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Be Prepared: Protecting Your Outdoor Full Color LED Display From Extreme Weather

Outdoor full color LED display is often subject to high temperatures, strong winds, heavy rain and lightning and other extreme weather, so the outdoor LED display protection level requirements are increasingly high.

Extreme weather will not only damage the LED display, more likely to lead to fire and other dangers. So in the case of bad environmental weather, outdoor LED display to how to safely use?

(1) In the hot weather

In the hot weather, especially in tropical areas, outdoor LED display in the process of using power consumption, high internal temperature and high outside temperature, it is easy to cause circuit board heating short circuit or even fire and other problems.

Therefore, in the LED cabinet design, we recommend the use of Mesh design to help heat dissipation.

In the installation, we recommend choose the direction of good ventilation; as well as to the display to increase heat dissipation equipment, such as the installation of air conditioning or fans to help display heat dissipation.

full color outdoor led display

(2) In coastal typhoons and hurricanes frequent areas

In the typhoon season, in order to make the outdoor waterproof LED screen does not fall, the display of the load-bearing steel frame structure will have strict requirements.

Installation, must be strictly in accordance with the typhoon-resistant level of standards to design and install, but also have a certain seismic capacity to ensure that the outdoor LED display will not fall off causing casualties and other hazards.

(3) In the rain, especially in the wet areas with more rainstorms

LED displays are required to have IP65 or IP68 waterproof protection level to meet the waterproof requirements.

In the outdoor use environment, outdoor LED display to achieve IP65 protection level, the module should be encapsulated by potting, choose waterproof LED cabinet, use waterproof rubber ring to connect the module and the LED cabinet.

And increase the rainproof roof or wrapping structure around the display to increase the waterproof.

outdoor full color led screens

(4) Lightning protection

First, full color outdoor LED display power system to do 1 to 2 levels of lightning protection, signal wire with signal lightning protector, while the control room power system to do 3 levels of lightning protection.

Second, the signal controller with signal lightning protector.

Third, all LED display wire (include power and signal) should be buried; lastly, outdoor LED display and machine room grounding system should meet the system requirements.

The led display of grounding resistance should be less than or equal to 4 Ohm, and room grounding resistance should be less than or equal to 1 Ohm.

Do the above several protective measures, no matter how harsh the environment, outdoor full color LED display can also be safe and sound, safe operation.

p10 outdoor full color led display
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