Tokyo 3D Billboard: Iconic Japan 3D Billboard Examples and More!

In this post, we will discuss the most iconic Tokyo 3D billboard examples in Japan, how they work, and other the most useful information for you to understand naked-eye 3D LED screen technology!

Just follow us to read until to the end. 

Table of Contents

1. Where Are the Billboards in Tokyo?

In Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku, there are all stunning 3D billboards

For examples:

(1) Cat 3D billboard in Shinjuku;

(2) Panda 3D billboard in Shibuya;

(3) Harajuku 3D billboard displaying Town Musicians of Bermen;

(4) Nike 3D billboard in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

2. Most Iconic Tokyo 3D Billboard Examples

In this part, we will discuss some of the most iconic Tokyo 3D billboard examples for you to show you the aesthetic and technological impact of Tokyo’s 3D displays!

2.1 Shinjuku 3D Billboard: 3D Cat Billboard in Tokyo

When this giant Shinjuku 3D cat billboard appearing, everyone talked about it online. This cat will appear on the screen for seconds every 3 minutes and then, the advertisements of sponsors will be displayed.

There is a couple cat animations, and you can get the perfect 3D effect by watching it from a specific angle as this 3D effect is achieved by the curved LED display.

Every morning at 7 o’clock, as the screen switches on punctually, a calico cat with drowsy eyes will also wake up and meow. In the following time, the screen will display “A Day in the Life of Big Cat” according to different time periods.

Like many ordinary cats, this big cat will take catnaps, groom its fur, shake its head and tail…and even idly watch the passersby, initiating interactions. Until 1 o’clock in the morning, when the cat falls into a deep sleep, the screen will also turn off on time!

That means, if you want to advertise your products and brands, then this screen may be a wise choice as people will focus on this cute cat seriously and then your advertisements will be showed and gained more attention!

2.2 3D Nike Billboard in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Combining the forces of RTFKT and NIKE, this breathtaking 3D billboard showcases unparalleled creativity and innovation in the city. Created by Artstation, 10 different Airforce 1 Colorways are showing.

Through high-quality LED screens, it presents captivating dynamic images and dazzling visual effects. This unique collaboration project demonstrates the shared pursuit of art, technology, and fashion fusion by RTFKT and NIKE, bringing an unprecedented visual feast to the audience!

2.3 Giant Dog Shibuya 3D Billboard

This 3D dog is launched at Shibuya station, and unlike other 3D outdoor advertising screens with curvature, the screen is flat and has a totally 8 screens to show this dog animation together.

These 8 screens work synchronized to give off the 3D effect such as the dog jumping in between some of them.

There are 3 main performances going on – two of them are visible from the Shibuya crossing and the third is visible more from the Hikarie area.

It will be so cool to see so many screens working together to show the same cute dog!

2.4 Panda 3D Screen in Shibuya

Located in the lively Shibuya neighborhood of Japan, the Panda 3D digital billboard stands tall as a massive, high-resolution LED screen showcasing a captivating 3D animation of a panda bear. Its presence in this bustling area, renowned for its vibrant street culture and bustling foot traffic, adds to its allure.

The Panda 3D digital billboard never fails to amaze and captivate onlookers, attracting crowds who eagerly gather to witness the playful antics of the animated panda. 

It has quickly become a beloved landmark in Shibuya, frequently featured in photographs and videos captured by both tourists and locals, who are drawn to its charm and exquisite visual appeal.

2.5 Tokyo 3D Billboard Lion

The Tokyo 3D Billboard Lion is a remarkable sight to behold in the bustling cityscape of Tokyo, Japan. This larger-than-life LED billboard features a stunning 3D animation of a majestic lion in vivid detail. Located in a prime spot that commands attention, this iconic landmark captures the essence of power, strength, and grace.

Passersby and visitors are captivated by the lifelike portrayal of the lion, as it seems to come alive through its dynamic movements and intricately designed features. 

The Tokyo 3D Billboard Lion has become a symbol of awe and fascination, drawing crowds of spectators who gather to admire its beauty and marvel at the cutting-edge technology behind its creation.

2.6 3D Big Screen in Harajuku

The 3D billboard in question was crafted by the company Change Vision, which has since been rebranded as Be-All. Positioned at the intersection of Takeshita Street and Meiji Street in Harajuku, this location holds particular significance as it is in close proximity to where Beams, a renowned fashion retailer, originated.

3. How Does Tokyo 3D Billboard Work?

From the examples we give you above, maybe you can know how does Tokyo 3D billboard work. The screen can be curved LED display or flat screen, and 3D animations are indispensable to achieve high-standard naked-eye 3D effects.

Now you can understand a high-quality outdoor LED display and 3D videos are the key factors. 

If you wan to discover the working principles of naked-eye 3D, just read this article: 

How Do 3D Billboards Work? 

In this article, we explain the principles in the easiest method, and give you more examples to understand it and videos to help you learn the knowledge better!

4. FAQs of Japan 3D Billboard

(1) What are the technical points of 3D billboard in Japan?

Just like 3D LED screen in other countries, there are some key points to achieve such immersive visual effects:

a. From a software perspective, a 3D LED display needs to support high-definition and high color depth video encoding. 

This means it should be able to process and play high-resolution video content while displaying rich colors. To achieve this, the display’s software should have powerful decoding capabilities and optimized image processing algorithms to ensure the quality and details of the video content.

b. From a hardware perspective, 3D LED display emphasizes detailed imaging, so it has higher requirements for grayscale, refresh rate, and frame rate. 

Grayscale refers to the number of different brightness levels the display can show, and higher grayscale levels can provide richer image details and smoother transitions. Refresh rate and frame rate are crucial for rendering smooth dynamic content, as higher refresh rates and frame rates can reduce image flickering and blurring.

c. Integration of LED Display Installation Structure with Installation Scene

(2) Is there a significant difference in cost or between outdoor naked-eye 3D screens and ordinary LED screens?

Yes, the costs of naked-eye 3D screen will be higher than traditional LED display. The reasons can be listed as below:

a. The specific installation scenes and customized functionalities. Moreover, special 3D display technologies such as complementary color filter technology, natural 3D technology, etc., which typically require additional hardware and software support, thus increasing the cost.

b. Higher prices for the driver ICs, estimated to be around 3%-5%.

c. Higher requirements for the screens. 

(3) Is there any other Tokyo 3D Billboard location?

Of course there is. For instance, Imma x Lenovo big 3D display in Shinjuku and Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama 3D tokyo billboard.

tokyo 3d billboard

(4) Is there any more information about Nike 3D billboard?

Nike 3D billboard is launched for the Nike Air Max series. The dynamic design was mainly designed by Kouta Iguchi, who created the Tokyo Olympic’s dynamic loga, and overseen by the Nike Tokyo.

The Nike Tokyo collarborated with the creative team Cekai to showcase the Air Max sneaker. An orange Nike shoebox floated in mid-air and was dragged away by the Shinjuku cat.

(5) Why the Shinjuku cat 3D billboard so popular?

This three-legged cat in this huge digital screen located at Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station has already attracted 37,000 followers on Twitter.

shinjuku cat 3d billboard in japan twitter

The Twitter Account of the 3D Cat

This tricolored cat with the “wa” element is adored with a traditional handmade red rope collar to highlight the traditional Japanese elements for visitors.

The chance of a tricolored male cat being born incredibly rare, with odds of one in 30,000, but it also serves as the prototype for the beckoning cat, thus symbolizes good luck for visitors.

The large screen is located at the East Exit of Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station. Shinjuku Station holds the Guinness World Record for being the “world’s busiest train station,” with 10 railway lines converging and accommodating at least 3.5 million passengers daily. The huge human traffic also brings the screen large exposure rate.

What is more, the cat will appear regularly every hour for per 0, 15, 30, and 45 minutes, with a duration of two and half minutes. This regular appearing allows audiences to capture the animation and share it on the social media to ignite viral spread.


5. Why Have These Displays Achieved Such High Success?

This can be explained from two aspects: richer contents and huge potential for secondary dissemination.

Firstly, the richer contents possibility. Compared with traditional 2D screen, 3D screen can present a combination of more elements to shapes consumers’ brand perception and enhances deeper brand images.

For example, the Nike 3D advertising screen in Tokyo effectively showcase the shoe series by creating a real-life visual experience for audiences.

Secondly,the huge potentials for viral spread. These naked-eye 3D advertisements can capture people’s attention and prompt them to share the contents on various social platforms to push the secondary dissemination.

In a word, the more innovative contents with higher performance ability and possibility for reaching more audiences are the main two factors for their success.

5.1 What Decides the Final Effectiveness of Communication?

The advertising effect depends on two aspects. Firstly, the locations with high foot traffic and the main audiences should have curtain purchasing power.

Moreover, the advertisements must be captivating. The 3D advertisements of Nike not only showcases the new shoe series, but also provides creative contents that contributing to real-life visual impact.

What Are the Trends of 3D Advertisements in the Future?

The first trend is that this advertising method will have tremendous market potential. At present, they are mainly deployed in some major cities no matter domestically or internationlly and only occupy a small portion of market.

Furthermore, the using scenarios of such screen will become more widespread. For instance, you can see small-screen naked-eye 3D advertisements in railway station or airport to increase the interaction with audiences.

The other possibility can be that the further segmentation will occur within software companies, hardware companies, and 3D content companies. 

In 2014, many 3D display screen projects failed due to lack of specialization in company responsibilities and technology, and suppliers, owners and intermediaries have all suffered significant losses.

It was only after this that the industry realized the importance of specialization. Therefore, in 2017, Coca-Cola brought the first large-scale naked-eye 3D display screen advertising. This gigantic screen in Times Square, New York, combined with an annual foot traffic of 450 million, achieved success on a global scale, sparking a worldwide trend of 3D advertising further.

6. To Sum up

If you want to find impressive and immersive Tokyo 3D billboard, just go to these places we have mentioned above! 3D billboard in Japan can represent the most advanced outdoor 3D OOH examples around the world. From the cute 3D cat to the luxurious Nike advertisement, you can feel the charm of these japanese 3D billboards!