How to Get LED Display Screen Price?

Although some LED display screens have the same design or even the same specifications, their prices vary greatly; why are there these differences? What is the actual LED display screen price?

Just read on, or use the calculator below to get more possibilities to save you budget, and do less guesswork!


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How to Calculate LED Display Screen Size?

How to Measure the Size of LED Display Screen

Know the Width and Height of Display

The first thing for you to calculate LED display screen price is to get the size of the screen. Typically, we use millimeters to measure the screen and to describe the width and height of the LED display screen!

For some outdoor LED screens, there may be waterproof edging treatment, so the actual size may be a little different. When the screen is embedded installation, this point should be noticed.

What Are the Types of LED Display Screen?

Indoor LED Display & Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED screens: high brightness level such as 5000nits for normal level and 7000nits for high level. And the protection ability should be IP65 or better.

Indoor LED screens: indoor LED displays are not exposed to rain or weather, and thus have IP43 or IP54 protection ability.

And the brightness level is comparatively low as there is no direct sunlight in most cases. The brightness can be around 600-800nits and 800-1200nits.

ma1000 led display to italy

Fixed or Rental LED Display

The LED screen rental projects requires frequent movement and repeated disassembly and installation. As a result, the cabinet material must be thin, light, and stable like Die-cast aluminum. Moreover, rental LED display is usually used for stage performance, which requires high visual performance like fine pixel pitch.

The fixed LED display does not require frequent movement. It requires a long lifespan and effective heat dissipation due to its prolonged usage.

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What Are the Factors Deciding LED Display Price?

Here we will list some important factors related to LED display prices for you! We will discuss them in detail to make you understand them clearly and quickly.

1. Drive IC: the influence of IC on pricing primarily manifests through its functional capabilities. An excellent Drive IC has the ability to deliver constant flow source, preventing flickering occurrences, achieving superior display quality, and so on.

2. LED lamp beads: the pixel pitch, size and brand of LED lamp beads will have important impact on the price. Currently available in the market are a variety of popular LED lamp brands, such as Kinglight, Nationstar, San’an, Nichia, Episen, and others. It is widely acknowledged that a brand’s reputation results from its price and quality.

3. LED power supply: the primary function of a power supply is to supply the LED display screen with the required operating current, which is crucial for the normal functioning of the screen. The main brand in the LED display market is G-energy, Meanwell, and so on.

4. PCB board: a PCB board, short for the printed circuit board. It is also a major determinant of the price of LED displays. The cost of a PCB board is determined by its materials and the number of layers of the PCB board.

5. Cabinet materials: the common materials include steel, aluminum, magnesium alloy and die-cast aluminum. Different materials have different weights and also costs.

6. More: such as technical support, transportation, quality control, etc.

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What Is LED Screen Price? Quick Guidance Make You A Price Expert Today!(2023)

I think you will agree when I say: the price is always the concern for all customers, but knowing how the price comes out can be a topic worth discussing.

Well, while it is not always easy to be trained to get the intuition about price, you can still be a LED screen price expert if you can read this article through!

The next nine chapters will tell you in detail the components of led display prices, so you can have a better buying intuition!

1. LED Screen Price: Hardware and Software

As you can see from the picture below, here are four main components of a complete LED display system: LED display, control system, power input, and installation structure.

LED display full system

(1) LED display cost:

Here are several main factors that influence the final price of LED display: size, pixel pitch, indoor screen or outdoor screen, raw materials, such as driving IC and LED lamp bead, power supply, cables, and maintenance methods.

a. size of screen:

W = Width, H = Height

Then it is W x H x SQM Price = LED display price.

How to Measure the Size of LED Display Screen

b. pixel pitch

This depends on the viewing distance and the visual effect you want to give to your audience.

Generally, smaller pixel pitch screens have higher prices and better resolution. However, you need to find a balance between the pixel pitch and your actual need. Just ask the sales staff this question to get the right answer based on your specific conditions.

c. Indoor or outdoor

Outdoor LED display requires higher protection level and higher brightness level. So the price will be higher than indoors.

d. Raw materials: LED lamp bead, drive ICs, and cabinet materials

Now the best LED lamp bead supplier is Nationstar, and the price is also the most expensive.

If you have enough budget, you can choose Nationstar, and the quality is also the best.

If your budget is limited, you can choose Kinglight, which is also a famous LED lamp bead producer worldwide.

e. Drive ICs. 

Drive ICs have a direct impact on the visual effect such as refresh rate, and good-quality ICs will eliminate screen flickering, and have more durability.

There are more ICs used in the market, such as Macroblock, ICN, FM, and Macroblock is the best but most expensive.

f. Cabinet materials. 

The common cabinet materials include steel, aluminum, die-casting aluminum, and magnesium alloy.

These materials have their own features. For example, steel cabinet can be comparatively cost-effective but has a heavier weight and the appearance is not as aesthetic as the others, while aluminum cabinet is more expensive but lighter and has excellent heat-dissipation.

(2) LED control system

Different controller has different loading capacity. If you need to adjust the input resolution to make sure the screen show the entire image, you may need a LED video processor or just choose all-in-one LED controller.

MSD600, MCTRL600, MSD300, MCTRL300 and VX600 video processors are the most popular modes of Novastar. And for the asynchronous system, the common modes can be T30 TB30 T50 TB50.

how led screen video processor works

How LED Video Processor Works

(3) Installation structure

It is recommended that you can send the CAD drawing of the cabinet to your local structure supplier to get the frame part cost. You can check the installation cost with the installers.

(4) Power supply

There are hundreds of brands of power supply on the market, and one of the best can be Meanwell. If you have a more limited budget, then G-energy is also a good option.

Remember the quality of the power supply is vital as it decides the security of the whole screen. 

If you use the inferior power supply, risks may be raised such as fire disaster.

Finally, after receiving customer feedback regarding the high power consumption of the old building, the owner took action by installing an energy-saving LED display and downsizing its size. The end result is a successful renovation.

(5) Cable

Choose high-quality cables to avoid risks such as burning. So, how to whether you have good-quality power cables?

In order to be suitable, the conductor needs to possess both flexibility and a distinctive luster, as well as meet specific size regulations. Appearance is also a crucial factor when evaluating the quality of the wire and cable’s copper core cross-section, with bright and supple copper being ideal while anything else is subpar.

(6) Maintenance methods

Front-maintenance LED displays will be more expensive. But if you choose the front maintenance method, you will save more cost on installation structure.

We strongly suggest opting for the front maintenance LED display if the cost of the structure and screen is only slightly different.

2. Certifications

(1) From suppliers, obtain the necessary Customs certificate, be it CE for European Union nations or a Saber certificate for Saudi Arabia.

(2) Building certificate: Wall-mounted LED screens may need a local certificate, leading to expenditures of both time and money.

3. Local Dealer or Chinese Supplier

Here are two main different methods of buying screens from manufacturers:

The first one is buying from local dealer, and the second one is buying from Chinese LED display manufacturers.

The main differences rely on them are: 

(1) If you want to save more budgets, we recommend you purchase your screens directly  from Chinese LED screen suppliers as they can provide you better prices and also good quality.

(2) However, if you have strict requirements for after-sales services and has less price sentivity, you can choose local sellers.

Here is a point: if you choose Chinese LED display factory, many of them will still focus on technical support and give you useful advice about installation and software. But the installation process for you can be more complicated compared with buying from a local dealer. You can learn how to install under the guidance of Chinese suppliers to save more money.

(3) Consider the timeline

If you plan to order LED modules and accessories, the production time is estimated to be approximately 7 working days. 

Alternatively, for an LED screen order, we can expedite the process within 30 working days. However, considering shipping, customs clearance, and domestic transportation, it’s recommended to purchase from local stock if the timeline is urgent.

linsnled factory machine

Linsn Professional Factory with High Production Capability

aging workshop

Aging Workshop, Strict Quality Control

4. Transportation

There we list your main transportation ways:

(1) By air

Air shipping can be the best choice when delivery time is urgent. The package will be transported to the airport, and it is necessary for you to get in touch with the nearby broker to handle the Customs clearance and collect it from the airport.

(2) By sea

If the delivery time is not too urgent, sea shipping is an ideal way as most of LED screens are heavy and need a large room to store.  This transportation way can be the most cost-effective.

It is advisable to mention the destination cost when shipping goods by sea as it needs to be paid upon arrival at the destination port, which includes charges for unloading, Terminal Handling Charges (THC), Port Service Charges (PSC), handling fees, port congestion surcharges, and more.

To avoid any confusion, it is recommended to obtain the charge standard from the forwarder along with the shipping rate.

(3) By train

The transportation method of trains is exclusively appropriate for certain nations, namely Russia and Europe, that are linked to China by land. This mode of transportation takes approximately 12 to 20 days and incurs a cost higher than sea shipping but lower than air shipping.

(4) Door to door Door to door by express delivery, such as UPS, FedEx and DHL

If an importer purchases components such as LED modules, power supplies, control cards, and cables to assemble an LED screen, and the total weight of the screen is less than 100 kg, then the optimal shipping method would be door-to-door. If you choose this way, you only need to wait for your goods at the warehouse.

5. Import tax

It is recommended that you consult with a local broker to determine the tax and duty for the LED display. You can call the local customs departments to find the local HS cost for LED display screen.

The tax and duty can vary depending on the country and region, with some countries like the EU having zero tax but 15% VAT (which may be refundable), while other countries like Jordan and the USA may have a duty of 20% or more.

6. Installation

There are three ways for you to achieve the installation after the goods arrive.

(1) Installation by yourselves if the screen size is not large such as 10 square meters, and the installation environment is safe.

Of course, you need to have some knowledge of how to install LED display. If you choose LED cabinets, the whole process will be easier than LED display modules.

(2) Find a professional local installation company

If the installation process exist some risks or the screen is large, please hire some professional installers. You will need to pay for the costs of structures and these labors.

(3) Ask the LED display supplier to install LED displays for you

The cost of installation structure is one factor that you’ll want to take into account, as well as the cost of hiring local installation workers and covering technical expenses. 

7. Maintenance and Repair

You will have to maintain your LED screens termly such as cleaning and repairing bad LED lamp beads. You can do them by yourselves, hire local professional technicians or ask the supplier to repair screens.

If the screen is still in the warranty period, you need to pay return shipping fee to your supplier. However, when severe failure happens, you still need to get help from a professional maintenance team.

Here are two useful blogs for your reference:

8. Electricity Cost

There are generally two methods available for accurately calculating the power consumption of an LED display.

The first method is a simpler approach, but it may have a higher margin of error. It involves dividing the maximum power consumption by three.

For instance, if the maximum power consumption is 1000W per square meter, the estimated power consumption would be approximately 333W.

However, this method does not consider the black level power consumption and standby power consumption, which may lead to inaccuracies.

The second method is a more comprehensive approach that takes into account all three factors.

The formula for calculating the LED display power consumption is [(Max power – black level power) * 70% * 33%] + black level power.

The value of 70% is derived from the common brightness level of around 70% of the maximum brightness, and the value of 33% represents the typical content displayed on the LED wall, which consumes about 33% of the power consumption when using the above brightness level.

Here is a practical article about how to calculate LED display power consumption:

9. How Do You Calculate LED Screen Ratio?

This question is quite simple. First, you need to know that the screen ratio is equal to width / height.

LED screen ratio = Width / Height

So you need to know the width and height of LED screen at first, and then, apply this formula above.

The golden ratio of screen is 16:9, meaning if you can get this result, your screen ratio is perfect for human aesthetics.

10. How Do You Calculate LED Distance?

For various display devices, the optimal viewing distance should be the minimum distance at which the human eye cannot distinguish pixels. 

For LED displays, the general rule of thumb is that the minimum viewing distance is 1000 times the pixel pitch, the optimal viewing distance is 3000 times the pixel pitch, and the maximum viewing distance is 30 times the height of the display screen.

That is, if the pixel pitch is 1.25mm, then the minimum viewing distance can be 1000 * 1.25mm = 1250mm = 1.25m

The optimal viewing distance = 3000 * 1.25mm = 4250mm = 4.25m

As you can see, the finer the pixel pitch, the closer the viewing distance, meaning people can get better visual experiences even standing closely to the screen!

Also, you can just pick our fine pixel pitch LED display series, each one of them can meet your requirements for high-definition LED screen with close viewing distance!

11. How to Calculate Resolution of LED Screen?

Resolution (width) = Screen Width / Pixel Pitch

Resolution (height) = Screen Height / Pixel Pitch

Here we use a simple case to help you understand better:

Example 1: 

Suppose the pixel pitch of a certain screen is P2.5, and the physical size of the screen is 12.5m × 2.5m. What is the resolution of the screen?

The screen size to millimeters: 12,500mm × 2,500mm

Resolution (width) = 12,500 ÷ 2.5 = 5,000 pixels

Resolution (height) = 2500 ÷ 2.5 = 1000 pixels. 

Therefore, the screen resolution would be 5000 × 1000, resulting in a total of 5,000,000 pixels.

Example 2: 

For a certain type of cabinet with a pixel pitch of P3.91 and a size of 500mm×500mm, a purchase order was made for a total of 1000 square meters of screen panels. How many cabinets are included in this order? What is the total resolution?

(1) The size of one cabinet is 500mm × 500mm = 0.5m × 0.5m = 0.25m^2.

(2) The total number of cabinets in this order is 1000 ÷ 0.25 = 4000 cabinets.

(3) The resolution of one cabinet (width) is approximately 500 ÷ 3.91 ≈ 128.

(4) The resolution of one cabinet (height) is approximately 500 ÷ 3.91 ≈ 128.

(5) The resolution of one cabinet is 128×128.

(6) The total resolution of this order is 128×128×4000 = 65,536,000 pixels.

Answer: This order includes 4000 cabinets, and the total resolution is 65,536,000 pixels.

12. Power Consumption Calculation

An LED display screen is generally powered by multiple power supplies, with each power line equipped with separate switches. All the switches are controlled by a three-phase master switch to achieve both individual and overall control of the power supplies. In fixed installation projects for LED displays, the ambient temperature of the screen needs to be considered, which often involves the installation of air conditioning. Therefore, when calculating the total power of an LED display screen, the following key formulas are used:


The formula for calculating the total power is as follows:

P(T) = P(M) × S(T) + P(O)


P(T) is the total power of the display project (W).

P(M) is the maximum power per square meter (W).

S(T) is the screen area (m^2).

P(O) is the power of other equipment, such as the total power of the air conditioning system (W/ton). Normally, the total power of the air conditioning system is 800W/ton. If no other equipment is installed, this term is 0.


The maximum power per square meter is determined by the LED manufacturer in laboratory tests. The formula is as follows:

I(C) = P(T)/3U*1.2

(C) is the total power of the three-phase master switch (W).

U is the phase voltage (V).

1.2 is a safety factor.


The calculation of the switch current value follows a specific formula.

I(T) = 1(S) × 1.2

Where, I(T) represents the current value (A) of the switch;

I(S) represents the total current (A) of the controlled screen.

The total current is known to be approximately 40A.

Note: Different manufacturers may have slightly different configurations for single-phase circuit breakers. The formula for calculating the total leakage current of the switch is as follows:

I(M) = I(A) × N × 1.2

Where, I(M) represents the total leakage current (A) of the selected switch;

I(A) represents the leakage current (A) of a single cabinet;

N represents the total number of cabinets;

1.2 represents the safety factor.

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