Giant Stage Background LED Screen for Fantasea Amusement Park in Phuket, Thailand

Linsn provided 1000 sqm stage background LED screen for Fantasea amusement in Thailand. Fantasea amusement park is the most popular tourist spot in Phuket. Established in 1998, it has already drawed innumerable visitors worldwide and been an international famous tourist site.

Every night the Fantasea theater will perform large exciting shows such as singing, dancing, magic show, acrobatics and elephant show featured traditional cultures to global visitors. The high standard performances put forward more challenges to the LED display screens on the stage, which will play an important part for the final effect of the whole play, thus, the displays we provided also have high quality, perfect play effect and features of easy installation and durability.

Giant Stage Background LED Screen for Fantasea

Linsn offered around 1000 sqm stage background LED screen for the theater, which created the corresponding atmosphere with different performances conveying to audiences.

1000㎡ Giant LED Screen

giant led display
led screen on stage

The giant LED screen has high color saturation, high contrast and appropriate brightness that can deliver the videos and pictures to viewers perfectly, bearing the huge loading and display the contents without any latency. It is a perfect LED display screen for the theater with high cost-efficiency and high-standard quality.

Professional Team

professional team

We appointed a special professional team to the site to guide the installation and operation. The team members all have special experiences in this field of more than 10 years. Some of them are quite skilled at the high-efficient installation, and the rest are veteran at controlling and managing the display.

Accurate Controlling on Every LED Cabinet

Although the super large stage background LED screen consists of hundreds of single LED cabinets, it is still able to realize accurate management and control through our powerful LED senders, LED receivers and video processors and other LED accessories.

led screen on stage

Perfect Display Effect

High contrast, high grayscale, and adjustable brightness are the features of this giant LED stage display. Through the vivid, attractive background, the contents can be displayed perfectly to create a quaint, and mythological atmosphere. Combined with the gripping performance on the stage, the whole show became more fantastic and real.

No doubt the show can be world-famous! If you have the chance to watch it on the scene, we believe you will get an unforgettable memory!

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