Why are LED display screen dimming?

Why are LED display dimming? It is a very common phenomenon that LED screen become dimmer after use long time. To sum up the reasons that what make LED screens dim, nothing more than the following three points.

Point 1. Driving IC problem

LED beads are required to work at low dc voltage (below 20V), but our normal mains power is ac high voltage (ac 220V). The electricity needed to turn a municipal power supply into a lamp bead requires a device called an “LED constant-current drive power supply”.
Led display Driving IC
In theory, as long as the drive parameters and LED bead plate match, you can continue to supply power, normal use. The inside of the driver is more complex, any device (such as capacitance, rectifier, etc.) failure, it is possible to cause a change in the output voltage, and then cause the LEDs dark.

Therefore, a stable and high-quality driver is the premise to ensure the normal use of the screen. For linsn led factory, we have strict supplier selection and quality control for the procurement of drivers.

Point 2. LED lamp problem

LED display lamp
The SMD LED lamp have many different quality level, some factories just chose low quality LEDs for saving the cost LEDs are very sensitive to static electricity, welding or debugging, careless operation may lead to this imagination, and sometimes bad weld of the chips would cased the LEDs to be dark or damaged.
LED display
The simple way of test the screen LEDs quality is LED wavelength control range way Wavelength determines whether the color is pure, whether the color is consistent.The resolution is simple;The user does not have professional equipment commonly, how to distinguish with the eye?
LED Screen

A) the whole screen play white, the led video wall should be pure white, without any other noise.If you think it’s okay to be a little red or a little blue, you’re wrong, because color bias proves that there are problems with the display material and process quality control.Use time long, can more and more serious.

B) play red, green, blue monochrome, the color of the center wavelength is usually we say positive blue positive red positive green, if a little darker or lighter color, it is a partial wavelength.If a certain color is inconsistent, it is proved that the wave difference is too large. The high-quality display screen is within the range of the central wavelength, the blue-green wave difference is controlled at 3nm, and the red wave difference is less than 5nm.

Point 3.The LED light wane

LED light wane
The so-called light wane is the light of the LEDs lower and lower – this situation is more obvious in incandescent and fluorescent lamps.
LED lights also can not avoid light wane, but its light decay speed is relatively slow, generally with the naked eye is difficult to see changes. But also do not exclude poor LED, or poor quality light bead board, or due to poor heat dissipation and other objective factors, leading to rapid LED decline.
So back to the quality of the LEDs lamp, chose good quality SMD LEDs of the LED Panel factory can prevent abnormally LED light wane.