LC-ML10 Multifunctional LED Screen Trailer

LED trailers can join concerts, festivals, sporting events, drive-in theaters, parades, rallies, corporate events, trade shows, weddings, emergency broadcasts, product launches, outdoor movie nights, community events, political campaigns, and live streaming events.

Liftable, Rotatable, and Foldable Screen Available

LC-ML10 features a folding system. The wingspan screens on both sides can be unfolded or folded 180°, providing viewers with a wider perspective.

Electric push rods and guide bushes allow for adjustable screen height. The lifting height can reach up to 1000mm, ensuring clear visibility of the content from various angles and distances.

High Flexibility, Easy to Move

The bottom of the flight case is equipped with 7 universal wheels, allowing for smooth and effortless movement. This design enables you to easily transport the case to your next location without any hassle.

Reliable LED Trailer

Featuring six secure locks and a fully open lid, the case is constructed from 12mm plywood covered with a black fireproof board. 

The robust steel bracket chassis and LED display frame provide excellent load-bearing capacity.

lc-ml10 mobile led display trailer

More Features

1:1 Ratio



1Flight Box and ChassisThe chassis is a steel bracket and the box is a wooden box.Customized11. 12mm plywood with black fireproof board on the outside; 2. 5mEYA/30mmEVA; 3. 8 round hands; 4. 6+1 pcs (4-inch blue 36-wide lemon rubber wheel, diagonal brake);5. 15MM wheel plate; 6. 6 locks; 7. Fully open lid; 8. Install a small piece of galvanized iron plate at the bottom
2Display SystemP2.5mm Outdoor LED full color screen2.56m×1.44m3.7Brightness > 5500 Nits.
3Control SystemNova12 
4TB60 multimedia playerNova1 
5Steel Structure SystemLed screen frameCustomized1 
6Electrical Systemcircuit control and electrical appliancesNational standard1 
7Lifting SystemElectric push rod and guide bushElectric1Stroke 1000mm
8Folding Systemwingspan screens on both sides fold 180 degreesElectric2 
9Paint ColorBlackCustomized1Optional

Product Details

Tech Support

Linsn LED has professional technology support team to solve any tech problem for you, tech support covering installation, configuring, and anything about LED display, please check our contact us page.

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