LINSN LED 640X480mm Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display:Full Introduction

LINSN 640x480mm LED Display Cabinet is a comprehensive product whatever considered from it’s performances, raw materials and cost-effectiveness. Thus, having some knowledge of this competitive product can be necessary for you to choose a satisfied Small Pixel LED Display. This article aims to introduce to you the specifications, operation such as installation way, outstanding features compared with other products, application cases and so on, and related documents can be downloaded for free in the content. In a word, this is an ultimate introduction of this functional cabinet which you can’t miss.

For 640x480mm led cabinet catalogue, here is the chief chapter as below:

Chapter 1: Introduction of 640x480mm LED Display Cabinet

640x480mm LED Display cabinet belongs to the fine pixel pitch series LED display and the selected pixel pitch are 1.25mm, 1.538mm, 1.667mm, 1.839mm,1.86mm,2mm and 2.5mm. It can deliver appropriate brightness, fast screen refresh rate as well as high definition for various indoor applications, for instance, conference room, commercial display, exhibition demonstration, etc. Furthermore, it meets the requirement of close look without rough impressions.

640x480mm LED Display Cabinet
The cabinet’s features can be impressive as it is functional and user-friendly.
  1. Easy transportation. It is made of magnesium alloy so it is light and thin.
  2. Infinite split screen and automate scaling point-to-point, which can easy the operation and fulfill flexible display handily.
  3. Simplified maintenance. Comparative less time needed to maintain, for example, only 1 second customers can disassemble this LED display module to save labor and time. Besides, you can replace many parts such as power supply in front.
  4. Equipping with high-class IC. Thus it can deliver high gray, high refresh rate and high brightness.
  5. Elegant appearance. For example, it applies the wall mounting installation and complete front maintenance.

Chapter 2: The Main Features for Standard Cabinet Size 640x480mm

2.1 Standard 640x480mm Cabinet Application

Indoor LED displays are mainly used in shopping centers, banks, enterprises and institutions, stadiums, competitive venues, exhibition halls, ticket halls, reception halls, multi-function rooms, banquet halls, conference rooms, schools, auditoriums, airports, stations, command and control centers, hotels, wedding LED displays, performance LED displays, etc.

2.2 640x480mm Cabinet Installation

Convenient installation: the installation method is flexible, which can be used for seat mounting, hoisting, wall hanging, inner arc installation, commercial screen brushing machine, LED TV and module assembly.

Wireless connection between the boxes, no exposed wire on the screen body, internal wiring can make the signal and power transmission more stable, at the same time, the whole assembly is smooth.

Standard display: 2K / 4K / 8K can be assembled for the whole platform, which can maximize the real playback content, avoid the blur and deformation caused by the enlargement, shrinking and stretching of the picture, and perfect the point-to-point presentation image.

Here is Four Steps for installation:
  • Step 1: Assemble the profile aluminum bracket.
  • Step 2: Make the required size bracket one by one and next mount it on the wall with screws.
  • Step 3: Put the empty cabinet on the bracket with the matching screws and holes.
  • Step 4 : Connect the power cable and data cable on module first, then use the vacuum tool to put the module on cabinet, in this process, It can adjust the screen flatness.
640x480mm LED Screen Cabinet Installation

2.3 640x480mm Series Full Front Service LED Display Cabinet

Indoor 640x480mm die-casting aluminum LED Display cabinet adapts full front service design, with LED modules size 320x160mm, LED power supplies and the LED control cards can be replaced in front easily. The LED modules are assembled in front with magnetic features.

MA640 series small pixel pitch LED display screen can be easy to realize front maintenance, no need for maintenance space, convenient and fast, reinforced kit, and front surface is very evenness.

Standard panel 640mm*480mm, unit weight 5.5kg / panels.

Magnetic module with quick front and back service design

Easy to Maintain from Front side, Just need 3 steps to realize front maintenance:
1). Use magnetic equipment to attach the surface of screen.
2). Be direct to front surface of display module.
3). Take off the LED display module.

Tool-free design to remove control box

The small pixel pitch LED display screen can be perfect to realize split joint without gap and frame less, their intervals can be adjustable to realize zero gap to split joint. Its front side is very evenness, and it can joint various sizes or shapes.

Tool-free design to remove control box

140° ultra-wide visual angle

It is 4K high definition picture quality, 140° ultra-wide visual angle, which can spread more audiences to make the content of display screen be at the most utilization; Its optimal visual distance is 2m, being applicable for most of indoor areas, its picture doesn’t have particles sense even to visual from small distance, its picture quality is exquisite and vivid.

ultra-wide visual

Chapter 3: The Main Type of the Technical Electricity Parameters

Indoor 640x480mm Series LED Display
Pixel Pitch1.25mm1.538mm1.86mm2mm2.5mm
Pixel ConfigurationSMD1010SMD1010SMD1010SMD1515SMD1515
Density (dots/m²)640000422753289050250000160000
Module Resolution (dots)256×128208×104172×86160×80128×64
Cabinet Resolution (dots)512×384416×312344×258320×240256×192
Avg Power Con350w/m²350w/m²320w/m²320w/m²320w/m²
Max Power Con850w/m²850w/m²800w/m²800w/m²800w/m²
Service AccessFull Front Maintenance
Module Size (mm)320×160
Cabinet Size (mm)640x480x56
Protective gradeIP43 Dustproof
Cabinet Weight5.5kg/pc
MaterialMagnesium Alloy/Die Casting Aluminum
Grey Level12bits input, correction with 14bits
Frame Frequency≥60HZ
Refresh rate1920-3840HZ
Control DistanceEthernet cable 100m, optical fiber 5km
Input Voltage (AC)110 / 240V
View Angle (H/V)140° / 140°
Humidity-operating10-95% RH
Operating Life100000 hours
MTBF5000 hours
Continuous Working Time≥48 hours
Controlling modeSync or Async

Chapter 4: Differences for the 3 Types of 640x480mm LED Screen Cabinet

Linsn 640*480mm Series LED display Product is less weight led display with quick locks, delicate structure for easy installation without gaps. Humanization handlebar design helps you easier to move the cabinet. We have latest three types for you to choose as below:

According to different installation locations, we recommend different styles to customers. If you make indoor front maintenance wall-mounted we will choose the MA640-1, it is the most popular style. If there is a maintenance channel on the backside, we will recommend the MA640-2 which the cables can be replaced on the backside.

The cabinet is separate structure design, one cabinet multi-purpose (the different pixel pitch module 320mm×160mm is a standard size that can be used in the same cabinet) subverts the traditional box installation way, truly achieving complete pre-maintenance, and the cabinet frame and the unit board can be installed separately, changing the traditional way of installation – lighter, safer, and avoid the lamp broken.

Compared with die-casting aluminum cabinet, this Magnesium alloy cabinet is less prone to corrosion.

Chapter 5: Installation Way for Indoor 640x480mm LED Sign Cabinet

5.1. 100% Front Maintenance Wall-mounted Installation

Limited by the limitations of the installation site and environment, traditional wall display screens need to prepare the steel structure of the entire screen frame in advance, and then splice the required display screen on the steel structure. The whole process is complicated, cumbersome, and costly. The assembled display screen is a bit cumbersome, and there are many difficulties in disassembly and maintenance.

Therefore, more and more customers prefer a quick and simple installation method when choosing. Based on this, a back-mounted method that can quickly and simply install the wall display screen came into being. This method is not only simple in structure, but also conducive to assembly, disassembly and maintenance of the cabinet- 640mm×480 mm LED display cabinet – really realize the complete front maintenance of all the components of the cabinet such as the unit board, system card, adapter board, power cord, network cable, power supply, and connection line.

It will greatly improve the maintenance efficiency of the small-pitch LED display and save maintenance costs, and the display can be installed on the wall without reserving maintenance channels, saving more than 70% of the installation space.

This cabinet can realize seamless splicing connection. The unit board is equipped with an adjustable magnet, which can fine-tune the flatness of some units to further ensure the screen assembly effect.

Remark: it is suitable for display screens of less than 10 square meters, and the wall requires concrete beams on solid walls or hanging places. Hollow bricks or simple partitions are not suitable for this type of installation.

5.2 Bracket Installation

Easy for installation, because it only needs bracket and connecting piece and is suitable for small displays, and can add wheels used for rental LED display.

Bracket Installation LED display

Chapter 6. The Advantage of the 640×480mm LED Screen

6.1 Handy for multiple installation

640*480mm LED panel size, Width & Height easy Identifiable during installation, makes it handy & easy for workers operation. 1-worker installation is OK. Meanwhile it can be installed multiple ways, such as wall mounted, hanging & structure standing, etc. Realized your creative ideas in multiple methods!

multiple installation Way for LED display

6.2 Standard 16:9 & 4:3 Gold ratio optional

The 640*480mm LED cabinet size, meet customers’ demand for both 16:9 & 4:3 ratio, for example: 4pcs (W) * 3pcs (H) can make 16:9 ratio screen size 2.56m (W)×1.44m (H), and the device itself is 4:3 ratio, so make width & height same pieces rank can realize 4:3 ratio very easy, such as 4pcs (W) * 4pcs (H) 4:3 ratio screen size 2.56m (W)×1.92m (H)

6.3 Standard size make it easier for your future maintenance & updates

It’s assembled from standard 320×160mm module, which is unified to make it easier for you to change modules, benefit in easier future maintenance.

6.4 Smart size to meet different size demand

The cabinet is smart designed with quick lock etc accessories, small cabinet size make it easy to meet customers’ demand for different projects.

Chapter 7: 640x480mm LED display Case sharing

7.1 Indoor P2.5 wall mounted fitness room video wall

  • Ratio: 16:9
  • Screen size: 2.56m (W)×44m
  • Resolution : 1024(W)×576(H)=589,824 pixel dots
  • Best viewing distance:2.5m-25m
  • Installation place:UK, Fitness room
  • Control System: Novastar asynchronous system
  • Cabinet: P2.5mm 640*480mm Simple Iron cabinet, 7.8kg/pc, 4pcs (W) *3pcs (H)
  • Refresh rate: 1920Hz

The main function of the video wall is to display some exercising videos & pictures when people exercising in the fitness room, makes the fitness more attractive & interactive.

7.2 Indoor P1 standing TV video wall

  • Ratio: 16:9
  • screen size: 2.56m (W)×44m
  • Resolution: 2560(W)×1440(H)= 3,686,400
  • Best viewing distance: 1m-10m
  • Installation place: USA, sales center
  • Control system: Novastar synchronization system
  • Cabinet: P1 640*480mm Magnesium Alloy cabinet, 5.5kg/pc, 4pcs (W) *3pcs (H)
  • Refresh rate: 3840Hz

The main function of the video wall is to display some advertising videos & pictures on sales center, to attract & motivate customers’ buying demand.

7.3 Indoor P5 hanging rental video wall

  • Ratio: 4:3
  • screen size: 6.4m (W)×8m(H)
  • Resolution: 1280(W)×960(H)= 1,228,800
  • Best viewing distance: 5m-50m
  • Installation place: Portugal, Live concert
  • Control system: Novastar synchronization system
  • Cabinet: P5 640*480mm Magnesium Alloy cabinet, 5.5kg/pc, 10pcs (W) *10pcs (H)
  • Refresh rate: 3840Hz

The main function of the video wall is to display some music videos & pictures on live concert, to make the live concert more vivid & immersive experience.

Indoor P5 hanging rental video wall

It’s only part of our cases, for your pending projects, welcome to share with us details (Width * Height & installation environment), will provide matched solution accordingly.

Chapter 8: Application of indoor full front service led display

Front maintenance has gradually become the mainstream of indoor displays. The so-called front maintenance usually refers to the use of magnetic adsorption to fix the LED display screen cabinets.

When maintenance is needed, use vacuum tool to remove the cabinets that need maintenance from

the front. This method can not only make the screen lighter and thinner, save space, and it is also very convenient for future maintenance, so it is more and more popular with users.

The full front service LED display is suitable for Churches, conference rooms, weddings,TV studio, banquet hall, restaurant, exhibition hall and chain store. We have a professional overseas team, to meet your specific needs, help you open and expand your business.

As per the church, Indoor LED Display is one of the most important tools when it comes to communicating its message. A study by the National Evangelistic Association found that “10% of the adults who join American congregations each year decide to visit for the first time after seeing the church sign.

Here is project case for reference as below:

Indoor P2.5mm led screen size 3.84m x 1.92m with 640x480mm LED display cabinet. Install in the wall, which is front service.

front service Indoor P2.5mm led screen

Chapter 9: The suggestion of using Novastar control system

9.1. Case 1 : Let’s take a conference room P2.5 LED Display with size 3.84x2.88m for reference.

Since the resolution for P2.5 640x480mm cabinet is 256×192 dots, makes the final screen resolution at 1536x1152dots. If HDVI input is necessary, Novastar MSD600 LED Sending card or MCTRL600 LED sending box are the best choice for this screen. They are developed by NovaStar with a single-unit loading capacity of 1920×1200. MCTRL600 utilizes uart to cascade and control multiple units. Suitable for a variety of applications, especially rental and fixed installations such as stage broadcasts, monitoring centers, sports arenas, and more. MCTRL600 front and real pictures:
novastar MCTRL600 LED Controller

Synchronous Control System – Novastar MSD600 LED Sending Box.

Synchronous control is to realize the real-time transmission of the signal of the display card to the display screen. A large LED screen and the computer monitor are displayed simultaneously, which belongs to online control. It’s recommended for live show & real-time events.

Sync Control way

Sync Control way LED display

9.2. Case 2 : Shopping mall P2 LED Display with size 6.4m x 0.96m for reference. Total 1,536,000 pixel.

For Async control system,- Novastar TB3/TB6/TB8 Control Box.the max Loading capacity is 2,300,000 pixels.
There are three different control box that you can choose:
Novastar TB3 Multimedia Player box Max. Loading Capacity:650,000 pixels
Novastar TB6 Multimedia Player box Max. Loading Capacity:1,300,000 pixels
Novastar TB8 Multimedia Player box Max. Loading Capacity:2,300,000 pixels

Below is NovaStar Multimedia Player Parameter comparison sheet:

Asynchronous control means that the computer sends the edited content to the control card, and the asynchronous control card controls the display content, which belongs to offline control. It’s recommended for the customer who wants to control several screens together & remotely even from different cities, and also very handy on mobile. Such as LED billboards, LED signs, commercial advertisements.

Async Control way

Direct connection
Async Control way Direct connection LED display
Lan Connection
Async Control way Lan Connection LED display.jpg

9.3. Specification of Novastar Asynchronous Control System Model:

Specification of Novastar Asynchronous Control System Model

Anyway, Let’s take exhibition hall of 10pcs P5 LED screens(show same things at the same time) with size 1.92×1.44m for reference. Since the resolution for P5 640x480mm LED display cabinet is 128×96 dots, makes the final screen resolution at 374×288. So 10pcs resolution will be 10x374x288=1,077,120pixels. Then TB6 is ok for this project.