Hardware Installation of LED Display Control System
Hardware Installation of led displays Control System

1. The standard selection of Control system for led displays Control System is LINSN, but you can choose Novastar,Huidu or Others. led sending card as shown below.

LED Sending Card Includes:USB control cable, DVI signal cable and sending card

Linsn LED Sending Card

2. The control equipment of led screen Control System includes computer, sending card (or sending box), DVI signal cable, USB control cable, and internet cable.

Cat 5 Cable (To connect sending card to indoor LED cabinet )

Cat 5 Cable
The sending card need to be installed at the computer PCI interface or in the led video processor, and then insert each data cable into corresponding interface..
Install Led sending card to PC computer

3.Internet cable: the RJ45 connector(cable) connect to the sending card, the aviation connector(cable) connects to the led receiving card inside the led display cabinet.

4.DVI data cable: Two ends are the same, one connects the graphic card, and the other connects the led sending card to transfer the signal from display card to sending card.

5.USB data cable: the big end connects the computer USB interface, the small end connects the sending card. when you config the led screen,you have to install the usb driver and connnect it correctly.otherwise,you can not send the config files to the led screen.

LEd sending card connetion with PC computer