2023 Ultimate Introduction of Outdoor LED Display for You

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What Is An Outdoor LED Display?

Outdoor LED display is a new and high-tech media for advertisement and broadcasting information. It is formed by three-color LEDs, the so-called RGB, and can display almost all kinds of static pictures or videos.

It is a more effective advertising method compared with conventional, static advertising such as painted advertisement board or newspaper, because the world is overwhelming, and numerous information is providing every second. And outdoor LED display can attract people’s attention in an efficient way, making it outstand from other static media tools.

It is generally accepted that outdoor LED displays are cost-effective, efficient, reliable advertising methods, and can give high return on your investment.


What Characteristics An Outdoor LED Screen Should Have?

A reliable outdoor LED screen should have specialties listed below:

1.High brightness with adjustable level

LED display screen with high brightness can show images clearly even under direct sunlight, meeting the requirement of outdoor display. Moreover, it needs to change the brightness depending on different venues and time. For example, high brightness at night may hurt viewers’ eyes.

outdoor advertising led display

2.High Protection Level

High protection level is indispensable for normal working of outdoor LED display as environments may be changeable such as rain, wind, dust and so on.

Generally speaking, outdoor display screen should reach the protection level of IP65 to prevent moisture and dust effectively.

3. Visibility

The visibility of outdoor LED displays often asks for three things: high contrast, wide viewing angle, and long viewing distance.

High contrast means high-quality images, and visibility under sunlight. Besides, outdoor LED advertising screen often needs comparatively long view distances than indoor LED display. And wide viewing angle means audiences can see the pictures displayed on the screen from more different angles.


Energy-saving LED display can save you a bunch of money in the long term coming from its low power consumption and long working life.

High power consumption will inevitably increase the electricity cost, and reduce the profits generated from your LED display investment.

We provide industrial standard outdoor LED display with high brightness which can reach 10,000 nits, the high protection level of IP65, IP66 and IP67, high-quality images with excellent contrast ratio and refresh rate and energy efficiency which lower than competing goods without any concessions of quality.

Why You Need Outdoor LED Displays?

Outdoor LED screen is adaptable to many uses: advertisement, broadcasting, entertainment, communication, etc. 

It can serve as your most useful media in many application scenarios such as shopping mall, building wall, school, advertising promotions, sport games, church events and so on.

(1) Engage your audiences and impact them with the information you want to deliver;

(2) Increase your brand image through the possibility to show customers the latest and the most important content;

(3) Increase revenues from advertising your business in a more efficient and cost-effective way;

(4) Generate revenues from sponsors;

(5) Reduce labor cost and energy as the operation are pretty easy;

Where You Need An Outdoor LED Screen?

The applications for outdoor video display boards can be numerous, and most of them are just what you see frequently in daily life: shopping mall, concerts, trade shows, business building wall, watch party, park, church, parades, marathon, wedding, camera feeds, fundraisers and so on.

Linsn LED display screens can display various contents from business to communications, education to entertainment, and more. The screens support multiple connection methods to show images, videos, scoring, camera feeds, news, texts and so on, supporting almost any content you want to display.

Installation of Outdoor LED Display

led display installation

The installation of outdoor LED display is a complex process most of time. However, it still needs professional supports if you are novice in terms of investing LED display screen. That is why reliable services of LED display company is so necessary.

There are some typical installation ways listed below:


This installation method refers to mounting the LED displays on the building walls.

(2)Pole Installation

The screen will be installed on outdoor poles, and it is one of the rising trends as the application of pole LED screens is increasing rapidly during these years.

(3)Hanging Installation

The screen will be hanging through thick wires that are supported by supportive structures from above such as truss system, ceiling gird, crane, etc.

(4)Roof Installation

The LED screen will be installed on the building’s roof, and this installation method can attract people’s attention to the building effectively.

(5)Stacked Installation

Compared with hanging installation by which the LED displays will “fly” in the air, the stacked method mean put all weight of LED display on the ground, and the screen will be braced in multiple locations to make the screen “stand” stable.

(6)Mobile Rental Installation

This kind of installation method is temporary and LED displays will be installed on car, truck and bus. Mobile rental LED display can move according to specific requirements of different renting events.

We have a team of professional installation staff who can help to install the screen quickly and accurately. Through the support, you don’t need to worry about the complex process.

How to Control Outdoor LED Display?

Basically, the outdoor LED displays must be equipped with internet connection for remote control, and management is based on specific software. You can control the content easily after quick and easy training.

There are two common controlling methods, they are synchronous and asynchronous controlling. And you can control the LED display screens through multiple sources such as a connected computer, Wi-Fi or 4G connected devices and cloud control.

syn ayn led control system

How Much An Outdoor LED Display Will Cost You?

The outdoor LED screen price can be various depend on size, pixel pitch, model, etc. For instance, a smaller pixel pitch generally means higher cost, and higher quality images.

Linsn LED offers our customers the best prices compared to competitors with leading quality in the industry. Just contact us to have a quote!

What Things We Should Consider When Buying Outdoor LED Screen?

What points you have to consider to buy a reliable and cost-effective outdoor LED display screen? There are some criteria.

(1)LED lamp light

The quality of LED lamp light is one of the keys to the high-quality display performances of the whole screen. Choosing LEDs is an important decision considering how to maximize your return, and the decision should be done upon your specific requirements.

Besides, different LED lamp light will have different warranty as below:

Lamp BrandSan’anKinglightNationstar
Bond wire materialCopper wireCopper wireGold wireCopper wireGold wire
Warranty1 year2 years3 years3 years3-5 years

We provide different LED lamp lights for choosing depending on your projects including Nationstar, Kinglight and San’an, and all enjoys warranty to make your using without worries.


The type and parameters of LED cabinet have great impacts on the daily operation and installation of your outdoor LED advertising screen.

For example, light and thin LED cabinet will save you many labor cost and time on installation, and it can be installed on poles or supported by metal ropes.

Moreover, choosing the right materials for LED cabinets can help you to have better customer experiences. For instance, LED cabinets made of aluminum have higher temperature resistance, which improves the heat dissipation ability.

Linsn LED owns different LED display series made of different materials such as steel, aluminum, die-casting magnesium alloy according to your budgets and requirements. Contact Linsn LED and we will give you a reasonable plan.


Generally speaking, the bigger the LED display, the better ability to attract people’s eyes. For most points, big size within a reasonable range is better than a tiny one, especially for an outdoor one.

You can decide how big your outdoor LED display is according to the installation site, the effect you want to achieve, and professional advice from your outdoor LED screen manufactures.


Outdoor LED advertising board asks for adequate brightness so the screen can shine clearly even under direct sunlight.

The brighter the LED screen, the better it will make even the faraway viewers read the content on it easily. However, consider it depending on the exact distance will be here between viewers and screen. For closer audiences, too much bright screen may not be suitable.

We have a series of outdoor LED advertising screens that support different sizes based on customers’ needs, and we accept customization to provide outdoor LED boards that are the most suitable.

(5)Protection level

Basically, the protection level for outdoor LED display shall reach IP65, and for some regions where there are frequent downpours and ponding, it shall reach IP68.

All outdoor products of Linsn LED to reach the protection of IP65, and some products can reach IP66, IP67, and IP68 if needed.

(6)Perfect display performance

To achieve great display performance, the outdoor LED board should meet the requirements including high contrast, wide grayscale, high refresh rate and high uniformity in brightness.


The importance of reliable services can not be overestimated, especially for newbies in the investment of LED screen. However, sometimes it is a point that some customers do not put enough attention to.

All-around services with professional technical supports can deal with your problems during installation, operation and maintenance. Without this assistance, using LED advertising display may give you too much to handle.

We try our utmost efforts to the friendly, professional and effective all-day services to customers worldwide. Worry-free services help to deal with you all problems happening in installation, disassembly and maintenance.

How to Choose Outdoor LED Display Screen Company?

Choosing the right LED display company sometimes means your LED display business has already half successful. So from what aspects we can estimate the reliability of a LED outdoor advertising screens company?

First, an reliable LED screen company should ensure the high quality of its product. Although the specifications of some outdoor LED screen may not be so different from each other, the production process can differ from each other greatly.

Second, timely delivery ability and safe transportation. Good delivery ability of outdoor LED display manufactures can give you more room for preparation, and can partly reflect the mature production line.

Third, services. Just as we have mentioned above, good services should be one of the key criteria for judging the company’s strength and can save you energy and cost.

Fourth, abundant industrial experiences. One way to judge the reliability of an outdoor LED screen company is to figure out whether the company has enough experience in the outdoor LED display industry as different LED display manufactures may have their expertise in producing different kinds of LED displays.

Fifth, qualification. This can be estimated from three points: industry certification, video, and photos of their production line and reputation.

Sixth, auxiliary products include software and hardware it can provide or recommend such as LED video processors, LED sender and other accessories. To some extent, they are just as important as the screen itself. And an easy -operating software will be friendly for you to manage the screen in efficiency.

Outdoor LED Display We Provide:

Linsn EV960 Series Energy Saving Outdoor LED Display

Linsn EV960 series energy-saving LED display – the latest energy-saving LED screen with high definition, high performances, good price and elegant appearances. The cabinet standard size is 960*960mm, supporting pixel pitch 6.67\8\10mm.

Why EV960 Series?

(1) High brightness, display images perfectly even under sunlight.

(2) IP66 protection rate: higher than most of other competing goods with only IP65 protection rating.

(3) High contrast ratio with 16500:1, achieving high definition images.

(4) Professional panel design: aluminum frame structure, fast module lock, drain hole, cooling rib, cable-less design…

(5) Excellent heat dissipation with cooling system: cooling rib, aluminum chassis and white appearances.

(6) Outstanding energy-saving ability: 100㎡ can saving 288KW/day.

(7) Light weight of only 30kg/㎡, easy for transportation and installation.

(8) Total front and back services, simplifying maintenances.

(9) 3 years warranty for LED module.

Linsn EV960 Series Customer Cases

Linsn MA960 Energy-saving Outdoor LED Screen

Linsn MA960 LED display is the latest multifunctional LED display with the standard size 960*960mm for both indoor and outdoor, fixed and rental applications with various pixel pitch available.

Why MA960 Series?

(1) Perfect cabinet design: fast lock and signal connector, humanized handle, light and resilient die-casting magnesium alloy structure…

(2) Long working life: at least 10000 hours lifespan.

(3) Super light weight with thin thickness: lightweight of cabinet only 26kg/pc with thickness only 87mm.

(4) High-quality performance with refresh frequency more than 960HZ, 14bits grey level and high brightness of 6500cd/㎡.

(5) IP65 protection rating: prevent dust and moisture entering cabinets effectively;

(6) High precise assembly: Linsn MA960 series cabinet can be adjusted from six directions – right or left, up or down and front or back, meeting the installation requirement to the nearest millimeter.

(7) One screen for multiple installation methods: the easy installation specialty and light weight makes it support multiple installation methods including hanging and stacked with quick assembly and disassembly.

Linsn MA960 Customer Cases

ma960 outdoor led display

Why Linsn LED Outdoor LED Products?

There are reasons why Linsn LED a reliable and leading Outdoor LED displays provider that is enjoying good reputation of customers worldwide.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality outdoor LED display with outstanding cost-efficiency to global customers, and we take the satisfaction of every customer as our mission statement.

If you need outdoor LED displays for your upcoming projects, there are reasons why you should choose Linsn LED!

1. High-standard products

Linsn LED has engaged in LED display industry for 10+ years and has already served around 10,000 LED display projects for 100+ countries with high-standard LED products for various outdoor events such as sports games, business activities, schools, parades, and more.

We have mature, fully-equipped production lines – 8,000㎡ factory areas, professional testing equipment, strict utility and teams of professional staff who have rich experience and insights in this field to guarantee each product we deliver to customers embedding with our best effort and strength.

What is more, our materials such as LEDs, power supply, driving chips and cables are purchased from famous companies to differ from other counterfeit goods that are prevailing on the market.

We take providing high-quality LED display and gaining customer satisfaction as our goal, and continuously on the way of proving it by our competitive products and services, wining us more and more word of mouth and market share.

led display factory

2. Worry-free services: 

Linsn LED provides worry-free services includes 24 hours services and professional technical supports, ensuring to promote your events and projects successfully, and have overseas distributors who also have adequate experiences in many other countries.

With more than 10 years experience in LED display industry, Linsn LED gain customer satisfaction and customer loyalty because of its high-standard services globally.

3.Super favorable price:

We provide our customers with outstanding quality LED display in more favorable prices compared with other competing goods without any concessions in quality and services.

4. Outdoor LED screens meeting all correspondent requirements:

Displaying in the daytime is no longer a problem of Linsn LED outdoor screen, the problems caused by strong ambient light such as blink can be solved easily.

The high requirement for protection ability including waterproofness, heat dissipation and preventing solid containment from entering Linsn LED can do them well. We have strict protection testing for each display panel to make sure it can work properly in outdoor environments.

5. Outstanding delivery performance:

Linsn LED has outstanding delivery performance, insisting on proving clients with high-standard products on time. 5000㎡+ production capacity ensures we provide outdoor LED display screens timely to meet your market demand.


In this article, we discussed the specialties, applications, installation, management, and other aspects of outdoor LED display. For people who need to purchase outdoor LED screens, choose the right product and company is the key factor. Therefore, we introduced how to choose the right company and product. For more information, welcome contact us now!