LED Immersive Display Screen, Create Immersive Experience!

Every company wants to improve profits and have more potential customers, which seems obvious. However, how to do can be a question that is not easy to answer. But, here is an almost certain answer – applying some innovative but effective advertising displays to your projects like LED immersive display!

In this post, we will discuss the definition, the features and immersive LED display solutions for you.

1. What Is Immersive Display?

The LED immersive display is an effective way to create immersive experience, and also an essential part of any virtual reality experience.

It allows audiences to experience a world that you can not meet in the real world with an attracting and realistic method, bringing you a truly fantastic and entertaining experience!

There are some types of immersive LED screen- three-sides LED screen, four-sides LED screen, immersive display studio with ceiling LED display plus floor LED display, five-sides LED display, etc.

2. Why Choose Immersive LED Screen?

What are the advantages of immersive screens that can really benefit you? Why you should choose and when? In this part, we will discuss several the most obvious advantages of immersive screens.

(1) Replacing green screen, high creativity and quick response

Unlike traditional green screens, digital LED wall can be used as backgrounds that can interact with people in real-time with unreal engine and tracking software, which helps create a 3D immersive space perfectly.

(2) Immersive experiences with high engagement

The dynamic backdrops offer a live scene that everyone can engage in. In this immersive environment, the real-time setting supports people to interact with the screen.

Wherever you apply it, it will be the most useful tool for improving engagement.

(3) High-definition image quality

The high refresh rate, high contrast ratio, and wide grayscale support close viewing distance and high-quality images.

Linsn LED provides the best flexible LED module for customers worldwide with high-standard picture quality and favorable prices!

(4) Various shapes and applications

For example, you can create a special-shape LED display with the highly flexible LED module such as mobius band LED display.

linsn creative shape led screen

3. 5 Places You Can Use Immersive LED Display Screen!

LED Screen Tunnel

LED screen tunnel basically construced by ceiling LED display and floor-standing LED display. LED screen  tunnels are a fun and innovative way to decorate walkways and entrances. 

They can be integrated into theme parks, nightclubs and concert halls. Our goal is to create an alternate world experience that is fun and appealing to night owls. 

The immersive LED display walls can be used to illuminate or broadcast videos and animated images, and each LED tunnel is unique in terms of size and design requirements. 

Linsn Ceiling LED Display to South Korea

Exhibition LED Display

With its large screen and high definition resolution, the immersive LED display has become the main display solution for creating immersive scenes for exhibition halls and showrooms. 

Our immersive display solutions for exhibition halls integrate the most advanced display technology and creative contents to show people the unexpected visual effect!

LED Display for Filming

The immersive LED wall can be widely used in filming industry when combining with XR technology. Linsn virtual production LED wall supports real-time background changes, lights and color control and immersive environments for actors to interact with.

With camera tracking and game engine, LED wall becomes the soul of such XR virtual production studio.

Virtual Production LED Wall

Stages and Live Events

For stage LED display, the immersive screen can make audiences feel as if they are in it with a strong sense of immersion.

For live events, the fast responsing speed and high-definition images allows the high interaction, strong participation and real-time response.

Shopping Mall and Shops

Wanna attract more human traffic and impress your potential customers?

Then you must look at this entertaining and innvative advertising screens! Just display any content you want on the screen can be unusual and fantastic. 

It is not strange that more companies are considering to take an gorgeous LED screen as the new advertising style.

4. Linsn Immersive LED Display Solutions

Wanna achieve high-quality immersive LED display solutions with a good price, well-around services and timely delivery?

Then you must look at Linsn’s professional!

With them, you can construct a mature and functional immersive LED video wall system easily, and cost-effective.

Linsn Flexible LED Module

P1.875mm flexible Soft LED screen module

(1). High quality LED chips such as Nationstar, Kinglight for flexible LED display modules;

(2). Adopting high reliable SMD1010, SMD1212, SMD1515, SMD2121 to ensure flexible LED screen modules with high refresh rate 1920Hz or 3840Hz;

(3) The flexible LED module can be replaced or taken out from the front side easily;

(4) Flexible LED display adopts highly magnetic magnets, which makes front service is available.

High-quality IC Driver




It can achieve the accumulated excellence HDR standard at 64 sweeps: 16-bit/ 3,840Hz


① Chip for virtual production research and development

② Specifications for film shooting: 16 sweep / 16-bit/ 7,680Hz/ 240 frame rate


① 16-bit/ 3,840Hz

② Support HDR and high frame rate (120P)

③ Suitable for immersive led solution


Applied to the small spacing display with large LED driver chip consumption, which can reduce the chip consumption

5. To Sum Up

LED immersive display can improve engagement, attract more human traffic and create more potential profits for you, which is no doubt.

However, choosing a reliable supplier can be confused. 

Linsn LED can provide you with high-quality LED display and LED modules with reasonable prices and good services!

If you want to know more about immersive screen, welcome send us a message. And you will get our detailed replay or quotations.