Best Indoor Full Color LED Display – MA640 Series

MA640 Indoor Full Color LED Display

Linsn MA640 indoor full color LED display applies high-standard components and small pixel pitches including P1.25mm, P1.37mm,  P1.53mm, P1.66mm, P2.5mm, P4mm, P5mm, and so on. The ultra-light and thin cabinet, detailed and thoughtful cabinet design, and outstanding and stable functions, all made MA640 series one of the most popular series for customers who want high-quality indoor LED display!

MA640 Indoor Advertising LED Display

Perfect Cabinet Design

1. Convenient handles including top handles and side handles. Easy to move and lift the cabinet, reducing risks and facilitating installation and maintenance.

2. Fast locks. The fast locks make the whole cabinet is suitable for assembling indoor LED video walls. Whatever the size of the LED display screen, it can ensure the reliability and stability of the whole structure.

3. Neat and clear cabling. MA640 indoor full color LED display owns neat and clear cabling, which is especially friendly to operate staff and can shorten the whole process of installation and maintenance. 

4. Magnesium alloy cabinet. The stable and light material enables MA640 LED cabinet high dissipation and waterproof capability. And the lightweight can save labor and energy, also storage room and transportation fees.

Frontal Service Avaliable

This LED cabinet supports frontal services and maintenance for LED display modules, power supply, and LED control card. That means, the whole module can be removed within 5 seconds, and other components can be replaced just for several seconds, too.

This feature is especially useful for wall-mounting LED display as there will be less room behind the cabinet.

Golden-ratio LED Cabinet

The 4:3 golden ratio cabinet can make up LED video wall with a golden ratio, which can construct LED displays for different applications such as conferences, concerts, stages, shopping malls, etc.

High-definition Display Performance

Linsn MA640 series owns high-definition display performance including P1.25mm, P1.37mm,  P1.53mm, P1.66mm, P2.5mm, P4mm, P5mm, and so on. The fine pixel pitches enable the display can achieve the requirements of visual performances of indoor LED display.

Customer Case 1

Installation Country: Germany

Cabinet mode: MA640

Display Size: 3.6864㎡ (2.56mX1.44m)

Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm

Module Size: 320X160mm

Cabinet Material: Aluminium alloy

Cabinet Size: 640X480mm

Maintenance Method: Dual Service

Application: Indoors

Customer Case 2

Installation Country: Korea

Pixel Pitch: P2.5mm

Product Model: MA640 series

Module Size: 320*160mm

Cabinet Material: Magnesium alloy

Cabinet Size: 640X480mm

Cabinet Weight: 5.5Kg

Screen Height: 1440mm

Screen Width: 9600mm

Screen Size: 13.824㎡

Application: Indoor LED display


ModelPixel PitchModule SizeScan MethodCabinet SizeCabinet WeightBrightness (CD/m2)
MA640-1.251.25mm320x160mm1/32 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-1.371.37mm320x160mm1/29 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-1.531.53mm320x160mm1/26 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-1.661.66mm320x160mm1/32 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-1.831.83mm320x160mm1/29 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-1.861.86mm320x160mm1/43 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-22mm320x160mm1/40 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-2.52.5mm320x160mm1/32 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-3.073.07mm320x160mm1/26 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-44mm320x160mm1/20 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200
MA640-55mm320x160mm1/16 Scan640x480mm5.5kg1000-1200


Linsn MA640 indoor full color LED display has many features such as true frontal maintenance and services, golden-ratio cabinet design, perfect cabinet design, and high-definition display performance.