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6 Common LED Display Problems Solutions: Locate and Solve

LED display screen is now very widely used, with its seamless splicing, energy saving, fine picture, and other characteristics by the majority of users, but in the use of the process will also appear some small problems, the following is Linsn LED collection of some common LED display problems and solutions, I hope it can help you!

The LED display module consists of the display side (lamp side), the PCB (circuit board) and the control side (IC component side).


Q1. There is an area of the LED screen where the LED module or LED cabinet is displaying abnormally.

The problem is usually with the LED control card, please check which receiver card and replace the receiver card to solve the problem.


Q2: Problem with LED display horizontal line

Please check the LED module in this row to see if the cable is loose; if the data and power connector of the LED module is damaged, and replace the cable or Led module.

Q3. Flashing problem LED screen

(A) the power cord is loose, please fixed the power cord.
(B) LED power supply Overload; please replace the LED power supply or increase the number of power supplies.

Q4. The problem with the long dark strip; the LED display lights up and has no input signal, part of the LED display appears as a long dark bright strip, and most of the red.

In general, we only need to take a hot air gun along the leakage of this one dark strip blowing hot air, when blowing to the problem of that light, generally OK.
Or find a damaged Drive IC and replace it.

Q5. The LED display does not work, and the green light of the sender card flashes.

The reason may be that the network cable is not well connected; the receiving card is not powered or the power supply voltage is too low; the sender card is bad; the fiber optic converter is connected or has a fault.
Please check to confirm that the LED display power supply is normal; Please reconnect the network cable; and ensure that the power supply DC output power supply at 5-5.2V; please replace the sender card for testing and check the connection or replace the fiber optic converter.

Q6. The display does not work, and the green light of the sending card does not blink.

The reason may be DVI or HDMI cable is not connected; not set in the graphics control panel copy or expansion mode; software selected to turn off the power of the LED screen; send the card has problems; Please check the DVI cable and reconnect it; please reset the copy mode; the software chose to turn on the power of the LED display and replace the sender card.

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