Large Outdoor LED Screen Hire Cases to Japan and Korea

Large Outdoor LED Screen for Hire - Customer Cases

Linsn provides multiple choices for customers who want large outdoor LED screen for hire from fine pixel pitch LED displays to big pixel pitch displays.

For this kind of product, the cabinet should be highly bright and waterproof, and also easy to install with the light weight, allowing the screen to be moved at any time. The stunning visual effect of Linsn LED displays is sure to blow all the audiences away! Let’s follow us to know two of our the latest outdoor rental LED display cases.

Linsn Rental Product Features

(1). IP65 waterproof level, able to perform stable functions in indoor/outdoor environment, and can withstand natural factors such as rain, wind, moisture and so on effectively.

(2). High protection level for collision, moisture, dust, wind, statics, and so forth.

(3). Easy setup and disassembly with fast lock and stable structure, suitable for quick installation in different applications.

(4).  Edge protection design, protecting the screens during frequent transportation.

(5). Lightweight and thin cabinets,  saving the storage room and transportation fee.

Here we introduce two of the latest customer cases of our large LED screen for hire – MA960 outdoor rental LED display and MAGIC500 rental LED display. From customer feedback, we know they are popular for stages, outdoor events such as advertising LED screens in entertainment parks and for mobile rental LED display.

Project 1 - MAGIC500 Outdoor LED Screen Hire to Japan

large rental led screen for hire magic500

Project details

  • Installation Country: Japan
  • Pixel Pitch: P2.976mm
  • Module Resolution: 84X84dots
  • Module Size: 250X250mm
  • Cabinet Material: Magnesium alloy
  • Cabinet Size: 960X960mm
  • Cabinet Resolution: 168X168dots
  • Pcs: 240Pcs
  • Refresh Rate: 1,920Hz
  • Gray scale: 14bit
  • Application: Outdoor rental LED display

All the 240Pcs MAGIC500 Outdoor LED displays finished the full-time aging test and super quick delivery to Japan.  Customer feedback says this large LED display is popular for stage events, weddings, and so on as the high resolution, stable performance, and excellent visual effect!

Moreover, the super quick installation (the cabinet adopts magnetic adsorption) facilitates routine operation very much, saving lots of labor costs and time to increase efficiency.

MAGIC500 Outdoor LED Screen for Rent

Linsn rental LED display MAGIC500 series is one of the latest indoor/outdoor LED display series, owning many outstanding characteristics that make it stand out from the competing products.

(1) Well-around design: the profound design both considers aesthetics and practicability.

Matt performance, flat and uniform surface, precise cutting technology, and accurate joint allow users great user experiences.

(2) User-friendly functions: MAGIC500 adopts many delicate details to improve usability. For example, the side lock, magnet adsorption module, detachable back cover, curve lock are all friendly to users even novices.

(3) Ture dual services: it supports both back and frontal services, meaning the modules and power box can all be moved easily from back or frontal. This characteristic can save you lots of time and energy, especially suitable for rental LED displays.

(4) Outstanding visual effect: this LED display screen supports fine pixel pitch LED display such as displays with pixel pitch 2.604mm, 2.976mm, 3.91mm, and 4.81mm.

The high refresh rate can be 960 to 1920Hz, and it supports 14 bits gray level. All these give this LED display cabinet exquisite images and videos displaying.

(5) Curved installation: MAGIC500 supports precise curved installation from -10° to 10°. It can compose curved LED display according to the building structure perfectly.

Project 2 - P4 MA960 Large LED Screen for Hire

outdoor led screen rental ma960

Project details

  • Installation Country: Korea
  • Pixel Pitch: P4mm
  • Module Size: 320X160mm
  • Module Resolution: 80*40dots
  • Cabinet Material: Magnesium alloy
  • Cabinet Size: 960X960mm
  • Pcs: 21Pcs
  • Refresh Rate: ≥960HZ
  • Grayscale: 14bit
  • Application: Outdoor rental LED video wall

MA960 Rental LED Display


MA960 series owns humanized design that fast lock and signal connector ensures the quick and easy installation without gab, and thin and light cabinet friendly to transportation and storage.

(1) High precise installation: accounting for the unique lock, MA960 cabinets can be adjusted from six directions – right or left, up or down, and front or back. It supports seamless and flat cabinet alignment perfectly.

(2) Outstanding visual performance: MA960 owns high brightness, wide viewing angle, and high-definition displaying effect.

The brightness can be up to 6500cd, showing the pictures clearly in the daytime. The wide viewing angle can be up to 160 degrees which enables customers higher visuality.

What is more, the screens have 10,000 to 62,000 pixels per sqm, giving audiences  HD visual experiences.

(3) High cost-efficiency: compared with our MA640 series, this cabinet owns higher cost-efficiency which helps to reduce cost. It is quite suitable for LED stadium displays and also fixed large outdoor LED screens.

For more customer cases, welcome contact us or just click LED display screen to turn to our official website homepage! We are always dedicated to design and produce the best products for our customers worldwide!