High Quality LED Display

Are you looking for High Quality LED display SMD LED screen with the best color uniformity, contrast and brightness >8000 nits? If yes, Linsn LED is your ideal choice. Linsn LED has more than 10 Years of experience in high quality outdoor LED display manufacturing, and we carry out strict inspection for each step.

After all these sophisiticated process listed as : PCB inspection-solder paste printing-SMT machine-module kit assembly-semi finished board inspection-reflow soldering-aging test-repair, the functional and reliable LED display module can be delivered to you finally.

If you are looking for high quality LED displays seriously, please be patient to read this through!

1.High Quality LEDs

For outdoor LEDs, we choose Nationstar LED that has high reliability, high contrast, wide viewing angle, and good consistency to meet the need of performing high brightness, high refresh rate, high grayscale, and keeping natural color with the best color uniformity.

2.LED Module Mask

We use the best Pure Black Mask with Louvre, it is non-glare so to achieve high contrast. For the applications of outdoor LED display where may have direct sunshine, it will increase the brightness for clear display.

Pure Black Mask LED display module
Pure Black Mask With Louvre
high quality LED display

3.Driving IC

To achieve the best visual performance of our indoor and outdoor LED display, we apply the best driving IC, such as MBI5124,SUM16136 with high refresh rate, high grey level with latest technologies, and configure the optimal brightness efficiency through the LED screen software.

Driving IC,
Brightness Efficiency LD display

4.High Brightness>8000 Nits

We will have 48 hours aging test for every LED display module. After this, sophisiticated steps can be listed below:

Cabinet assembly-software configuration-LED display inspection-labeling-high voltage test-ground resistance test-QC-packing.

After packing, we will arrange shipmment which can serve customers worldwide. All these steps enable us have the ablility to bring our customers with SMD outdoor LED display screen with 8000 nits (cd/m2) brightness.


High brightness LED Screen

Linsn LED is a leading LED display manufacturer in China with more than 12 year of experience in manufacturing, researching and developing high quality LED display. If you are interested in high quality LED display, please contact us for more information.