How To Make a Diy LED Display Screen Quickly?

How To Make led display screen Easily and Quickly? There are a lot of reasons that you might want to make your own LED Display Screen. it is bright, easy to control, low cost, and so funny to Diy a led screen for your study and research.Maybe you’ve got a local business and you want to create some attention-grabbing led screen for it.

The below picture shows that how do we build a led screen and show the content by Laptop,you aslo can make it by yourself by following our instruction.
DIY LED Display Screen

LED Screen Size is: 500mm Wide X 1000mm High.

The process is so quick and easy that you can do a number of effective things for your business or study, Hope this solution will save your time to make a led sign by yourself.

The materials are so cheap and the process is so easy that you can easily take advantage of either option.

4 Steps to show you that how to make led video display by linsn led control card:

Step 1: Prepapred Materials:

  • 1x Laptop (Make sure Laptop has a DVI interface) install The Latest LEDStudio Control Software, You can download from here. Linsn LED Software (Attention: If your laptop has not DVI interface,you need a DVI inverter like this)
  • 1x TS852D LED Sending Box (The RV908M does not support Gigabit Ethernet Anymore, so we need Sending Box Now)
  • 1x linsn rv908M led receiving card.
  • 2x Meanwell LRS-350-5 LED Power Supply.
  • 8x 250mmx250mm led display module.
  • 4x 5V DC power cables with 2 outputs.
  • 8x Flat Data cable for LED Modules.
  • 2x DC Power cable for LED Power Supply.
  • 1x 5V DC Power cable for led receiver.
LED materials for making LED display

Step 2: Connect all Parts Together and Power On:

LED Display Module ,LED Receiving Card, LED Power Supply Connection
connecting LED parts for DIY LED screen
led receiving card connection
led receiving card connection
You need a Screwdriver to assemble all parts together
assemble all parts for LED display

Step 3: Connect the Laptop and Config the LED Screen by LEDstudio:

After you assembled them together and power on,connect it to your laptop and run the control software-LEDStudio.
  • Setup the right configuration of Graphic card & Sending Box (Clone Mode).
  • Send the Right RCG files to LED Module (Attention: The Config Files is very important, if you do not know how to config it by yourself,you must ask the supplier send to you before place the order.)
  • Make the Right Resolution for LED Receiver
  • Do the white balance testing on the led screen to check if there has Dead LEDs.
  • Send
Config the LED Screen
If you buy it from us directly, we will have the Config files to you and aslo free online technical support to assist you how to make the led screen work.

Step 4: Make the Playlist by LEDStudio and Play whatever content you want:

It support the Videos,Pictures and Text it is the demo we made a led screen size of is 3.91mm indoor led display, another is 4.81mm outdoor led screen. which one do you like?

P4.81mm outdoor led display 500mmx1000mm

P3.91mm Indoor LED Display 500mmx1000mm

P3.91mm Indoor LED Display 500mmx1000mm

Let us try it to make your own led dislays,Once you’ve done this, you’re pretty much ready to put your led screen out and enjoy the benefits of your effects for your business.Of course, you can always purchase the finished led video display from led display factories or reseller if you don’t want to do the work by yourself, but it’s really nice to know that the job is very easy if you think you might want to build it on your own. besides,the below article will show you how to make the led display by Novastar LED Control System.


To make such a led video screens, you might not need much experience on engineer to create an awesome led display looks very cool when you make a really cool-looking led screen.the good news is that we provide all necessary led display spare parts with instruction, you can do this with a minimum of efforts. and using parts that are easily purchased at our online store:

Any questions about the configuration or assembling,you can contact our engineer department by

Wechat(For Support) For Making A LED display:

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