Linsn LED Digital Poster Real Customer Cases!

Linsn LED poster display real customer case here! Every LED display we deliver to our customers will go through strict aging and testing. Stable performance, multi LED displays cascade installation without splicing, and easy control just by your mobile phone or PC all can be achieved by our LED poster screens!

More details? Just read this post through to get more information and better discounts.

Linsn LED Digital Poster

Linsn LED digital poster is our hot-sale series, which has a thin and light design, eye-catching appearance, and user-friendly functions such as multi-system control, easy moving with four wheels, and multiple installation methods supported.

LED poster display Screen

Splicable by multiples

The multiple LED displays can be spliced together into a large display.

The process is quite simple, just turn the screw to connect the displays as the video shows.

High visual performances with wide grayscale

Linsn poster LED screen is equipped with high-quality LED lamp beads and driving IC, which ensures a high refresh rate of up to 3840Hz and a high contrast ratio of 5000:1.

The brightness can reach 800-1000nits for indoor using scenarios. And the grayscale can be 14bit.

hotel smart LED poster

Multiple installation method supported

Different installation methods are supported including:

  • Wall-mounted installation;
  • Hanging installation;
  • Floor standing installation;
  • Double-sided type LED poster;

Also, we provide customers with a creative customized installation plan.


GOB LED avaliable, improved protection ability

For indoor LED poster, GOB LED tech is very useful as it can save the painpoint of LED lamp damaged.

Improved ability of anti-knock, anti-crash and waterproof, protect the screen from dust, water and crush!

Multiple control method, Wifi control LED poster

Wifi control LED poster, easy to be managed and controlled.

Both synchronous and asynchronous control systems are available.

Only with a mobile phone, you can achieve real-time control. You can load the program through Wifi/USB/Lan.

Linsn GOB LED Poster

Compared with traditional SMD LED display, GOB LED display has higher protection ability that can protect the screen from potential outside risks and crushes.

The main advantage of it over other series is the better waterproof ability, which can improve the safety largely. 

TypeGOB LED ModuleTraditional LED Module
WaterproofAt least IP68 for module surfaceUsually lower
DustproofAt least IP68 for module surfaceUsually lower
Anti-knockExcellent anti-knock performanceUsually lower
Anti-humidityResistant to moisture in the presence of temperature differences and pressure effectivelyMight happen dead pixels due to humidity without efficient protection
During installation and deliveryNo falling down of lamp beads; protecting lamp beads on the corner of LED module efficientlyMight happen broken pixels or falling down of lamp beads
Viewing angleUp to 180 degree without maskThe bulge of mask may decrease the viewing angle
To naked eyesLong time viewing without blinding and damages to eyesightMight hurt the eyesight if watch it for a long time
Poster LED Display Series
LED ModuleMODELP 1.86mmP 2mmP2.5mmP 3.076mmP4mmP5mm
LED TypeSMD1515SMD1515SMD2121SMD2121SMD2121SMD2121
LED Module Size320mmx160mm
LED driving method1/43Scan1/40Scan1/32Scan1/26Scan1/20Scan1/16Scan
CABINETLED Module layout(WXH)12X2 PCS
Display area1.2288 m2
Cabinet size640mmx1920mmx45mm
Net. weight/set48KG (Including Standing Structure)
Ingress ProtectionFront IP40/Rear IP40
PowerAC 100-240 (±10%)
ServiceabilityFrontal or Rear service
DISPLAYMax.Power consumption900W900W900W800W800W800W
Avg.Power consumption 360W360W360W320W320W320W
Viewing Angle(H/V)160°/160°
Brightness800~1000 nits
Contrast ratio5,000:1
Temperature/ Humidity-10°C to +40°C; 10% to 90%
Refresh Rate1920Hz-3840Hz

Transparent LED Digital Poster

Poster Series TRANSPARENT LED screen
Poster Series TRANSPARENT LED screen

Linsn transparent LED poster display is perfect for customers who want to mount the display on a glass wall as a transparent display will not block the light.

The lightweight, central control, easy maintenance, quick installation, and high transparency all bring you unique display effects and user experience.

Stable, cost-effective, energy-saving and easy maintenance, this series combines both advantages of LED poster screen and transparent LED screen!

FAQs of Digital LED Poster

LED digital poster, also called smart LED poster and LED poster board, is used to replace traditional folding banners for rental and commercial objectives. 

It has been widely used in many scenarios especially in shopping malls and other indoor applications.


The LED posters differ from the traditional poster in many aspects. 

  • The advantages over it can be many such as:
  • Dynamic and operational, easy to change contents;
  • Easy to move and install;
  • Low cost, but high return;
  • Higher protection level than traditional printed poster;
  • More eye-catching;
  • Creative set-up;
  • Synchronous or asynchronous controllable.


Most digital posters are either in the ratio of 4:3 (standard size) or the ratio of 16:9 (widescreen).

Generally speaking, there is a fixed-size of digital LED poster produced by different LED display manufacturers.

But some providers will accept customization.

For indoor LED poster, 800nits should be reached. And for outdoor LED posters, the brightness level should reach 4500nits.

If the ambient light is comparative bright in the indoor application, than outdoor type can be take into consideration.


Linsn LED digital poster series has high-standard visual performances that enable high contrast ratio, enough brightness level, and high refresh rate! Moreover, the user-friendly design with super quick installation and easy-moving wheels all can save your labor cost and time. 

Just leave us a message if you want to know more information, or get your good quotation!