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Are you looking for an effective digital advertising? The LED curtain display can be your good choices! As an outdoor LED display, it is usually used for building exterior walls, building roof, glass wall and poles etc.

Linsn LED curtain display features a simple structure, light and thin cabinet, high transparency, super quick installation for many sites, and high protection ability up to IP67. It can achieve five points that other kinds of displays can not achieve for you:

In this post, I will dive deep into Linsn LED curtain displays to uncover why you should choose Linsn LED as your curtain LED screen display provider! Just read until the end to get more useful information. 

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1. What Is Curtain LED Display?

led curtain display

Curtain LED displays are usually used for outdoor advertising and have many features that are similar with other kinds of transparent LED display such as high transparency and lightweight.

It supports pillar installation, glass wall surface installation, installation inside the wall, rooftop installation, ceiling installation, etc.

2. 5 Features of Linsn Curtain LED Display

thin curtain LED cabinet

2.1 Thin and light cabinet

The cabinet weight is light, lower than 20kg/㎡, and the steel structure parameter is 68mm*20mm*29mm.

The thin and light cabinet design makes it very suitable  for glass wall-mounted installation, ceiling installation and pillar installation.

quick installation of curtain led display screens

2.2 Super quick installation

The cabinet supports frontal/back installation, which can be fast-maintained.

Only 10 seconds are needed for per-square meter installation;

60 times faster than some traditional outdoor LED displays;

relationship between current and brightness

2.3 Higher effeciency LED chip

Compared to a traditional LED chip with size of  6mil*7mil, Linsn LED adopts LED chip with larger size of 14mil*12mil.

The larger one supports high brightness and low heat with high dissipation.

On the left is a diagram describing the relationships of current and luminance of LED chips with different sizes 

linsn curtain LED screen display

2.4 Save lots of budgets

Compared with traditional LED display:

(1) Save 50% steel structure

(2) Save 80% Labor

(3) Save 55% freight

(4) Save 80% maintenance cost

(5) Save 60% energy


2.5 Dual backup power supply

Linsn LED applies dual backup power supply to lower the failure rate further, meaning the LED display screen will be maintained in the powered state even if power is blocked out.

3. What Are the Differences Compared with Traditional LED Screens?

In a word, LED curtain displays are lighter, more energy-saving, have simpler structure and have much higher transparency!

3.1 Lighter-weight

The steel structure weighs only 15Kg/㎡, which is 75 percent less weight than traditional outdoor LED screens. And the cabinet weight is lower than 20kg/㎡.

3.2 High transparency

High transparency rate from 40% to 80%, effectively guarantee the light of the building. 

3.3 Faster installation

Only 10 seconds needed for per-square meter installation; 60 times faster than some traditional outdoor LED displays. The fast maintenance will save you lots of time and energy.

3.4 Stable performance with high protection ability

(1) Linsn LED adopts super thermal conductive materials, improving heat dissipation performance by 80%!

(2) Design with glue filling, achieving military-grade protection of IP67.

(3) Highly permeable and windproof design with wind resistance class 12.

3.5 Saving money for users

The steel structure can save structure cost up to 70%, labor cost up to 80%, transportation cost up to 75%, maintenance cost up to 80%, and electricity cost up to 70%.

3.6 High brightnes with excellent heat dissipation performance

High brightness level which can reach 8000cd/㎡;

Excellent heat dissipation because the cabinet adopts super thermal conductivity material;

Current 5.3 ma and Temperature 25℃.

4. How to Install LED Curtain Wall?

How to install curtain LED wall? As what we mentioned before, the installation adopts very simple structure and can be achieved quickly with less labor resources.

Typically, simple steel structure, steel pipe, and structure for concrete wall and cabinet will be needed. But do not worry, all these parts are easy to build.

The installation methods include: pillar installation, glass wall surface installation, installation at side of glass wall, rooftop installation, ceiling installation and so on.

4.1 Glasswall surface installation

Glass wall Surface Installation
Installation at inside of Glass wall
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One of the most typical installation way is to mount the screen on the inner or outer surface of the glass wall.

A simple steel structure will be needed to hold the structure for cabinet, and LED display cabinet will be mounted on it.

The process will be quick and easy, only one person can finish the installation if the screen is not too large.

4.2 Rooftop installtion

rooftop installation of curtain led wall

Installing the LED wall on rooftop makes the screen conspicuous and attractive to passengers. The lightweight cabinet is super suitable to reduce risks of falling down.

Moreover, the simple structure facilitates the installation staff a lot.

4.3 Other Kinds of Installation Methods

Ceiling Installation
Pillar Installation
Normal Outdoor LED Screen Installation
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5. Specifications

SMD Series

Linsn smd series curtain LED display screens

DIP Series

6. Conclusions

Want to know more about curtain LED display? Want to get a good price and reasonable quotation for it?

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Linsn LED offers customers with high-standard LED curtain displays worldwide, and the prices are also favorable. If you want to start your LED display business, then Linsn LED can be no doubt a wise choice!