LED Screen Cost: 2024 Ultimate Analysis Of LED Display Price
With the increase in the popularity of led display screen, many customers don’t have an accurate understanding of the LED Display price which they need, or feel that it is too different from their expected price. Based on this situation, we want to share the Specific analysis of the LED screen price structure to everyone:
LED display price

1.How to Measure the Size of LED Display Screen?

If you want to calculation the price of an LED Display, the first thing you need to know is how big it is. Usually we use millimeters(10mm=1cm) to measure the screen: It ‘s mainly divided into Width and Height.

How to Measure the Size of LED Display Screen

Considering some outdoor led screens, you need to do waterproof edging treatment in your local area, so the actual screen size will have a little difference. Especially your screen is embedded installation, this point is so important.

2.Application and Installation Environment of LED Display

After measure the size of led display, the next point we need to know is the application and installation environment of your LED display. Because these also mean the difference in raw materials and technical processing. Ultimately determine the price difference. Like Indoor VS outdoor, Rental VS Fixed, or other special use.

>> 2.1 indoor led display and outdoor led display Price

One point: The cost of Indoor type LED Display less than outdoor types, because it’s waterproof and some technical requirements are different. Here is a table for a simple reference.

Indoor LED Display and Outdoor LED Display price

For Indoor use, it means that there is not too much direct sunlight to interfere with the LED Display, so its requirements for brightness will be slightly lower. 

Generally, the normal brightness of the screen is 600-800nits, if you want to achieve high brightness (≥1000nits) , Need to switch to a higher-level LED lamp or PCB design, which also means an increase in cost.

For outdoor LED Screen, high-brightness is a necessary condition, especially in direct sunlight area (The brightness must ≥7000nits).

Another important factor in cost changes is the design of the protection level. Outdoor LED Display is often affected by weather, such as light rain, heavy rain, and desert exposure. In relatively humid areas, the IP65 protection level of the LED display is sufficient. 

But if it is rainy all year round and there is water accumulation, you need to use an IP68 LED screen. For high-temperature locations, consider the heat dissipation problem, the IP65 Outdoor Energy-saving LED Display will be a good choice.

Usually, Indoor model will be USD 150-500 /sqm cheaper than outdoor models.

>> 2.2 rental led display and Fixed LED Screen Cost

The Rental LED display is for rental, and it needs to be moved frequently, repeated disassembly and installation. This has higher requirements of the cabinet material, which it must be lighter, thinner, and high stability. 

So they are usually made of expensive material, like Die-cast aluminum which it’s more convenient to install and disassemble at any time.

On the other hand, the Rental LED display is usually used for stage performances, which has clearer requirements for the picture effect. 

Therefore, it usually adopts P3.91 LED display or P4.81mm pixel for high-definition screens, even more severe will use the smaller pitch P2.976mm P2.604mm. This is another reason why the price is higher than the Fixed screen.

rental fixed LED display

In contrast, the Fixed LED display is used for fixing and it doesn’t move frequently. It needs long lifespan and high heat dissipation, and the size of the screen are usually variety. 

So the material are usually steel and aluminium which can be customized and heavier than Die-cast aluminum, but the price is more economical than Die-cast aluminum.

And the Fixed LED display is usually used on highway, station and hotels, due to the long viewing distance, the P6.67mm P5.33 model is generally used on indoor fixed LED display, and the P8mm P10mm is the most used on outdoor fixed LED display.

An aluminium outdoor fixed LED display is the best solution for a high-corrosive environment, such as the screen beside the sea.

For general rental and fixed screen, the fixed model will save around USD50-250/sqm than rental model.

Please note that there is an abnormal case on the indoor fine pitch ( pixel≤2.5mm ) Fixed LED Display, it requires a high technical demand which causes a high price.

It’s also the key research and development part of the industry. And we are trying to find a more economical technology to control the cost.

>> 2.3 Other Special LED Display

With the fast development of the LED display, the scope of application is getting wider and wider, which has also promoted the production of some special led display, such as poster and pole display.

poster and pole display

2.3.1 Poster LED Player

Poster LED Player is a specially designed product targeting for indoor HD LED advertising player with highly integrated hardware and outdoor led display player with high brightness and easy installation, ultra-thin and light body, which can be your first choice to achieve perfect led advertising display effect.

2.3.2 Pole LED Display

Pole LED display is a subdivision application and concept derived from the application of LED display and light pole scene,it can carry out a variety of road sections advertising volume, so that a small range of information dissemination will gradually expand, thereby enhancing the advertising efforts.

3.Main factors affecting LED Screen Cost

After knowing the influence of the product usage environment on the price of LED Display, do you really know what factors affecting the price? Now we will take you to understand these details.

>>3.1 IC - Drive IC

There are several types of IC used in LED Display, but Drive IC accounts for about 90%, so here we mainly discuss the impact of Drive IC on prices.

Drive IC, it’s mainly to drive and manage the LED, and LED is a light-emitting diode. When the number of diodes is large or the tube consumes a lot of power, it needs to be driven, and it is driven by several levels. In the integrated electronic chip, this chip is called the Driver IC. 

In other words, it plays the role of providing compensation current to the LED.

led display Drive IC

The impact of IC on price is mainly reflected in the functions of IC. A good Drive IC can provide a constant flow source, to make sure the LED Display get stable driven, eliminate the blinking phenomenon, and gain high quality showing effects. 

Such as some special ICs were designed with some special functions like LED error detection, electricity gain control, or electricity correction, and so on.

In a word, the more the number and functions of IC, the higher the price.

>>3.2 LED Lamps

As the most important raw material for the LED Display, its impact on prices is divided into pixels, lamps sizes and brands.

LED display pixel means the distance between 2 LED lamps. For example, when we mentioned P2.5, that means the distance between the led lamps is 2.5mm. Usually small pixel models cost higher, as the module spacing decreases, more lamps could be put on the PCB board, naturally, the costs rise.

LED Lamp size, Usually large pixel pitch LED Display uses large-size LED lamps. 

The figure like SMD1921, SMD 2727, SMD3535, all refers to the LED lamp size. 1921 means the length and width of one lamp is 19nm and 21nm. Larger lamps cost a bit higher than the smaller ones.

If the module size is 320x160mm, the same type of LED, but different pixels, the total quantity of LED lamps (P10) used in one module will be less than smaller pixel types. As a result, the cost goes reduced.

The common brand of LED lamps in nowadays market include Kinglight, Nationstar, San’an, Nichia, Episen, Cree, etc. As we know, the brand = price+quality. 

Some cost higher but do have a stable performance. Some cost less but have owned a large market according to their cost-competitiveness.

>>3.3 PCB Board

PCB board is the abbreviation of printed circuit board. It’s in just about every piece of electronics in our lives, and it’s also one of the main factor which influence the price of the LED display. 

The cost of the PCB board is composed of the material and the Layer of the PCB board.

Material of the PCB Board

FR-4 fiberglass circuit board and copper clad laminate(CCL for short)) are both the material of PCB board.

FR-4 fiberglass circuit board is a traditional electronic PCB board, which has a wide range of applications due to its good insulation, corrosion resistance, compression resistance, and multiple layer printing.

Compared to FR-4 fiberglass circuit board, the LED aluminum substrate use aluminum-based materials, and its thermal conductivity is much better than traditional FR4 fiberglass circuit board. 

LED aluminum substrate is a kind of printed circuit board, which is printed on the aluminum plane with good thermal conductivity, and then the components are soldered on it.

PCB Board​
Layer of the PCB Board

We have one-layer boards or up to four-layer boards, even multiple layer boards for the indoor LED display module and outdoor led screen modules

For one-layer boards, this single board need to support all the parts like IC, lamp, capacitors and resistors working normally. If any little problem happens, this single board will broken which leading to an increased failure rate.

For the two-layer board or multiple layer board, there are many layer to support the working parts, even some problem happens, the other layer still can support the module working normally.

It can make the failure rate lower. But the more layers. The more complex the process, the more expensive the price.

>> 3.4 LED Power Supply

Power Supply is mainly used to provide the necessary working current for the LED display screen to ensure the screen working normally.

The international voltage is 110v or 220v, but the working voltage for each led display module is 5v, so we need the power supply which can transfer the 110v or 220v voltage to 5v voltage. 

We usually adopt 3 to 4 power supply on per square meter led display screen. Meanwhile, the higher the power consumption of the LED Display, the more power supply is needed, and the price will increase accordingly.

Influence of power consumption

The power consumption of the LED display screen is divided into maximum power consumption and average power consumption.

The maximum power consumption is the power consumption under extreme conditions such as start up or full lighting, and the maximum power consumption is a factor that must be considered when AC power is supplied (wire diameter, switch, etc). 

Average power consumption is also called working power, which is the actual power consumption of the display screen. The power consumption of indoor and outdoor led display can be brief summarizes as bellow:

power consumption of led display

There we take P10 outdoor 1/2scan Nationstar SMD3535 320*160mm led display module for example to show you how to calculate the power consumption:

The maximum power consumption: current of each 320*160mm (0.32*0.16m) module is 9A, all the voltage is 5V, then the power consumption of per square meter is (9A*5V)/0.32/0.16+70 (other power consumption exclude module)=948.9W/m². 

Take it as 950W/m². So 950W/m² is the maximum power consumption of P10 outdoor led display screen.

The average power consumption=60% of the maximum power consumption, then 60%*950=570W/m².
If you use G-energy N300V5-C power supply,you gonna need 4pc (300W*4pc>950W) for per square meter outdoor P10 led display screen.

If the screen size is 3*2m,then the total power consumption of this screen is 570W/h(average power consumption per square meter)*(3*2m)=3420W/h=3.4KW/h

Influence of the Brand

There are so many power supply on the market, but do you know how to choose it? We suggest that choose them according to the brand. The main brand on the LED display market are G-energy, Meanwell, ChuangLian and so on. Here we made you a simply price compare list for your reference:
LED Display Power Supply Price Compare List
We hope you always know: you will get what you pay for.

>> 3.5 LED Display Cabinet

The material of the cabinet is other factor which influence the price.
Now, let us to introduce you to the following four common types of LED display cabinet material: Steel, Aluminum, Magnesium alloy, Die-cast aluminum.
The biggest difference is the density of material, It’s determines the weight of the cabinet. Steel is 7.8g/cm³, the Aluminum is 2.7g/cm³, the Magnesium alloy is 1.8g/cm, and the Die-casting aluminum is 2.7-2.84g/cm³. Some information share with you:
LED Display Cabinet Common Material

>>3.6 Quality Control & Tech Support & After-Sales Service

We guess that many customers have encountered irresponsible suppliers: either the product quality is problematic, or technical support is not provided, or it is a one-time transaction and there is no after-sales service at all. 

These things are telling you: quality control, technical support and after-sales service are often more important than the price you think. So don’t lose these virtual value-added services just because of a little price difference.

With the maturity of the LED display industry, the production of different factories has become homogeneous, and the quality of products is more reflected in the selection of its details and raw materials. 

After you place an order, there are a few questions you need to ask: Are there any related aging test after the goods finished? Are there corresponding spare parts as after-sales service? Are there corresponding technical support and guidance documents?

For us, the aging test/ relevant document/ operation guide/ online technical support will be provided to you after the goods finished.

4. How To Calculate the Cost of LED Screen?

Calculate the Quotation of the LED Display
5 steps to complete the cost calculation of the LED Display
  1. Screen Size: You must know the size of your screen firstly. If you just want a sample, there is nothing to say.
  2. Use & Installation environment: outdoor or indoor using / rental using or not. If there is any extreme using environment, like high temperature and need high waterproof. It determines the basic technical requirements of the screen.
  3. Viewing distance: Confirmed pixel pitch, the optimum viewing distance like: P4: 4-40m; P5:5-50m; P6:6-60m; P8:8-80m, and so on.
  4. Control system: The choosing of the control system (such as sending card, receiving card, even video processor and so on) depends on the specific size of your screen and control way (such as by computer or Wifi/4G). Generally speaking, the larger the screen, the higher the configuration requirements and the greater the cost.
  5. Packaging: Carton packing (Module or accessories); Plywood case packing (Fixed); Flight case packing (Rental). Different packaging, different costs, you can choose the corresponding packaging method according to your demand.

For example:

Project requirement: 5m width x3m height

Used for outdoor fixed AD display, View distance ask for 10 meters, no other special demand, then you maybe got the below information:

the cost of outdoor fixed LED display

PS: Examples are for reference only, the actual quote maybe different.

As mentioned above, you can calculate the approximate cost of your project by yourself, or you can send us a specific inquiry and will get a detailed quotation in 24 hours since we receive your inquiry.

5.Buy LED Display Screen FAQ

1) Why the screen size of the quotation I got is different from my request?

Because the size of the module is fixed, so your actual screen size is based on the size of module. Like the above example.

2) What should I do if I buy a led display but no after-sales service?

You can send the picture or videos to us, we can help you to solve these problem, of course, we will charge a certain fee.

3) Is it possible to get a low cost led screen with good quality and service? No, if you get a low cost led screen, it mean that the quality of the screen is different with your requirement. There is no free lunch in the world.

4) What are the important parameters you need to know when you buying a LED Display Screen?

According to the use environment of the product, the important parameters will change. But usually the brightness/ viewing distance/ power consumption/ refresh rate, it will determine your screen display effect and some operating costs.

But If your screen is used in a place with high heat or high rain, except the power consumption, you also need to pay more attention to the waterproof parameters.

If there is any other problem with it, pls contact us, the details will be send to you ASAP.

Here is the best video for whole process of buying LED display!