How to Use Laptop to Control LED Display Screen?

How to Use Laptop to Control linsn led Display Screen? How to connect LED display via Laptop?

Normally, We use Desktop PC to control the led video display, Desktop PC with DVI interface. then we just need to install the TS802D or TS901 led sending card inside the PC.

But sometimes, Desktop PC is not convenient. We have to use Laptop with HDMI interface to control the led display screen.

We need to prepare the cables and equiments as below:

1. First, we have to prepare a HDMI To DVI Adaptor.

HDMI To DVI Adaptor

2.Using the TS852 LED Sending Box

TS852 LED Sending Box

3.Connect the Laptop and LED Display as below, and install the LEDStudio to play the videos for LED Video Display

Laptop and LED Display Connection Diagram
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