Indoor Rental LED Display – Pricing, How to Choose and Troubleshooting

Indoor rental LED display has recently emerged as a digital revolution that is an impetus for the development of the whole visual communication industry. It is effective, and useful for attracting people and delivering information. However, it can be a large investment for renting one, thus, how we can choose the right indoor LED display? By reading this, maybe you will get the answer.

First, let us know what an indoor rental LED display can do for you.

What An Indoor Rental LED Display Can Do for You?

An indoor rental LED display can exceed your expectation on the play effect and ability of attracting human traffic.

With various pixel pitch, it can achieve high definition images with comprehensive effect from aspect of visual, touch and auditory sense.

You can use rental LED display to serve you in many scenarios, such as:







The functions are various, such as advertising products, informing, entertaining and generating profits by sponsorship. 

In many applications, you can see the indoor LED display leverages its role more and more common as it features high-definition pictures and high adoptability for different conditions such as it can be customized for different shape and have super large size that TV and projectors can not meet.

Indoor Rental LED Display Pricing

Rental LED displays will be charged at a daily rate. For instance, the first day will be the most expensive, and the consecutive days will cost around 20% of the first day. 

indoor rental LED screen price

Generally speaking, for renting displays, the cost will be different based on the pixel pitch, brightness, location and so on. Thus, there is no a fixed price for displays from different providers.

One probable price here can be provided to you – $40 – $70 per square foot of screen space. For example, if you want to rent a LED screen in 18’x10′, then the price range will be:

(18*10*40) to (18*10*70).

Thus the indoor LED screen hire may cost you between $7200 to $12600.

If you find the cost is beyond your budget, then try to generate more profits by it to offset the spending. You can read more in this article about this point in the follow.

Choos the Right Display

Let us discuss about this factor still from consideration of price. What are factors of rental LED screen that will influence the final pricing? Figure out this, you can choose the right products after considering these elements.

(1) Pixel Pitch

In general, the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution, and the clearer the imags, and the higher the unit price.

One of the golden rule for balancing your cost and the pixel pitch is choosing the right resolution based on your specific rules. For example, if you have a screen set on the side of highway, the pixel pitch does not need to be small as the viewing distance is long.

LED display Pixel-Pitch

(2) IP rating

This is the index about the protection ability of the display. Written as IP (number 1)(number 2), where the first number is a measurement of protection from solid objects and the second number is protection from liquids. 

For indoor rental LED screens, IP43 can be enough if there are no other special situation.

(3) Aspect ratio

The standard aspect ratio is 16:9, so, what is the meaning and how it will effect the play effect?

The conception is very easy to understand. Let’s take some example, a screen with a 1:1 aspect ratio will have the width equal to the height. A 2:1 aspect ratio means the screen width is double of its height. Now it is clear, right? A 16:9 display means the weight/height is 16/9.

Aspect-Ratios of indoor rental LED display

So, what is the influences of aspect ratio will have on our displaying content? If you plan on displaying full-screen 16:9 content, then your video wall will need to be 16:9 as well. 

For instance, if your video wall is 960×540 16:9, then you can also make display files at 1280×720, 1920×1080, etc. That is, the aspect ratio of content should be compatible with that of the screen. 

If you have a customized size screen, then you may need to adjust the aspect ratio of your content to meet the screen size proportionately.

When you want a customized size screen, do not forget to take account in the potential fees you may cost in the post-production.

aspect ratio

(4) Service time

In common, the cost of the first day will be the most expensive, and then it will decrease in the consecutive days. The longer the time you rent, the higher the cost will be. But there may be a discount if you rent the display for a comparative long time.

(5) Installation

You may need some construction tools to install the rental LED display. More complex the installation and more intense the timeframe, more expensive the labour cost.

(6) Size

It is obvious the cost has a positive correlation with screen size. The larger the LED size, the higher the LED wall rental price. And the large LED screen can achieve simultaneous mass viewing that other kinds of screens such as TV and projectors can not achieve.

Choose the Right Company

Nowadays, the Internet technology is advanced and you can get a long list of suppliers if you just search on the Internet. But, how to choose the one who is really reliable and can offer you good products and services? Why not estimate a supplier from factors we list below:

a. Services

First, the professional technical services that can guide you potential technical problems.

Second, onsite service. The renting rate often includes the cost of a professional onsite staff to help to set up, operate and tear down the screen.

Third, pre-sale services. The company should provide you a mature and detailed plan for the LED screen rental projects.

Service can be one of the key factors for you to decide whether to choose this company. Although operating a LED screen is not a complex process, but all-around service can definitely save you lots time and energy, also budget.

b. Qualification

This can be divided into two aspects:

On the one hand, the company’s special experience in the type of screen you needs. We all know there are various types of LED screens on the market such as fixed LED display, rental LED display, sport LED display, flexible LED display, double-sided LED display, and so forth. A company have done a large scale work seems to always be the best fit, right?

However, sometimes the things will not go like this. Choosing a company who has many special project experiences in the types of events that you will hold can be a safe action.

On the other hand, certification. How can you get their certification and judge the authentication?

First, check the industry certification. If the company has its own official website, you may find them on the website.

Second, ask for the photos or videos of the production process and factory. If condition permits, you can travel the workshop onsite, and this will be better.

Third, search for the reputation of it. You can search it online to see what can be found.

c. Other equipment

Except from the screen itself, corollary equipment are also deserved to be taken into account. For example, LED video processor, LED sender and other accessories.

This accessories also have great impact on the final price and display effect, and can be as important as the screen itself.

d. Delivery performance

Choose the company who has adequate delivery performance, and ensure the transportation and package are quick and safe. You can ask for how many days the screen can be delivered to you before making the deal.

e. Products and price

Nobody will ignore these two factors when selecting goods, so what can we think about them?

One thing to inform that the quality sometimes is not easy to detect only by your naked eyes – even many products on the market seems to have the same quality, but the production process and quality-control can be varied from each other a lot.

To avoid choosing such “gift-wrapped” LED display, you can ask the LED supplier for videos and photos of their workshop, productive process and quality control inspection.

And do not choose products that have prices lower than the market price too much. In general, the quality and price have positive correlation. And there is an old saying goes: “the world will never be a free lunch.”

Trouble Shooting of Indoor LED Display Screen

What are the common troubles of indoor LED display screen? How to fix it if there are problems? We will talk about some the most practicle tips for you to tackle with them.

(1) Frequent short circuit when you start the LED screen. 

Use the multimeter to check the power cable and interface; check whether the power supply connection is tight enough. Morevoer, enable there is no irrelevant metal objects dropping in the cabinet.

(2) Non displaying on part of the module such as rows missing and lines missing, or exist the twinkling inconsistency pixels.

a. Check whether the flat cable connects well with the power line of the first abnormal LED module in the direction of signal input.  

b. If there is wrong color displaying or color inconsistency but correct pictures, the problem may occur in signal input. Plug out the cable then plug in again, or replace the flat cable. 

c. Check whether the LED module is normal, if not, just replace it.

led display trouble shooting

Row missing or line missing

(3) Large-scale dead lights on the screen.

a. In common, the root cause can be bad power supply. Check whether the power switch is normal.

b. Check whether the signal connection is well-run.

c. Examine whether the receiving card is working normal.

(4) The contents on computer is normal while can not be played on the screen.

a.Generally speaking, the problem is caused by bad internet cable. Just replace one can solve this problem.

b.Check whether the signal cable and the connection is proper functioning.

(5) Single pixel dark or consecutive pixel dark

Use multimeter to detect whether the disordered pixel still working properly.

If not, you can choose to replace the indoor LED module or replace the bad light beads. Replacing the module can be easy to operate. For specific steps of replacing LED light beads, just watch the video below.

(6) No displaying or garbled displaying on parts of the entire LED display.

a. Check out whether the receiving card that controls this area is normal. If not, just change other normal one.

b. Check the connection between cabinets and signal cable. Replug the cable or replace it.

c. Check whether the LED studio setting has mistake or not. If there is any problem, setting up the LED studio software and reconnect the signal cable based on the controlling system operation steps.

repair led display

Pixel pitch missing or garbled displaying

(7) Caution of “LED screen not found”.

When happening such situation, the software will warn you that LED display is not found even though the display can work well to display pictures and videos, however, you can not send new setting to it.

a. In common, this is because of bad sending card. Just replace it.

b. Something happened to the control computer end. For example, the COM or USB port is broken. Replace the control computer or serial port line.

c. Check the connection between serial port line, USB and sending card. Reassure the connections, if they are loosen, reconnect them.

(8) Each display unit performs the same content.

This may be caused by the lack of cascading files. Send the cascading file again, and plug the internet cable of computer into the output port near the indicator lamp of LED sending card.

(9) Want to achieve synchronized display.

To achieve this function, you need to have the LED video processor to deal with this.

FAQ of Indoor LED Screen Rental

Here we list some FAQs you may have in the rental business. Knowing them ahead can help you understand more insights about the services and products you should get before consulting with suppliers.

(1) What services can you get included with the LED rental?

a. Timely-after-sale services including technical support and guidance for operation and installation, warranty during the renting term.

b. Special technician on site for the setup, operation, and tearing down the screen.

c. Sound and power are usually included in the rental rate.

d. There are some typical cost such as camera feeds and additional installation workers you may need to pay for it.

(2) Will supply power be included?

It depends. For mobile LED rental display, on-board generator power will be contained mostly. But for modular LED display, some companies may charge for it.

Small tips: do not forget to talk about the power supply with the company early and throughly.

(3) Will sound be provided?

Just same as the power supply, mobile LED screen will contain it but for modular LED display, it may be charged depending on different companies.

(4) How long the installation will take?

It depends on the screen size and labour resources, so do not have a exact answer.

One thing to remind you of that if you rent a large LED screen, do not forget to leave enough time for the installation. 

Here is an article talks about LED display rental installation, just read it to know more details and we will not go into details for lack of space.

(5) What is pixel pitch, brightness, power consumption….these technical terms involved in LED screen rental?

For this question, you can read our Terms of LED screen to know them exactly.

How to Get Start?


(1) Figure out what pixel pitch and size of the screen your project will need. If you do not have the clue, just contact the suppliers to get some advice. They can help you to design the screen size, layout and operation. 

You can also just contact us, and we have a professional team to answer your inquiry quickly and professionally.

(2) After the consultation, you may need to book in advance. Sometimes there will be out of stock and book in advance can ensure the screens are available for your event. So if you have the plan, then implement it as early as possible.

(3) Choose the right type you would like to display on your display. For the compatibility of content, you can leave this question to your provider, and they will have professional team to help you set up well.

Very easy, right? Cuase almost every process there will be professional people help you to figure out. So if you have such need, just start without hesitation, and choose a reliable supplier according to the contents we provide in the chapters before to run your business well!


Indoor rental LED displays can be versatile in many applications, playing its part greatly in field of advertisement and getting profits. 

In this article, we discuss about what indoor rental LED display can do for you, how to choose the right company, trouble shooting to help you position some technical problem, and FAQs of rental LED screen to answer your potential questions. Hope it can help you, and increase your profit in the future!