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How to Select LED Display Board for FIFA World Cup 2022?

The FIFA World Cup- Qatar 2022 is coming, which would be one of the largest football games after the UEFA Euro 2020 during the Pandemic. People have enjoyed too much time staying all alone at home, and it would be a good time to enjoy together watching the world cup or go outing to a bar to have some beer together. So, how to choose the right LED display board for FIFA World Cup to enjoy this fierce and gripping game?

There are around 4 months left, and still enough time to select a LED TV display for your FIFA World Cup, today, let’s take a look at the main 4 kinds of applications & matched solutions.

TV Live studio

1.1 Demand

High resolution: For TV live studio, usually, it requires high resolution to offer full & clearly content for each second of the world cup, 2K, 4K, or even 8K. And usually, 16:9 golden ratio requires.

High refresh rate: As it’s to work with a camera to take videos for live display, high refresh rate 3840Hz is basic needed, so that the content showing on the TV without any black stripe

Dual power supply & receiving card backup: it means each cabinet including double quantity power supply & receiving card, it will allow the screen never to go black when there’s a problem with 1pc of the power supply/receiving card.

1.2 Solution

The 16:9 ratio N169s is designed for high request customer, seamless splicing, available from P0.78-P2.5. We customize vertical LED encapsulation for one of our Korean customers on the live studio, as he install the screen vertical for a more smooth curved.

Take 8K 16:9 ratio screen resolution 7680×4320 pixel dots for example:

P0.78 N169s Option
● Cabinet Size 600×337.5mm
● Cabinet Resolution 768×432 pixel dots
● Rank 10pcs(W)×10pcs(H)
● Final Screen Size 6m(W)×3.375m(H)
● Screen Resolution 7680(W)×4320(H) pixel dots
● Novastar All-in-one LED controller H9 will be needed for dual backup

P0.93 N169s Option
● Cabinet size 600×337.5mm
● Cabinet resolution 640×360 pixel dots
● Rank 12pcs(W)×12pcs(H)
● Final screen size 7.2m(W)×4.05m(H)
● Screen Resolution 7680(W)×4320(H) pixel dots
● Novastar All-in-one LED controller H9 will be needed for dual backup


1.1 Demand

DV is short for direct view, plug & play will be easier for the end-user to watch the LED DV TV at home.
For example, LG has a series of DV TVs, but the price is a little high, and some customers come to us for affordable alternatives.

Easy workable with home sound system.

HDR function is better for more vivid performance

1.2 Solution

Below are some standard series for your selection, with the Novastar control system.

SourceLED Control cardEasier Controller
1080p (1920*1080)2pcs MSD300 + 1set LVP615SVX4S
2K (2560*1440)3pcs MCTRL300 + 1set A6221VX6S
4K (3840*2160)8pcs MCTRL600+LVP609-4MCTRL4K+LVP609-2
Model N43 (4:3 ratio)N169S (16:9 ratio)
ResolutionPixel pitch
Cabinet Rank
Screen Size
Pixel pitch(mm)Cabinet Rank
Screen Size(m)
P1.6678(W) *6(H)3.2(W)*1.8(H) P1.254(W) *4 (H)2.4(W)*1.35(H)
     P1.565 (W) *5 (H)3(W)*1.6875(H)
     P1.8756 (W) *6 (H)3.6(W)*2.025(H)
2K (2560*1440)P1.258(W) *6(H)3.2(W)*1.8(H)P1.8758 (W) *8 (H)  4.8(W)*2.7(H)
4K (3840*2160)P1.2512(W) * 9(H)4.8(W)*2.7(H) P1.258 (W) *8 (H)  4.8(W)*2.7(H)
 P1.66716(W) *12(H)6.4(W)*3.6(H)P1.5610 (W)*10 (H)6(W)×3.375(H)

One of our US customers made his 4K screen wall-mounted, with the sound speaker mounted as the below picture shows, and he installed the screen 4.8m (W) * 2.7m (H)≈13sqm 64pcs N169 all by himself (1 person) in 12 hours.

DOOH advertising for temporary display

1.1 Demand

Sync. & Asyn. Dual-mode control system. Most time repeated content, such as advertising, but needs to display some live event, such as the FIFA World Cup- Qatar.

1.2 Solution

Let’s take Novastar for example:
1) For the resolution of LED screen within 130,0000 pixel dots, TB50 (2.0 version of TB6) will make it.
a. Keep it in Asyn. Mode when displaying advertising or other repeated content, control it on handy mobile app
b. Turn to sync. Mode & add a video processor so that the screen will be scaled to display full screen of TV live resources.
2) For the resolution of screen from the range of 130,000 ~ 230,000 pixel dots, TB60 (2.0 version of TB8) will make it. Operation same as TB50.
3) For the resolution of screen from range of 230,000~260,000 pixel dots,all in one LED controller VX6s/VX600 with USB port will make it, you can use U disk to display repeated advertising.
4) For the resolution above, kindly contact us for matched solution

Football bar or stores for live display

1.1 Demand

1) Attract passerby & audience, motivated
2) With better protection in case beer pouring & audience kissing the screen when they are too excited.

1.2 Solution

A synchronous control system screen + video processor, or an all-in-one controller would make sense, to be easily connected with other equipment, such as audio player, etc.
To protect the screen better, GOB LED is better, which means glue on board, IP66 on the surface, and anti-collision.

The above 4 occasions are just what we common meet, and welcome to make supplement or share your project details & demand to get a matched solution & budget.


In this article, we discuss how to choose LED display board for FIFA World Cup 2022! Of course, you can apply these ideas to choosing LED display screens for other applications such as E-sport LED display and indoor fine pitch LED display! For any more useful information, just turn to our LED knowledge base!

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