LED Poster Display

P1.86 & P2.5mm (GOB LED)

LED Poster Display Screen

LED Poster Display  has the feature of lightweight, frameless design, easy operation, easy placement, portable, movable and easy operation via Network or USB, etc. Linsn LED delivers the various digital LED Poster Sign to different applications including shopping malls, showrooms, exhibitions and so on.

Slim & Lightweight Design

Linsn LED Poster Screen is lightweight, and the cabinet frame and LED parts are reliable and portable. Frameless design makes the product easy to move and be suitable for narrow space.
LED Poster Display

640mmx1920mm Size​

light weight Poster LED Screen

Light Weight

slim thin Poster LED display

Ultra thin

Excellent Visual Display

Linsn LED Poster Screens are equipped with high-quality LEDs and Driving IC to ensure high refresh rate and high contrast ratio. The Refresh rate is up to 2880Hz and high definition image quality with 5000:1. The brightness reaches to 1000 Nits that provide the viewers with perfect display effect.

Unique Base-Standing Bracket

The base-standing bracket can make the LED poster stand on the ground stably. The bracket is movable with 4 wheels, which makes the poster can rotate freely and allow free movement in all directions.

Multi-installation Method

Poster LED Display supports multi-installation ways. For example, bracket standing installation, base-standing installation, wall mounted installation, lifting or hanging installation, multi cascade installation, and creative installation. There is no need for the steel structure so is convenient and effective.

Smart Cloud Management

Poster LED Display supports both synchronous & asynchronous control system, and the contents can be updated via iPad, Phone or Notebook. Real-time play, cross-platform information delivering, USB or WIFI supporting and IOS or Android multi-devices. Besides, it can support the built-in media player to store and play videos and images in all formats.

Seamless Splicing

Linsn LED Poster Screen is designed with quick connectors, and can be connected
with other screens to form a large one seamlessly to play as one big screen,
offering seamless display performance for better visual effect.

More Features


We have P2.5mm and P1.86mm in stock,they are the hot sale items.

We do not have MOQ, you can buy 1 pcs,5pcs or 10 pcs.

5 pcs You wil get 5% Discount.

10 pcs You will get 8% Discount.

We use Novastar T3 or T6 LED Control System, You can control it directly by the Mobile APP to upload and play the videos.

The control software Viplex Handy is free download, it is easy to install and Operate.

We accept Bank Wire Transfer and Paypal,Western Union Payment.

  • Polywood Case Packing(Non-Timber): 
  • Flight Case Packing

Yes, we offer the free technical support including installation, configuration and software setting.




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LED Poster Cases

LED Poster Display Introduction Video

How to Control Led Poster Display By Novastar ViPlex Handy?

How to Splice and Install LED Poster Screen?

How to Change Videos of Poster LED Screen by Viplex Express?

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1. What Is LED Poster Display Screen?

LED poster display screen, also known as smart LED poster display, is widely used as rental LED screen and fixed LED display to replace traditional printed banners and LCD display screen. The main structure is constructed from a LED screen and its back bracket. 

It is an excellent tool to advertise and promote your brands and messages. The innovative appearances, stable performances and high capability of propaganda give them unique advantages over other advertising tools such as TV and LCD displays.

LED poster display has outstanding features including easy-moving structure, easy-operation software, multiple-media option, portable, and so on.

led poster display

2. Features of LED Poster Display

(1) Slim structure and light weight

The slim frame with thickness of only 45mm and precise design enables seamless display performances.

Super lightweight of 35Kg makes the whole display easy for moving and installation.

(2) Reliable and portable structure

With the reliable back bracket and easy-moving wheel on the bottom, Linsn LED poster display can be easily moved in any location without needing any tools and can support the whole display standing rigidly.

(3) Easy operation with smart cloud management

The easy-operating system supports adjustment of working time, which can control the running time of display to save electricity, and prolong service life.

Only by a mobile phone, you can achieve real-time management and control. The using bottoms are straightforward, making sure you can master the whole process in a short time.

It also supports real-time play, cross-platform information delivery, USB or WIFI support, and IOS or Android multi-devices.

(4) Multi-media options

LED poster display screens have multiple media options such as graphics, videos, and other creative options. You can achieve them through a simple setup.

(5) Seamless splicing

LED poster displays screen is designed with quick connectors, which can be connected with other same type screens to form a large one without seam. The seamless splicing supports the whole display to show videos and images perfectly and entirely.

(6) Multi-installation available

Multiple installation methods are available including bracket standing method, base-standing installation, lifting or hanging installation, multi-cascading installation, and other creative ways.

This feature helps to meet your every advertising and event need.

3. How to Control LED Poster Display Screen?

Linsn LED poster screen supports multiple control and management methods through both synchronous & asynchronous control system in real-time and remotely.

The operation can be conducted through PC, smartphone, Ipad. Just tap on your phone, you can achieve real-time management within seconds.

Here we give you a guide through this video. As you can see, it is easy to achieve real-time content management.

4. Where Can You Use Smart LED Poster Display?

The using scenarios are various, and this poster screen can attract people’s attention immediately wherever it is for the elegant appearance and outstanding visual performance.

For people who are fed with information bombs every day, it can be a more competitive method to impact people than a normal small LED display screen.

4.1 Indoor LED Poster Display

(1) Shopping Mall 

It can play the role of shopping mall guide to instruct customers on the path of the mall, and also can be a strong media to advertise some latest news and information about shops and restaurants to support promotion activities. Generally speaking, they can be placed at the entrance of shopping malls, or other apparent sites such as exits.

This can increase sponsorship income, and improve adverting effect greatly. In a word, it has become an indispensable part of shopping malls, and helps users to win advantages over other competitors in this fierce market.

The sizes of such screens are commonly comparatively large, and these displays will be placed in the entrance of mall or elevators to attract more cusotmers.

In a word, it has already became an indispensable part for shopping malls. The smart poster LED can play vital role to help shopping malls that place them to win the advantages in brand image, customer satisfaction and experience over those who don’t own it.

(2) Hotel 

In this case, LED poster display can help to achieve some other functions to replace human resources such as booking and searching information.

The smart LED poster screen can help to show important information to customers such as promotion activities, booking situation, monitoring, meals recommendation, maps and so forth.

As a result, it can assist to reduce labor costs, and promote brand images.

(3) Airport 

It is common that LED poster screens will be placed in airports as it can be used as commercial LED display and important part for showing notifications.

Compared with large commercial LED displays that are mounted on the wall, this can save budgets, and also be a great advertising option for your business and brand promotions.

(4) Bank 

It can be used to collect data for the whole bank system, and assist to finish some works such as filling formats.

Moreover, the fluent displaying helps to display information such as corporate video and financial policies, instructing people to handle banking business, and so on.

The whole integrated process for collecting and analyzing between different bank outlets can be simplified and shortened, thus generating considerable economic benefits.

This can also be used to collect data for the whole bank system, improving the working efficiency and offering information for analysing the process. It can short the whole integrated process for collecting and analysing no matter how far the distances between different bank outlets to bring considerable economic benefits.

(5) Hospital

The smart LED poster can display various information including registration, layout of hispital, avaliable number of wards, policies that benefit people, and so forth. What is more, the smart system can realize interaction between hospital staff and patients, achieving timely support when human traffic is huge. By providing entertaining contents, it can help to relax anxiety of patients.

4.2 Outdoor LED Poster

(1) Bus station

This is a typical application scenario for outdoor poster LED displays. You can use it for tickets information inquiring, sponsorship advertising activities, schedule publishing, and other events.

When people are waiting for the buses, they can watch these contents carefully, and create profits for users.

What is more, to take advantage of the huge human traffic, smart poster LED display screen can show commercial advertisements, and this is a popular way of propaganda.

(2) Neighborhood

It can provide more convenience for residents such as providing household information, community announcement, safe reminder, house renting information, notices, etc.

This can not only improve the working efficiency of property management company, but also offer more conveniences to people, upgrading the living standard of the whole community.

This can upgrade the living standard of the whole community, and help to protect safety of people.

(3) Smart city construction

It is reported that smart LED poster can be one of the key points for the construction of smart city, and many cities have plans to invest more such facilities to integrate with other smart facilities.

This kinds of LED display screen have high waterproof protection level, and can resist high temperature, also work normally in winter with low temperature. Moreover, it has multiple functions such as low light pollutions, low power consumption and auto brightness adjustment, and so forth.

The plan of urban construction can place smart poster LED screen to many applications such as parks, communities, walking street, bus stations, etc.

The smart LED poster can offer various functions to citizens including reading, searching news, informing important announcements, displaying commertial advertisement, installing games to entertain people, etc.

All these can make people who are in leisure time such as taking a walk to enjoy more pleasure.

(4) Parks

LED poster screen can deepen the understanding of tourists about the scenic spots, with its useful information provided to assist people do more correct decisions. These interactive LED displays can provide tourists real-time information such as weather, local news and incoming activities, etc.

Besides, it is also an advertising platform for local enterprises and shops. Viewers can be familiar with local shops and resteruants, thus bringing respectable income to local business.

4.3 GOB LED Poster

Due to the high protection ability of GOB LED, Linsn provides high-standard GOB LED poster for customers who want to improve the anti-crush, waterproof and dustproof ability of screen.

GOB LED display also can protect the corners of LED poster from bumps, which is especially suitable for indoor LED screen where people can reach the screen surface easily.

4.4 Benifits of Smart LED Poster

(1) Interactive Features:

Some smart LED posters come equipped with interactive features like touchscreens, sensors, and cameras, which can engage and entertain audiences, making the poster more memorable and effective.

(2) Remote Control: 

Software can remotely manage and control smart LED posters, enabling you to update the content from anywhere at any time.

(3) Versatility: 

Smart LED posters can present various forms of content, such as images, videos, and animations. This means you can easily switch between different campaigns, promotions, and messages without creating new physical posters.

(4) Attractive Visual Display: 

The high-resolution LED display and bright colors of a smart LED poster capture people’s attention, making it a powerful tool for advertising and marketing.

(5) Cost-Effective: 

Though the initial cost of a smart LED poster may be higher than that of a traditional paper poster, the ability to modify the content without reprinting can save money in the long run.

5. LED Poster Display Price

Because of many factors such as prices of raw materials, different brands of components, and other elements such as transportation and packing, the final LED poster display price can be various.

However, digital LED poster screen price is generally more affordable than other kinds of LED displays. There are some factors determining this such as specifications, raw materials, core technologies, and so on.

Even with a not-so-big budget, you can get your LED poster screen with stable functions!

Here are some factors that relate to the LED poster price.

5.1 What Decide LED Poster Display Price?

(1) Driver IC

This components have direct impact on the visual effect of LED poster. The more number and functions of ICs, the higher the price.

(2) LED Lamp Beads

The brands of LED lamp we provide to customers generally include Nationstar, San’an, Kinglight. Typically, the prices of Nationstar LED lamps will be more expensive than Kinglight and Sanan.

(3) LED Power Supply

The poster LED display with a size of 640*1920*45mm generally have max power consumption of around 900w/sqm, and average power consumption of about 350w/sqm.

(4) Packaging

There are three types of packing: carton packing, plywood case packing and flight case packing.

(5) Pixel Pitch

It depends on your viewing distance. The finer the pixel pitch, the higher the LED poster price.

(6) Others

There are also other elements that will determine the costs. For example, whether the customer has customized requirements.

Just turn the sales staff for the latest quotation, tell them your needs, and we will give you a reasonable price!

6. How to Maintain LED Poster Display Screens?

There are two ways of maintenance including frontal maintenance and back maintenance. Here we list necessary steps for you to follow:

(1) Frontal maintenance: requiring less room for operation and steps.

a.Remove Screws;

b.Remove the cover and top bar;

c.Draw out acrylic cover from the top;

d.Use vacuum tools to move the module from the front.

(2) Back maintenance

a.Remove the left and right borders;

b.Slightly remove the acrylic glass from the front side;

c.Remove the screws from the corresponding back cover of trouble spots;

d.Remove the back cover;

e.Remove the LED module with trouble;

f.Install the new poster LED display module;

g.Turn on the display, press the test button for 5 seconds to automatically read the calibration data;

h.Turn off the poster LED after the display being normal;

i.Re-install the back cover, glass plate and frame.

7. Common Trouble-shooting of LED Display Posters

(1) Interference fringe happens on the screen when starts or powers off the screen.

Generally, this problem is caused by the interference of graphics card signals. Just try to adjust the position of the display or the card.

(2) No images, and instruction light flickers

First, check whether the connection between the signal cables and display is loose or not.

Second, examine whether there is any problem with the interface of the signal cable.

Third, check the driving card system.

(3) No response even you power on the screen

Just use a multimeter to detect the power supply. And if the light on, which means power supply can work normally, then just turn to detect other components.

(4) Short circuit

We provide four methods to detect the problem:

a.Voltage drop detection:

First, power off the display to avoid risks.

Second, use the drop function to detect the value of voltage drop of different pins. Generally speaking, pins on the same type of integrated circuit should be the same.

b.Resistance detecting:

Use a multimeter to examine the value of resistance of a normal circuit board and other boards to find out whether the values are different from the normal one.

c.Short circuit detection:

First, power off the screen. Second, use a multimeter to find out where is the short circuit.

However, LED poster display is stable, and can serve you more than 10 years without big problems most of the time. So you don’t have to worry about there will be many technical problems need you to cope with.

d.Voltage detection:

Check the ground voltage of a certain point of the circuit that you think has problems on it and compare the detected value with the normal one.

8. How are LED Posters Different from LCD Posters?

We will list some main differences between them. First, the method of producing light. As you may know, LCDs need a backlight, but LEDs can produce light by themselves. Thus, LED displays have a thinner and lighter cabinet than LCD displays.

Second, the using applications. LED displays can be both used for indoor and outdoor applications, but LCD display screen is mainly for indoor room. That is because the protection capability of LED poster screen is much more higher than LCD poster display, therefore, LED display also have longer working life.

Moreover, for performing high-definition images, LED display screen also has better effect. It has higher brightness, wider color gamut, high refresh rate, and can support seamless splicing, and so on.

9. Why Linsn Poster LED Screen?

Linsn LED is a professional LED display manufacturer with more than 11 years experiences. We own our 5000㎡+ production area, 7/24 hours service team, customized solutions for every customer, 3 year warranty and 5% spare parts, and so forth. All these elements give us indispensable advantages over other competitors.

(1) Outstanding visual effect

High-quality LED lamp bead, international-famous driving IC, high refresh rate up to 2880Hz and contrast ratio of 5000:1 all ensure our LED poster screen have high-standard visual performances.

(2) Unique design

Eay moving, easy running, and reliability are the three most outstanding features of Linsn LED poster display.

With movable bracket, the screen can rotate freely in all directions. And our rigid structure and high-quality cabinet make sure the whole poster screen safe and reliable.

(3) High cost-effective price

The components of our display are all from internationally renowned enterprises that have built long-term friendly business relationships with us.

However, we insist to provide high-quality products with affordable prices to our customers worldwide without any concession on performances.

(4) Unlimited MOQ requirement with high discount rate

If you want, you can buy only 1 Pcs from us because we do not have any MOQ requirements.

What is more, if you buy more units from us, you can enjoy a corresponding discount rate. For instance, if you buy 5 PCs, then can get a 5% discount. And you can get an 8% discount if you purchase 10 Pcs.

(5) Well-around services we provide

We support pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services including product recommendation, tech support, and 2-3 years warranty.

As you may know, LED display screens are not consuming electrical products and can be used for years normally if there is no damageable environment or inappropriate operation, leading well-around and professional services to a necessary position.

Our professional team with more than 10 years of experience will give you specific advice and support through phone, video, email, field study to help you finish the LED screen project perfectly. 

10. Conclusions

In this article, we provide a comprehensive introduction of LED poster display screen from aspects including features, pricing, maintenance, troubleshooting, why Linsn LED, and so on.

Welcome send us a message if you have any questions or inquiries! Our sales team or technical staff will give you responses as soon as possible!