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MA960 Series

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Why Best Advertising LED Display from Linsn LED

Linsn LED advertising screen provides customers with many advantages to support perfect image quality and reliable quality. Here list several points of them:

(1) High protection level: The high protection level up to IP65 even more, protects the screens from pollution such as water and dust coming insight.

(2)  High-standard LED cabinets: we provide MA960 series, EV960 series, and OF800 series for outdoor fixed installation for advertising. All of them have super-perfect designs and special advantages to meet different requirements.

(3) High-quality components: the receiving card, power supply, LED lamp bead, and other components are produced by international-famous suppliers such as Novastar and Meanwell.

(4) Excellent visual performance: high refresh rate up to 7680Hz, high brightness level up to 10,000nits, and high contrast ratio without flickering and other issues.

(5) Customized LED control system and screen: we provide a set of LED control systems that meet the actual situation and configuration of the LED display screen. Also, the shapes and specifications of the screen can be customized!


Where Can Advertising LED Screen Be Used for?

shopping mall led billboard

Shopping Mall LED Display

The exterior wall of shopping malls can be brilliantly illuminated with these advertising billboards, which have super large sizes and powerful visual performances. More customers who wish to enter the mall are easily reached and drawn into shopping at these places!

(1) Increase traffic

Enlivening ranges of stores, restaurants, and promotional activities through LED advertisements increases foot traffic flow as well; this shall boost sales volume within the mall significantly.

outdoor led billboard for advertising

Outdoor LED Billboard - Multiple Installation Methods

(1) A popular choice for small-sized LED billboards is wall mounting. This involves directly mounting the LED screen onto the exterior surface or wall of a commercial or business building. For outdoor LED display, it is important to have a sturdy structure and proper support in place.

(2) Pole mounting: LED billboards mounted on freestanding poles fixed into the ground are a popular method for displaying content over long distances. In this way, people can easily view the contents of these large LED billboards.

(3) Roof mounting: LED walls can be installed on either a flat or sloped roof, which presents challenges concerning wind load and weight accommodation for the screen.

perimeter led screen case

Sport Stadium - Outdoor Perimeter LED Display

(1) Targeted Advertisement: 

Perimeter LED screens offer the advantage of targeting specific demographics or audiences attending specific events or sports matches. Advertisers can tailor their messages based on the interests and demographics of the attendees, ensuring that their promotions are relevant and effective.

(2) Increased Brand Exposure: 

Perimeter LED screens are strategically placed around the edges of sports fields or courts, ensuring maximum visibility to the audience, increasing brand exposure and recognition among fans in attendance, and viewers watching the event on television or through live streaming.

outdoor mobile LED screen for advertisement

Mobile LED Display - Reach More Audiences

(1) On-the-go advertisement: 

Mobile LED displays can be driven through different events, parades, festivals, and other locations to reach a large number of people. Compared with fixed screens, they are more noticeable and flexible. 

(2) Multi-location promotions: 

If you want to deliver messages to a border audience, then mobile LED screens can meet this requirement. The mobility allows multi-location campaigns simultaneously which can not be achieved by any fixed displays!

3d billboard on business building

3D LED Screen - Gateway to a Dimensional Experience!

(1) Real 3D effect:

2D LED screen + 3d video brings us real 3D effect with naked eyes! As you see from the picture on the left, stunning 3D visual performance just achieved by a 2D screen! That will definitely increase the conversion rate of advertisements!

(2) Brand Differentiation: 

Want to stand out from competitors to capture the user’s mind? Then 3D LED screen help you get this!

If you want to highlight yourselves from overwhelming information in this era, this kind of screen can impress customers and provide special advantages.

outdoor flexible led module case

Other Kinds of LED Screens for Advertising

(1) Creative LED Screen

Flexible LED screen, with ability to be bent and shaped without affecting the display quality, have a distinct advantage. Through various shapes, these screens can quickly capture people’s attention and make them patiently watch the advertisements!

There are many creative shapes you can customize: circular LED screen, ball LED screen, cube LED display, colume LED screen, etc.

(2) Indoor advertising LED display screen

You can see indoor LED screens almost in any shopping mall and large indoor public area. Just know why choosing LED screen but not LCD screen or other is determined by its high-quality image quality, easy maintenance and installation, and other features!

Linsn provides MA250 series, MA480 series, and MA640 series and other fine pixel pitch LED screens to meet requirements of close viewing distance.

Linsn LED - A Professional LED Screen Manufacturer Since 2007

The founder Robby entered the LED display industry in 2007 and has been deeply involved in the industry ever since, gaining expertise in business, technology, and marketing.

In June 2016, Shenzhen LinsnLED Co., Ltd. was established, with a business team consisting of 8 members focused on providing professional LED solutions. The first year’s performance reached 8 million RMB, and LINSNLED display products obtained CE/FC/RoHS certification.

In 2018, performance increased by 233%, reaching 35 million RMB, and the factory area expanded to 4800 square meters.

In 2020, LinsnLED display products obtained IECEE certification in the Middle East market and KC certification in the South Korean market. Despite the pandemic, LinsnLED continued to provide high-quality services and won a good reputation.

In 2022, the performance reached a new high of 100 million RMB for the overseas market. The factory obtained ISO9001/14001/45001 product quality system certification, and the EV960 series obtained Germany TUV CE-(EMC) and TUV CE-(LVD) certifications.

In April 2023, the company relocated to a new factory with an area of 12,000 square meters and upgraded facilities. The business team expanded to 50 people, and now has offices set up in Shenzhen, Changsha, and Liuyang.

High-standard Factory and Experienced Staff

Linsn Factory Building

smd machine

SMD LED Production Line

SMD LED Production Line

Maintenance Area

aging workshop

Aging Test Workshop

Quality Control


Linsn Advertising LED Screen Solutions

EV960 Energy-saving LED Cabinet

outdoor led display panel

MA960 High cost-efficiency LED Cabinet

of800 led cabinet

OF800 Outdoor LED Display

1. Introduction

Today I’m going to show you how advertising LED screens boost profits and attract huge human traffic. 

At present, you can see advertising display screens almost at every business center and shopping mall, and many of them are international-famous such as the Coco-Cola LED billboard in Time Square. However, it is still confusing for us why such advertising methods will be so popular, and how these screens work.

In this post, we will show you some of the most important information about it – what is, what advantages it can bring to you, how it works, and classic examples to show their charms!

Table of Contents

2. What Is Advertising LED Screen?

Advertising LED screen is LED display screen used for advertising that can be controlled by computers to show various media formats including videos, pictures, and slogans. For better advertising effects, we often use SMD LED display as advertising screen as their high contrast ratio, wide grayscale, and high refresh rate to show the contents clearly.

According to industry default recognition, outdoor LED large screen is defined as large electronic display using LED display technology, with an area of 80 square meters or more, located in urban core areas such as commercial centers, railway stations, airports, and major city thoroughfares.

3. 5 Examples of Landmark-level Advertising LED Display Screen

3.1 Nasdaq Gigantic LED Display in New York

nasdap led wall
  • Operational Hours: 20 hours
  • Play Format: 30 seconds
  • Screen Size: 25.91*36.58
  • Daily Average Footfall: 1.5 million people
  • Media Location: Intersection of 43rd Street and Broadway, Times Square, New York
  • Positioned at the heart of Times Square, the global business hub and renowned as the “Crossroads of the World”
  • Regarded as one of the prime locations for international advertising and promotion.

3.2 LED screen at Lotte Shopping Mall in South Korea

Lotte shopping mall is located in the popular Myeongdong district in Seoul, which is a representative shopping street in South Korea. The LED screen at Lotte Building is the largest and most effective outdoor advertising screen in terms of capturing the highest flow of visitors in Myeongdong.

lotte building led wall
  • Number of screens: 2
  • Brightness duration: 18 hours
  • Playback format: 20 seconds per 100 times
  • Media size: 25*9
  • Daily average traffic: 2 million people
  • Media location: Seoul’s Myeongdong district

3.3 COco-Cola 3D LED Billboard in Times Square

With a total visual size of 240 square meters, it occupies a substantial space in Times Square. 

For the past century, Coca-Cola has proudly showcased a prominent sign in Times Square, New York City. Recently, the renowned global brand unveiled a groundbreaking addition to the iconic sign—a cutting-edge 3D robotic LED billboard, claimed to be the world’s first of its kind.

This new sign features an impressive configuration of 1,715 moving LED screens and 245 static LED screens, creating a visually captivating display. 

3.4 LED Wall at Pavilion Shopping Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Pavilion Shopping Centre is currently Kuala Lumpur’s most high-end shopping center and a landmark commercial complex. The L-shaped large screen in the center covers an area of approximately 1300 square meters.

LED Wall at Pavilion Shopping Centre
  • Number of screens: 2
  • Brightness Duration: 18 hours
  • Playback format: 15 seconds per 240 times
  • Media size: 22*60
  • Daily average traffic: 460,000 people
  • Media Location: Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang, Pavilion Shopping Centre

3.5 LED Billboard at Piccadilly Square

With an area of 8,500 square feet, this colossal 4K screen has been stationed in Piccadilly Circus for a century, captivating audiences. For decades, global powerhouses like Coca-Cola and Evian have consistently invested substantial sums into showcasing their messages on this iconic billboard.

Countless people in the area notice the advertisements displayed on this massive billboard, making it an iconic landmark.

4. How Do LED Screens Work?

Simply put, an LED display screen is composed of multiple LED cabinets or modules to form a screen. It then works together with a LED control system.

By combining display boards (or unit cabinets) of various specifications with different control technologies, various types and shapes of LED display screens can be created to meet the requirements of different environments and display needs.

4.1 LED Display Composed by LED Cabinets or Modules

Actually, the large advertising display screens we find are composed of smaller units LED display cabinets, or LED modules. In this way, the production costs, transportation costs, and installation costs can all be lowered.

structure of led displays

Besides the screen, we need a set of LED control systems to send the signal from the controlled device to the screen. 

4.2 LED Control System - Working Principles

a. A device with video output capability outputs a specific format of the video source signal. 

b. The signal is transmitted to the LED controller through a video cable. 

c. The LED controller converts the signal into an RGB signal, which is then transmitted to the receiving card through an Ethernet cable or optical fiber cable. 

d. The receiving card converts the RGB signal into a digital logic signal recognizable by the driver chip. 

e. The signal is then transmitted to the LED display through flat cables or PCB circuits to achieve the final display effect.


4.3 Components of LED Control System and Functions

(1) LED controller

The main function of LED controller is receiving video signals transmitted from computers or other video source devices. And then, process these video signals to differential signals that can be transmitted by Ethernet cables.

After that, the differential signals will be send to LED receiving card and than showed on LED screen finally!

(2) LED video processor

It is not strictly required but important. With a LED processor, LED screen can display more flexible and abundant images and videos. 

For example, image cropping. You can choose parts of the images to show entirely on the whole screen! Also, it can scale images to deal with the problems of incompatibility of definition of signal inputs and LED screen display.

(3) LED receiving card

LED receiving card is an indispensable part of the whole control system. The function is to transform the RGB signal from sending a card to digital logic signal that can be recognized by the drive circuit of the LED screen.

5. What Are Advantages of Outdoor Advertising LED Display Screen?

To discover the advantages, we can talk about this from several aspects such as its economic benefits and visual performances.

Economic Benefits

Monitoring agencies tested data such as CPM, audience coverage, and reach rate of advertising LED display screens. There are some vital data: LED billboards in core commercial areas can achieve a daily cost per thousand people as low as 68 yuan, daily traffic averaging 850,000, and the average engagement time per person of about 7 minutes.

(1) Coverage Value

According to a survey on the audience reach of outdoor LED large screens, the reach rate of audiences for large screens remains above 60%. Every time audiences pass by the LED large screen, they can clearly see it 6-9 times. Viewers actively watch the screen 6 to 4.9 times. 

On average, respondents’ gaze remains on the LED large screen for a duration of 16.8 to 38 seconds.

(2) Spatial Value

These large outdoor LED screens is mostly located in public areas with high pedestrian traffic, such as core city areas, commercial districts, subway stations, and airports. Its prime geographical location implies higher marketing value.

(3) Acceptance of audiences

Consumers have a high acceptance of outdoor LED large-screen media, with an overall acceptance rate of 76%.

64% of Consumers like outdoor LED billboards, and 57% of consumers pay attention to these screens.

Visual Performances

(1) High brightness: 

The brightness of traditional LCD screens and projectors is generally around 500cd/m2, while LED display screens can reach up to 10,000cd/m2. The brightness degradation will not exceed 5% per year.

(2) High fidelity: 

Traditional display devices have a color grayscale of only 8 bits, which means a range of 256 levels of brightness variation. LED display screens equipped with specific control systems and driver chips can achieve a grayscale of 16 bits, which is 65,536 levels, 256 times that of traditional display devices. 

(3) Expandability: 

Traditional LCD screens and projectors are limited in size and difficult to expand arbitrarily due to technical limitations. LED display screens are composed of independent cabinets that can be infinitely expanded according to the user’s needs. 

6. Why Choose Outdoor LED Advertising Display?

The advertising release model has changed with the period of big data going deeply. Traditional extensive style has turned into precisely launch. Analyse the personal preference, the possible demands, also the potential requests, are the features of big data advertising.

So in the outdoor LED advertising industry, producers are all trying to take into steps to follow the precisely advertisement release trend. Traditional outdoor LED display has it’s own advantages in advertising show, but how to make it smarter, gain the data processing ability, make it analyse the data and give feedback on time?

That’s what we recommend you today, the outdoor LED Advertising Screen.

6.1 What does Outdoor LED advertising Screen look like?

Shape: Smaller & Size Customized

Different like the previous LED billboard, smart LED Advertising Display was designed into smaller and more intelligent. Exquisite and shapely are it’s characters. You do not need to pay higher to buy and install a huge screen on the ground to play your slogan and products any more, just one or several small new billboard could solve your headache problems.

outdoor led advertising board

Material: Die Casting Aluminium Cabinet

Feature: Corrosion resistant, lighter weight, Antioxidation and high temperature resistance

6.2 Advantages & New Features of Outdoor LED advertising board

(1) New Advertise Mode : Interaction+ Data Collection+ Accurate Marketing

Use the users profile analysis, market situation analysis, marketing product content analysis, go deeper into the appeal point of clients. That is the key factor for precise marketing. These all need the data support. Meanwhile, use the personalized recommendation technology, the marketing and advertisement benefits conversion rate could be much more higher than the traditional LED display.

(2) Muti-Condition Usage

Highway toll station, Scenic area, Park, Supermarket, Parking lots, Residential area, and schools are all suitable for install the LED advertising screen. You could use it to launch advertisement in business district, or show livelihood information in community.

Besides the original function, carrying the secondary development system, it could be added more characterized functions, as it is such a versatile facility.

installation of advertising led display

(3) Size Customized

The design size can be adjustable according to customers real demands, make it smaller or bigger according to the install usage ways, that will be cost-friendly.

Other features such as higher brightness, brightness adjustable, remote control, energy saving, etc, you could review it in the essay: Street pole LED display

6.3 LCD & LED, Which Would be Suitable for Me?

Sometimes we receive customers emails like, I need some boards to show images in outdoor, LCD or LED are all on my lists, would you give some suggestions?

We think they all have their advantages, like LCD will be cost lower, brightness smoother for closer viewing. Which will be better? That depends on your demands and application purpose.

1: Relative Display Area & Joint Gap & Size
LED Advertising display
  • Relative display area bigger
  • No joint gap
  • Size customized
  • Relative display area smaller
  • Have joint gap
  • Size Fixed
2: Gray Level
LED advertising display grey levelLCD advertising display grey level
  • 16 Bit Gray Degree, higher gray level
  • Higher color reduction degree
  • Display the image in a close color
  • 14 Bit Gray Degree, lower gray level
3: Brightness
LED advertising display brightnessLCD advertising display brightness
  • 6500 nits brightness
  • Brightness adjustable
  • 2000 nits brightness
  • Brightness adjustable
LED brightness is 3 times higher than LCD. But you don’t need to worry about the dazzling problem as it’s brightness could be adjusted.
4: Viewing Angle
LED advertising display viewing angleLCD advertising display viewing angle
The higher brightness and higher color reduction degree give support for LED to have a further viewing distance. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use it as closer viewing application, it could be installed with small pixel and lower brightness modules. If your budget is enough and you are the person who persist higher in quality.
5: Refresh Rate
LED advertising display refresh rateLCD advertising display refresh rate
  • Refresh Rate: ≥ 3840Hz
  • Image Stable, no blink
  • Refresh Rate: ≤ 600Hz
  • Blink in video
6: Resolution
As LED screen is composed by thousands of tiny LED lamps, if you wanna buy a high resolution display, you need to choose the smaller pixel lamps, that will increase your budget. But LCD doesn’t have this problems, its image quality is smoother. In a closer view distance, you won’t see granular sensation on the screen.

Make a choice according to your reality need will be much more suitable than just compare which is the best.

6.4 How to Enhance the Waterproof Effect

The things we most worried about for outdoor LED advertising Screen board is waterproof. The rainstorm in summer, heavy snow and freeze in winter, are all challenges for it. Especially in some low latitudes areas, the sultry humid climate makes the internal component get swollen, deformed even moldy easily. So the water and moisture resistance is specially important. How to make it qualified enough to maintain a longer lifespan, the airtightness must be good.

The common waterproof design is add rubber weatherstrips in cabinet internal, sizing glass waterproof adhesive, to make the whole waterproof level reach IP65.

For higher waterproof requests, we will put on a waterproof board on the top of the cabinet, and use professional waterproof structure design. That could resist moisture leak into the internal of cabinet. Also will protect the cabinet from direct sunlight burn.

Also, use the stainless steel to produce waterproof board, could enhance the waterproof quality. Now the whole cast aluminum cabinet has come out as well. Not only much more lighter in weight, but also could perform better in waterproof than common cabinet.

7. Conclusions

If you read this post, you may have understood what is the working principles, and how they will bring both economic and marketing benefits to people, and also enjoyed some famous cases of these innovative and useful advertising methods!

As you saw in this post, with an advertising LED screen, you can get high visual performance that any other kind of media can not bring to you, and also the possibility of a high return on your advertising budgets! Just apply a plan for it, and you may leapfrog your competitors on branding and marketing.

Before you want to start your project, make sure to leave a quick message by filling out the simple form on this page. We are a professional advertising LED display provider with more than 12 years experience and always offers high-standard LED screen and control system to our customers from worldwide!