIC500 advantages over other types of LED displays.

Elegant Appearance

Professional designers of the Linsn MAGIC500 series integrate ideas both pragmatic and aesthetic ideas into the LED cabinets. Easy inner routing and connections between different panels also make this LED display cabinet more suitable for projects which require high aesthetic measure.

MAGIC1000 Outdoor LED Screen

MAGIC1000 series outdoor rental LED display is the latest rental LED display that has outstanding performances – great display effect, high reliability, long life span, and can be compatible with various application sites.

Perfect Visual Effect and Experience

High grayscale, wide viewing angle, various fine pixel pitches available, high brightness (all these specifications you can see in the specification sheets below) allow MAGIC1000 to offer customers high-standard visual experiences.

High Precision Curve Lock

Curved LED  display with curved lock design of -10° to +10°, improve usability to cater to different installation sites.
Moreover, it enables the precise installation, and also surface flatness of the whole screen.

Detachable Back Cover with High Protection Level

A detachable power box and HUB board allow the LED display cabinet to be easy to maintain, assemble and disassemble with high reliability.

The double sealing rubber ring design makes waterproofness more reliable, and reasonable design of power plug and signal aviation plug support easier and quick installation and disassembly.

There are all both frontal and back services available.

Thin Thickness with Light Weight

With the weight of only 15KG, this LED cabinet can save lots of transportation costs, storage costs, insurance cost,s and so on.

For installation especially for giant outdoor LED screens, these features can save you more labor and budget!

Dual Services Simplify Installation and Maintenances

MAGIC1000 supports real dual-services installation and maintenances, saving you time and labor cost.

For example, for site the screen has to mount on it, the front service can be indispensable as there will be no room on the back for the screen.



Linsn LED has achieved a large amount of giant outdoor LED screens customer cases worldwide and owns competitive product series including MAGIC500 and MAGIC1000 series. For more information and customer cases about outdoor LED display and giant LED screen price, please just contact us or turn to our LED FAQ section on our navigation bar!