LC-ML Mobile LED Display Trailer

Linsn LED provides a series of mobile LED trailers with high definition, high brightness level and liftable, rotatable, and foldable functions.

LED screen trailer can be used for various applications including festivals, weddings, drive-in theaters, community events, political campaigns, product launches, corporate events, trade shows, parades, rallies, concerts, outdoor movie nights, live streaming events, emergency broadcasts, and sporting events.

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In today’s dynamic world, mobile LED screens are revolutionizing visual communication. These high-resolution, versatile screens, mounted on vehicles like trailers, trucks, buses, and taxis, bring captivating visuals to a variety of settings and events.

They are flexible and high effective, and are ideal choice for advertisements, live-broadcasting and events. The attractive visual effects and high brightness level can appeal to wide range of potential audiences.

In this post, we will discuss the features, advantages, applications, prices and products of them, showcasing their impact on public spaces and events. Discover how mobile LED display is leading the future of visual displays.

1. What Is Mobile LED Display?

Mobile LED screen is LED display installed on vehicles including truck and trailer. It can also be called mobile LED wall, LED trailer, LED truck display, etc.

1.1 Components

Besides the vehicles, there should be power cable, power supply, LED converter, control computer and management software. For some higher-standard mobile screen, they are also equipped with built-in audio, storage space, WiFi, satellite connections, and custom design features.

1.2 Operation

When in use, simply connect to a laptop, just as easy as connecting an external monitor. Operating the mobile LED screen is also straightforward, requiring only the assembly of individual screen panels.

Furthermore, mobile LED screens boast practical designs like stable support legs, height-adjustable hydraulic lifts, and 360-degree rotation capabilities to meet various needs.

As for content display, it can virtually showcase any content from a computer, such as webpages, videos, etc. This flexibility allows for the presentation of different information in various settings, making it highly adaptable and convenient.

2. Types of Mobile LED Screen

They are several types of mobile LED displays including LED trailer, truck LED screen, bus LED display, taxi LED display, etc. In this chapter, we will discuss each of them, and examples for you to better understand.

2.1 LED Trailer

Explanation: These LED screens are mounted on trailers, making them easy to transport and set up. They are often used for outdoor events.

Examples: Used for outdoor concerts, festivals, sports events, and drive-in movie theaters.


2.2 Truck LED Screen

Explanation: These screens are installed on the backs of trucks. They can be driven to different locations, making them ideal for mobile advertising and events that require frequent relocation.

Examples: Commonly used for mobile advertising campaigns, parades, political rallies, and promotional tours.

2.3 Bus LED Screen

Explanation: Bus LED screens are digital displays mounted on buses, both inside and outside. These screens provide dynamic content to passengers and passersby.

2.4 Taxi LED Screen

Explanation: Taxi LED screens are digital displays installed on taxis, either as rooftop signs or interior screens. They provide dynamic advertising and information to passengers and the general public.

taxi roof led display

3. Features

Compare with traditional modular LED screen, mobile LED display has an outstanding feature: high efficiency.

(1) Flexibility

Mobile LED screens are mounted on wheels, allowing for quick movement and repositioning. They can easily change angles to display content and move to the next location.

(2) 360° rotating LED screen

The new system integrates support, hydraulic lift, and rotation functions, enabling the LED screen to have a 360 viewing range with no blind spots.

This greatly enhances the dissemination effect, making it particularly suitable for use in crowded areas such as bustling cities, gatherings, and outdoor LED display for other events.

(3) Imported hydraulic lift – safe and stable

The imported hydraulic lift system is safe and stable, and height can be adjusted according to the environment, ensuring the audience gets the best viewing angle.

lifting outdoor-led-billboard-trailer

The lifting system supports our LC-ML30S LED trailer to lift up to 800mm

(4) Lower labor cost

Only one person can run and manage the screen.  In contrast to traditional modular displays that require installing brackets and connecting screens, these mobile screens are plug-and-play, significantly reducing the number of personnel needed.

(5) Fast and simple operation

Setting up a mobile LED screen takes roughly 15 minutes, requiring just a few button presses to get it running. Once the event is over, it can be packed up more quickly than traditional assembled video walls.

(6) All-In-One systems

They often come with built-in power supplies, sound systems, and control units, making them self-sufficient and reducing the need for additional equipment.

For example, a mobile LED screen truck might come equipped with its own generator and audio system, ready to provide a complete solution for an outdoor festival.

(7) High visibility and brightness:

Designed to deliver clear, bright visuals even in daylight, ensuring high visibility for audiences.

They can be used at daytime sporting events to display scores and advertisements that need to be visible in direct sunlight.

4. Applications

4.1 Outdoor Events and Festivals:

Example: At a city music festival, mobile LED screens show live performances, event schedules, and sponsor advertisements.

outdoor LED disply rental for graduation

4.2 Concerts and Music Festivals:

Example: At a large rock concert, mobile LED screens display lyrics, close-ups of the performers, and upcoming event previews.

4.3 Sports Events:

Example: At a soccer match, mobile LED screens display live action, scores, and instant replays.

4.4 Advertising and Promotions:

Example: A brand uses a mobile advertising truck with LED screens for promotional events in city centers.

outdoor mobile LED screen for advertisement

4.5 Product Launches:

Example: Apple uses mobile LED screens during its product launch events to showcase new devices, highlight features, and provide live demonstrations to audiences worldwide.

4.6 Fundraising Events:

Example: During a charity gala, mobile LED screens display live auction items, donor recognitions, and progress towards fundraising goals, encouraging participation and donations.

4.7 Cultural and Arts Festivals:

Example: At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, mobile LED screens showcase performances, artist interviews, and festival highlights, drawing in crowds and enhancing the cultural experience.

4.8 Mobile Gaming Tournaments:

Example: At an eSports tournament, mobile LED screens broadcast live gameplay, scores, and player stats, providing an immersive experience for both participants and spectators.

4.9 Retail Promotions:

Example: During a Black Friday sale, mobile LED screens outside retail stores display promotional offers, countdown timers, and live footage of in-store events, attracting shoppers.

5. LED Trailer Setup & Configuration

Imagine you’re setting up a mobile LED screen for a local outdoor concert:

Step 1: Position the Vehicle: Drive the trailer to the designated spot near the stage.

Step 2: Stabilize the Vehicle: Deploy the stabilizing legs to ensure the trailer remains steady.

Step 3: Unfold the Screen: Use the hydraulic lift to raise and unfold the screen to a visible height.

Step 4: Connect the Power Supply: Plug the screen into a nearby generator.

Step 5: Set Up the Control System: Connect your laptop to the screen using an HDMI cable.

Step 6: Configure the Display Settings: Adjust the screen settings for optimal viewing in daylight.

Step 7: Upload and Manage Content: Load the concert schedule, sponsor ads, and live video feed into the control software.

Step 8: Check Audio Settings: Ensure the built-in speakers are working and adjust the volume.

Step 9: Final Checks: Walk around to confirm the screen is displaying correctly and audio is clear.

Step 10: Monitor and Adjust During Use: Throughout the concert, monitor the screen and make any necessary adjustments to content or settings.

By following these steps, you can efficiently set up and configure a mobile LED screen for various events and applications.

6. Mobile LED Screen Price

Mobile LED screen prices are varied based on configuration, specification, availability and functions.

For instance, screen size, resolution, brightness, screen material brand and supplier.  Additionally, extra features such as built-in audio, wireless connectivity, hydraulic lifts, and 360-degree rotation capabilities can also impact the final price.

For reference, we can tell you that renting a mobile LED screen typically costs between $2,000 and $12,000 per day. 

In the AV (audio-visual) industry, a general rule of thumb is that the rental rate should be about 5% of the product’s purchase price. This means that if a mobile LED screen costs $100,000 to purchase, its daily rental price would be around $5,000. This pricing strategy helps rental companies recoup their investment over a reasonable period.

In summary, the price of purchasing a mobile LED screen varies due to multiple factors, while renting offers a flexible and economical option, especially for one-time or short-term events. 

You can just contact us to get the latest quotations based on your requirements.

7. FAQs

(1) How to operate mobile LED display?

Most of them are powered by the vehicle’s battery and can be controlled via a remote control, mobile app, or onboard computer system.

(2) Are they waterproof?

They are designed to be waterproof, and can resist water, rain, snow and extreme weather.

(3) How about the service life?

The service life is usually 50,000 to 100,000 hours, and often depends on situation of maintenance and usage.

(4) Can the viewing angle be adjusted?

Many LED display screens for car feature hydraulic lifts and rotation mechanisms, allowing the screen to be adjusted for the optimal viewing angle.

mobile digital billboard trailer 3

Screen of LC-ML10 Can Be Rotated in Both Right and Left Direction

(5) How many people needed for installation and dismantle?

Typically, only one person is enough. But for more complex set up, may be two or three people is needed to enable safe and efficiency.

(6) Do they need permission? Are they legal?

Using LED car screens for advertising or public displays may require approval from local government or transportation authorities. It is advisable to check local regulations before use.

(7) Is there built-in audio system?

Many of them are equipped with built-in audio systems, including speakers and amplifiers, to deliver clear audio for videos and live broadcasts.

8. Why Linsn LED?


We have obtained multiple certifications including CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHs, and IECEE. Our products are widespread around the world, with overseas markets mainly in Europe, America, South Korea, and Thailand. 

Free Training

We provide professional training for you to manage and operate the screen. Moreover, we offer clear user manual and video guide for you to show every step of installation, operation, software operation and control.

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3-year warranty provides you with peace of mind and excellent customer service for a great user experience.

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We are known for providing cost-effective LED displays while ensuring high quality and excellent after-sales service, along with fast delivery. 

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9. Conclusions

Mobile LED screen can be the key factor for you to advertise your products and services to more people in more locations. The flexible and stable structure allows users to get more incomes and higher exposure rate with their unique features and advantages.

We provide a series of mobile LED display screens including LED trailer, taxi LED screen, bus LED screen, etc. Best price, good quality, strong after-sale services and quick delivery make us your wise choice! 

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