Learn Linsn LED Receiving Card
linsn led Latest led receiving card For Full Color led display module, Linsn is top led display control system provider in the world, the control system includes LED sending card, LED receiver card, LED control box, etc, now we are here to Bring you to learn Linsn LED receiver card.
1.RV901T,RV901H For Full Color led display screen,Can Work With Hub75,Hub40,Hub41,Hub94 etc.
Linsn Rv901T Rv901H LED Receiving Card
2.RV908H32,RV908M32 led receiver With 12 HUB75 Interface,Widely Used For indoor led display and outdoor led display.
Linsn RV908H32 RV908M32 led receiver Card

3.RV927H,RV907H,RV907M,RV927M LED Receiver Card,Normally Used For rental led display Screen with Small size Design. H Series With EMC Standard.

Linsn RV927H RV907H RV907M RV927M LED Receiving Card
Linsn RV927H RV907H RV907M RV927M LED Receiving Card
4.LINSN RV925K,RV905K,RV925M,RV905M LED Data transmission Card Normally Used For LED Strip Lighting Products.
LINSN RV925K RV905K LED display control card
Linsn RV925M RV905M LED Receiving Card
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