LED Display Board for Hotels | Hospitality LED Screen

What are the types of LED display board for hotels? How can you get benefits from hospitality LED screen? In this post, we will explore this topic deeply for you to know the potentials of hotel LED screens, the suitable products you can choose from, and how you can utilise them to bring more revenues for your business!

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1. Types of LED Display Boards for Hotels?

In this part, we will discuss the common types of LED display boards for hotels including hotel name board, hotel reader board, hotel event signage, digital wayfinding screen, hotel welcome screen, etc.

1.1 Hotel Name Board

A hotel name board will be typically located outside a hotel featuring hotel’s name. They have various design, size and style to attract potential guests and leave a lasting impression.

For example, a luxurious hotel can place a stylish and shining hotel name board to bring more potential revenues, add to the overall aesthetic appeal and guide customers to the entrance.

hotel name display

1.2 Hotel Reader Board

Hotel reader displays typically refer to devices or systems used by hotels to communicate information to guests or staff. LED screens are well-suited for this role due to their stable brightness, wide color gamut, and clear display capabilities.

The functions of digital reader display may include:

1.3 Hotel Event Signage

Hotel can host a variety of events like conferences and seminars, weddings, exhibitions, cultural and artistic events, group tours, trade shows and so on.

The signage can play various roles such as:

(1) Transmit information: event schedule, locations, introduction of host, sponsor information, etc.

(2) Wayfinding: hotel digital signage helps participants find the hotel’s various activity spaces, breakout rooms, restrooms, and dining areas.

(3) Brand promotion: it can show people brand information, logos and promotion materials to impress audiences with brand images to achieve the goals of expanding brand influence and impact.

(4) Customization: the contents can be customized based on the specific requirements and themes of each event to ensure the consistency with the event’s aesthetics and information dissemination.

1.4 Digital Wayfinding Screens

Digital wayfinding screens can provide not only interactive maps, but also real-time updates, multimedia content, accessibility features, customized contents, and information of other systems.

Here are several locations in hotels that you can install a LED screen as a digital wayfinding screens.

First, a wayfinding display installed in the corridors can maintain visibility under various lighting conditions, allowing guests to easily find room numbers. 

Second, in the hotel lobby, installation can display the locations of meeting rooms, event schedules, and real-time status of hotel facilities.

Third, outdoor installations can indicate the division of different areas in the hotel, such as guest room sections, garden areas, dining zones, swimming pools, etc. This can effectively showcase the hotel’s amenities to attract customers.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that these screens can display more than just locations; they can also show important information such as emergency evacuation routes, contact information for staff, etc.

1.5 Hotel Welcome Screen

The hotel welcome screen serves multiple purposes, including displaying a welcome message, providing essential information like check-in/out procedures, hotel amenities, nearby attractions, and contact details. 

It functions as a platform for welcoming guests, presenting information, assisting with navigation, and offering multilingual support.

1.6 Poster LED screen for advertising and informing

Advertisement: They can display advertisements for hotel services, promotions, events, and local attractions to attract guests and encourage them to explore various offerings.

Information: Poster LED screens can provide important information such as hotel amenities, dining options, room rates, check-in/check-out times, and emergency procedures.

Excellent Visual Performance

Linsn LED poster screen supports high-definition visual performances like 3840Hz, 14bit grayscale, and 5000:1 contrast ratio. It supports fine pixel pitches like P1.86mm, P2mm, and P2.5mm.

Multi-installation Method

The Poster LED Display offers versatile installation options, including bracket standing, base-standing, wall-mounted, lifting or hanging, multi-cascade, and creative installations.

Smart Cloud Management

The poster LED display accommodates both synchronous and asynchronous control systems, enabling content updates via iPad, phone, or notebook. It offers real-time playback, cross-platform information delivery, USB or WiFi support, and compatibility with iOS or Android devices.

Unique Base-Standing Bracket

The base-standing bracket provides stable support for the LED poster on the ground. Equipped with four wheels, the bracket allows the poster to rotate freely and enables unrestricted movement in all directions.

2. Where Can You Install LED Display Board for Hotels?

Hotel digital signage can be installed in various locations including lobby or reception area, conference and meeting room, restaurants and bars, fitness center, Spa center, gardens, entrances, above the door or on the wall beside the door and more. 

You can understand that LED display screens can be found in many places in hotels as long as there’s a need, and they won’t incur too much cost.

(1) Lobby LED screen:

The lobby LED display in a hotel serves to welcome guests and provide essential information such as check-in times and hotel amenities. For example, it may display a greeting message along with the current time and weather forecast.

The display screen promotes hotel services and special offers to enhance the guest experience. For example, it can showcase upcoming events or dining options available within the hotel.

hotel lobby led screen

(2) Conference or meeting room

Conference LED screen typically has a small pixel pitch, usually under P2 such as P1.25, P1.875, P1.5625 and so on. This small pixel pitch allows for higher resolution and clearer images, making it suitable for close viewing. 

Additionally, it ensures that attendees can see the content clearly from all positions in the conference room.

Compared with projectors, it can be customized based on the room, viewing distance, the requirements of design and more. Also, it performs better in almost all visual areas such as color reproduction.

(3) Hotel LED sign board on the entrance

LED sign boards are commonly installed at the entrance or facade of the hotel to welcome guests and display the hotel’s name and logo.

(4) Outdoor areas

For instance, the hotel entrance, parking lot, or garden, they can be installed to showcase promotions, events, or directions to various amenities within the hotel.

3. 4 Advantages of Hospitality LED Screen

(1) In-room services: 

Hospitality LED screen provides information and booking functions for in-room services. For example, guests can use the LED screen in their room to book room service, request transportation, or make restaurant reservations.

(2) Advertising: 

LED screens can be used to display advertisements for hotel services, promotions, events, and local attractions to attract guests and encourage them to explore various offerings. For instance, the screens can showcase special offers at the hotel’s restaurants or spa services.

(3) Emergency notices: 

Hospitality LED screens can be used to display emergency notices and safety reminders, helping hotel staff communicate important information to guests promptly. For example, the screens can show fire alarms or emergency evacuation instructions.

(4) Automated check-in: 

The self-service check-in allows guests to complete the check-in process quickly and conveniently. For example, guests can input information, select room types, and make payments via touchscreen without waiting in line at the front desk.

4. Conclusions

LED display boards for hotels have many types including sign board, name board, wayfinding signage, advertising LED poster screen, and so on. They can bring you multiple advantages such as improved in-room services, advertising products better, automating many processes such as check-in, etc.