How to Choose Right LED Display Rental Company?

When we want to do some LED display screen business, the first thing is no doubt to find a reliable and veteran LED display supplier. Choosing the right LED display rental company sometimes means your rental LED display business has already half successful. We may all want to know how we can choose the right one, but have difficulty in distinguishing which one can prosper our events finally.

Do you wish to know how to achieve this? Let’s discuss together!

1.Service – Three Parts

We put this factor as the first one, meaning you should consider it as a key point when choosing LED screen rental company.

The services you can expect to have can be divided into three parts: first, the professional technical services which can guide you to deal with all potential technical questions during the rent term. Second, the onsite service. There is usually an onsite staff help to set up, operate and tear down the screen. Third, the LED screen supplier should provide you a set of mature plan for your rental LED screen using project, and make sure they are selling you the products that you really need.

The service shall make you feel 100% comfortable in your choice of both provider and LED display product.

LED Display Rental Company-LED display company

2.Product – Quality, Transportion and Price

Product is always the soul of a LED display manufacturer. First of all, take account of the quality of the rental LED wall. Although the specifications of some rental LED screen may not be so different from each other, the production process can be various so that influences the actual quality of the final product.  

To avoid choosing such ‘gift-wrapped’ LED display, you can ask the LED supplier for videos and photos of their workshop, productive process and quality control inspection. And there is a gold rule – don’t choose the product whose price is lower than the market price too much. The price which does’t comply with the common sense has a great chance to cause more loss in the future, for example, the inferior quality will make you suffer from the bad image quality so degrade your events.

The next point is, the package and transportation. If you want to do a giant LED screen rental business with the supplier, meaning there will be a huge number of LED display module to transport. So keep in mind that the products should be packed correctly, and the transportation shall be safe and intime to ensure your events will not be affected.

Finally, the price. How much money we will pay is still one of the most concerned issues. For the pricing of LED display rental activity, many factors contributes to the final result – types, locations, avalibility, size, etc. But bear in mind the price should’t be the only and the first reason for your selecting (of course the cost still should be within your budget section) as the price and quality often have a positive correlation.

3.Special Experiences in LED Screen Rental Industry

One way to judge the reliability of a LED screen rental company is to figure out whether the company has enough experience in the rental LED display industry. There are many types of LED video displays such as the fixed LED display and rental LED display screen, and the designs are varied including special-shaped LED display whose designs beyond that of a traditional square or rectangle LED screens. And different bases of screen made of a variety of materials say magnetic, rubber and aluminum can play their unique role for diverse purposes.  

In a word, just because a company appears to have done a large scale work, it will not have them being the best fit one for your project. Therefore, check their hand-on experiences for the type of LED screen which you really want!


While going to choose the best LED display screen manufacturer, the very first thing to do is considering the authentication and reliability. They are several methods you can apply:

First, you can check their industry certification. Second, ask for the photos or videos of their production process, workshop and quality control, or you can travel to the spot through video phone. Of course visiting the premises is the better choice. Third, search for the reputation of the company. For instance, you can browse the company’s official site to check customer reviews on it.

LED Video Mobile Screen Rental company

5.Software and Hardware

Except from the rental LED display screen itself, the hardware such as LED video processors and LED sender are also necessities. These accessories, combined with transport and installation services, can have a significant impact on the final price, and they are just as important as the screen itself. Therefore, check that these hardware can meet your requirement and work properly.

What is more, easy -operating software. You can let the staff teach you how to be used before the events. If you are a novice, it will necessitate the simple and clear software interface.

6.Delivery Performance

During peak season, the product of some experienced and reputable LED companies will be out of stock. That is why preparing ahead of schedule sometimes can win you more advantages.

7.Future Development

Generally, when we choosing a rental LED display screen supplier, it implies that we are selecting a business partner for long-term, maybe 5 to 10 years. Given such condition, we can take account of the strategic planning of the company to find out whether it corresponds to ours.


To conclude, the ideal LED display rental company should meet the following characteristics:

1) Owning long history and specific product experiences;

2) Comprehensice service ability including installations of different models in different projects, and professional technical support which means there should be an experienced staff team for technical support, installation, plan, repair and onsite service;

3) Complete with necessary accessories around the LED screen of both hardware and user-friendly software;

4) Reliable delivery performance and great production capability;

5) Prove that they enjoy reputation to remain in the market by supplying customers with high-quality services and products;

6) Developing plans that is in accord with yours can be one of the merits of buiding business relationships in long-term.