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High-quality Stage LED Screen Rental for Events!

Best visual performance, widest viewing angle, and the most reliable quality for the audiences! A high-quality stage rental LED display can deliver much more advantages to the stage!

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high quality stage rental led display

Linsn LED provides stage LED display solutions that are unique, mature, and comprehensive. Both indoor and outdoor stages can be the best applications of our rental LED displays

We deliver the sharpest images and the widest viewing angle to audiences, catching their eyes immediately! The high brightness, clear and vivid images you all can own.

1. Types of LED Stage Screen Rental Ideas

1.1 Giant Stage LED Screen

These giant stage LED screens of different sizes allow you to create perfect stage performance of different events and concerts.

You can easily broadcast live by connecting controlled computers to offer viewers and guests the highest quality in broadcasting contents.

1.2 Creative Stage LED Display

The creative stage LED displays such as curved LED display, ceiling LED display, circular LED display and so on all can show images and videos from more angles to bring great visual impact at the event!

1.3 Floor LED Display

Floor LED display can display visual information or videos when people standing on or walking on this.

Combined with gorgeous stage background, it can increase the whole stage performance further, and engage all audiences!

The good loading bearing, strong protection ability and intercommunication ability allow the screen good corporation with stage permances! 

2. Guiding Buy High-quality Stage Rental LED Display

To choose the right high-quality stage rental LED displays should consider several questions from different aspects. Here we will list them for you, and the details you need to take into consideration.

(1) Whether the rental LED display has high-standard visual performances?

This question can be considered from some factors: contrast ratio, brightness, grayscale, and viewing angle. Please notice them before you rent a display from providers.

First, the contrast ratio. This factor has a direct effect on the final effect of camera feeds, and when the contrast ratio is too low, there will be interfering lines on the screen. 

Generally speaking, the better the quality of LED chips, the higher the contrast ratio will be.

Second, brightness. The brightness level determines whether viewers can watch the screen clearly under different ambient lights. For example, outdoor LED display often requires brightness level of at least 5500 nits. This element has close relations to the LED lamp beads.

Third, grayscale. You can think of this element as the main factor which decides the level of detail that can be seen on the display, with the wider grayscale providing richer color and crisper lineation.

Take 16-bit grayscale as an example. 16-bit grayscale, which is 65,536 ( 2 of the 16th power level grayscale ), means we can set up 65,536 kinds of colors on the screen.

The higher the bit is, the more colors can be displayed on the screen. If you use it for some professional purposes, please choose grayscale with more than 10 bits.

Finally, viewing angle. The viewing angle means the position where viewers can see the image adequately. The wider the viewing angle, the better the visibility of LED display screens.

Please put stress on the factors we list above to choosing your stage rental LED displays! Looking at corresponding parameters can be helpful.

(2) Whether the installation is easy and effective?

Easy installation and disassembly are mainly decided by two factors: cabinet designs and weight.

Effective and user-friendly cabinet designs will facilitate the installation process to a large extent because quick-lock system, handlebar and magnet LED modules all can convenient the process.

Moreover, lightweight can save huge labor costs and time, and also reduce storage and shipping costs.

Please realize this factor is super important as stage rental LED display is usually large and heavy.

(3) Whether the LED control system multifunctional?

Due to the high requirement for feedback and loading capacity, which puts functional LED control system into a necessary position.

For to deliver the contents accurately, the control system should be reliable and can achieve high-speeding signal transmitting, large loading capacity, high-effective cascade, etc. 

Also, you can consider LED video processor as it has many additional functions such as simultaneous playback, the special effect of video materials, and another play effect. 

(4) Whether the rental LED display suppliers can provide you with various pixel pitches and shapes for choosing?

Various pixel pitches and creative shapes are indispensable for an innovative stage atmosphere nowadays.

For instance, it is recommended to choose high pixel pitch LED display as the main screen because it takes the burden of displaying live broadcasts of the performance in real-time and major audio and video materials. A rental LED display with pixel pitch under 6mm is suggested. 

And for sub-screen, you may have more freedom to choose different innovative shapes and sizes. including s-shaped curved screens, cylindrical LED displays, cube LED displays, and so on.

3. How to Choose Stage Screen Rental Suppliers?

Picking the right rental LED display supplier from the long list sometimes can be challenging. But do not worry, we will give you some dimensions for you to think about.

(1) Qualification

Qualification refers to the special experiences in stage LED displays and whether it can be competent for this job. You can judge it from the past project experiences of the suppliers, and the certifications it obtained.

(2) Matched equipment

Other accessories include LED video processors, LED senders, and sound systems also have a great impact on the final display effect and are even as important as the display itself. 

You can easily understand the reason: the final performances are caused by the compositive effect of different components – the screen, the control system, and other equipment. Therefore, audiences can enjoy the audio-visual feast in all respects.

(3) Services

The services rental LED display manufacturers should provide include pre-sale service, in-sale service, and after-sale service.

And you can get both technical service, and on-site services for the LED display events going on wheels.

(4) Transportation

Typically, the size of stage rental LED display is large, therefore, it is necessary for you to consider whether the provider has enough transportation ability.

Besides, delivery capability and package quality also should be taken into account so that your events will not be affected.

4. Stage LED Screen Price

Stage LED screen price varies from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the main determined factors lay in screen sizes, components, installation methods and protection ability.

If you want to get a good price and detailed quotation, our experienced staff can send you as quickly as possible!

5. 4 Benefits Of Stage LED Screen

(1) LED display screens are available in almost all sizes and shapes, therefore, you can use it to achieve gigantic stage LED displays, and innovative shapes. You will have more flexibility in holding more kinds of events.

(2) Easy installation, seamless visual performances. Not like LCD display, which will inevitably form seams when splicing, LED display panels do not have such problem at all.

(3) Vibrant effect, high-standard visual effect and fast reaction speed.

(4) Rent a display will help you save a bunch of money, but deliver amazing effect to your viewers!

6. LED Stage Screen for Sale - NG500/1000 Series Rental LED Display

ng500 stage led screen rental
  • 500*500/1000mm LED Display Cabinet
  • P1.953mm, P2.5mm, P2.604mm, P2.976mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm
  • Detachable Back Cover Box
  • Support Right Angle Installation for NG500
  • Indoor & Outdoor is Available
  • Front or Rear Dual Maintanance for NG500
  • 3 Years Warranty and 5% Spare Part
ng500 led display size

500mm * 500/1000mm Screen Size

NG500/1000 series have two sizes: 500mm*500mm and 500mm*1000mm.

The weight is light, and the thickness is thin which are only 7.5kg and 80mm.

The light weight and thin panel make the installation and transportation easier!

Mature Cabinet Structure

The handles and fast locks make the panel easy to use and move.

And signal connector, side lock and curved lock allow the screen to be connected quickly within several seconds.

If you need to build large size stage background, then the user-friendly structure can save you lots of labor and energy.

mature cabinet structure
curved installation avaliable

Curved Installation, 90 Degree Installation Avaliable

The special cabinet design allows for curved installation even 90 degree installation!

You can use it to build curved LED display quickly without seam, which is very useful for creative stage LED display project.

Seamless Installation, High-quality Images

The seamless installation ensures high-standard images and videos.

Especially for stage LED screen, which requires excellent visual performance, this feature becomes more important.

studio led background screen1

Stage Screen Rental Customer Cases

linsn stage LED displays to purtogal
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ma960 led stage screens display
ma960 led stage screen displays
ma1000 led display to italy
linsnled stage video screen

6. Conclusions

Linsn LED provides the best high-quality stage rental LED display worldwide! The rental stage LED displays can bring you many benefits, and unique features for you to improve the whole stage at a good price! Do not be hesitate to contact us to get your best LED display screen to enhance your events!