LED Screens for Churches for Sale

By using LED wall panels for church, announcements and activities can be effectively communicated to the congregation, which helps to create a more engaging and dynamic atmosphere during the ceremony. This can also inspire greater emotional responses from members and encourage greater participation.

ma640 indoor led display

MA640 Series


MA480 Series

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MA250 Double-sided LED Display


How Can You Use LED Screens for Churches?

There are many using scenarios of church LED video wall to enhance experiences, broadcast information, increase incomes, and so on. 

(1) Displaying lyrics and scripture to improve worship experiences. By sharing sacred texts such as the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, verses from the Vedas, the Guru of the Bible, or the Tripitaka, you can inspire your congregation to deepen their faith. 

(2) Promoting upcoming events such as fundraisers and taking of the Communion to inform people in advance.

(3) Supporting live streaming of events to expand the range of audiences.

(4) Showing your information in various ways such as videos, pictures, and clear text.

(5) Bringing more income. For instance, you can use the screen to help people sell their products and services such as supporting farmers to increase their revenues. Therefore, income can be generated in return.

Church LED Display Applications!

large led screens for churches

Church Background Screen

Church background screen can improve every detail of worship experiences. 

The LED display is capable of making each sermon, hymn, scripture, and image come to life through the addition of pictures, words, and videos. 

By incorporating these multimedia elements, the church can create an unforgettable worship LED wall that fully engages and involves all participants in their faith journey. 

Linsn LED provides customizable indoor displays such as P2.5 LED display! Also, we have a set of mature solutions to meet your requirements from every aspect.


Church Stage Screen

The outstanding features of stage LED display are their high-quality visual performance and easy installation and maintenance!

1. High-standard visual experience: this is important for church stage screen to show clear videos and images that contribute to the engaging atmosphere.

2. Easy installation and maintenance: the quick assemble and disassemble allowed by modular design can save you lots of labor, budget, and time!

The screens can be disassembled and moved to different locations for events such as church outreach, community activities, and so on.


Church Welcome Screens

The church welcomes screen is an electronic display used to welcome visitors and convey information in church or worship venues. 

These screens are typically placed in prominent locations such as entrances or lobbies, and are used to display welcome messages, event information, scripture verses, community service details, and other relevant content.

(1) Warmly receive visitors;

(2) communicate important information to the congregation;

(3) Encourage their participation in activities

Church LED Signs

The DIP LED display and SMD LED display can be used as church LED signs to be installed either outside or inside the church. 

Electronic signs for churches can be used to display welcome messages, worship times, important information, scripture references, and other related content.

(1) High protection level for outdoor LED signs for churches to resist different weather conditions;

(2) High brightness, enable the screen can be seen clearly under sunlight;

(3) Full color display available.

Linsn LED : Leading Church LED Display Solution Provider

Linsn LED is a professional LED display solution provider that provides high-quality and cost-effective LED display solutions and professional services to customers worldwide, with multiple certifications including CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHS, and IECEE. 

Our products are widespread around the world, with overseas markets mainly in Europe, America, South Korea, and Thailand.

Currently, our annual sales revenue abroad reaches 100 million RMB, and 500 million RMB domestically!

With a focus on professionalism, efficiency, and service, Linsn LED has provided services for more than 10,000 cases and gained a good reputation. 

We have a professional factory covering an area of 12,000 square meters, advanced production equipment, and strict quality control.

Over the years, we have been committed to the production, research, development, and sales of LED displays!

Indoor LED Display Customer Cases Gallary!

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Church LED Screens for Sale

MA640 indoor led wall

MA640 Series LED Cabinet

MA480 Series LED Cabinet


2024 LED Screen for Church: Products, Price and Advice All Here!

A LED screen for church can deliver worship service and other information in an attractive way and can engage the congregation in an innovative and unforgettable way.

Today I am going to show you the most important points of LED display screen for church, and also detailed solutions for you to make the investment!

Just read the post until to the end to get more useful information!

Linsn P2.5 Church LED Screen to Korea
Linsn P2.5 Church LED Screen to Korea
Linsn P2.5 Church LED Screen to Korea
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1. What Is A Church Video Wall?

A church video wall is designed to display a particular congregation, religious venues, and events. It can deliver your worship service and message in an eye-catching way.

LED church screen can be the wisest choice among these different displaying technologies because of its affordable, multi-functional, and high-standard visual performance features.

You can show almost all kinds of materials such as song lyrics, announcements, sermon points, and videos for your entire congregation.

2. What Contents Can I Display on LED Screen for Church?

Well, versatile LED displays can support you to display almost every kind of content you want to play on the screen such as videos, images, slides, audio, etc.

(1) Slides

You can display sermon bullet points on-screen for reference for your pastor and keep your congregation updated with important insights on self-designed slides.

A compelling graphic can create context and draw your audience in.

(2) Bulletins

Just show updated information of the church or a graphic for your current sermon series. Many members of your congregation will like to utilize your bulletin to stay updated!

Of course, you can highlight an upcoming sermon or teaching series.

(3) Bible Studies

You can easily use the screen to promote Bible studies, School classes, blogs, and other special teaching series.

(4) Newsletters

The screen can be a platform for your audiences to subscribe the newsletters without printed materials.

Consider including a special space in your e-newsletter where you can regularly feature your current sermon series.

(5) Social Media Information

Post the contact information on social media on the screen to attract people to follow. The information will be well-marked and make it easier to promote a sermon graphic across your social media accounts to create intrigue and excitement about your upcoming sermon.

3. Linsn Church LED Screen Solutions

Church LED displays often adopt wall-mounted fixed installation and sometimes hanging installation for rental LED display. And the sites are usually indoors, thus recommended pixel pitch can be P2.5mm and others.

Here are two main methods to assemble the screen: by LED display cabinet or LED display module.

The former one is sutable for customers who are not familiar with how to make LED display, and the installation by LED cabinets is easy and quick.

The cost of the second one will be less, however, there are more requirements for experience in building LED displays and labor resources.

3.1 By OEM Steel Cabinet

(1) Modules of different sizes can be combined together to make customized-size LED cabinets.

(2) Customers need to control it by different receiving cards and confirm it with us in advance.

(3) A simple structure can be built to improve heat-dissipation


(1) OEM Size available;

(2) Quick delivery time;

(3) High cost-effectiveness.


(1) Do not suitable for some high-definition LED screen with pixel pitch lower than P2.5 or P2;

(2) The backside does not look good, but for wall-mounted screens, this feature is acceptable.

3.2 By Linsn Magnesium Alloy Series

The recommended products can include MA640 and MA480.

(1) Full maintenance can be achieved by magnetic modules.

(2) User-friendly cabinet with quick installation features.


(1) Very quick installation with quick lock;

(2) Seamless splicing;

(3) High heat dissipation;

(4) Light weight cabinet design, which supports multiple installation methods such as hanging installation and wall-mounted installation.


(1) Fixed size;

(2) Higher initial cost.

3.3 By LED Modules

(1) Customers purchase LED display modules, and assemble them based on the drawing provided by us which describes the connection of signal cables and power cables.

(2) Adjustable magnets which can adjust the flatness of the LED panel easily can be provided.


(1) The screen size can be as much as closer to the size of what customers want.

(2) High cost-efficiency.


(1) Customers need to have adequate experiences in assembly;

(2) LED cabinets support seamless splicing, but LED modules may be more difficult to achieve this.

3.4 Recommended Products

3.4.1 MA640 Series - Front-service LED Display

  • 640×480mm Size Cabinet, 320×160mm module
  • SMD 3 in 1 LED Encapsulation technology
  • Frontal Service Design for Easy Installation
  • CE, RoHS, FCC Approved
  • 3-Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part
Pixel Pitch2.5mm3.07mm4mm5mm10mm
LEDSMD 3in1SMD 3in1SMD 3in1SMD 3in1SMD 3in1
Module size320*160mm320*160mm320*160mm320*160mm320*160mm
Module resolution128*64dots104*52dots80*40dots64*32dots32*16dots
Density160000 pixels/sqm105688 pixels/sqm62500 pixels/sqm40000 pixels/sqm10000 pixels/sqm
LED Cabinet Size960*960*87(mm)960*960*87(mm)960*960*87(mm)960*960*87(mm)960*960*87(mm)
Cabinet Weight24kg/pc24kg/pc24kg/pc24kg/pc24kg/pc
MaterialDie Casting Magnesium AlloyDie Casting Magnesium AlloyDie Casting Magnesium AlloyDie Casting Magnesium AlloyDie Casting Magnesium Alloy
Brightness800-1000 cd/m2 (Nits)800-1000 cd/m2 (Nits)800-1000 cd/m2 (Nits)800-1000 cd/m2 (Nits)800-1000 cd/m2 (Nits)
Avg power consumption450w380w350w320w280w
Max power consumption980w900w880w850w750w
Best Viewing Distance2.5m to 25m3m to 30m4m to 40m5m to 50m10m to 100m
Grey Level14 bits14 bits14 bits14 bits14 bits
Fresh frequency≥60HZ≥960HZ≥960HZ≥960HZ≥960HZ
Humidity-operating10% ~ 95%10% ~ 95%10% ~ 95%10% ~ 95%10% ~ 95%
Screen life≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours
Controlling modeSynch or AsyncSynch or AsyncSynch or AsyncSynch or AsyncSynch or Async
Warranty3 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years
Protective gradeIP43 DustproofIP43 DustproofIP43 DustproofIP43 DustproofIP43 Dustproof

(1) Golden-ratio Cabinet

The 4:3 cabinet design is one of the most outstanding features of MA640 series, meaning it can construct LED displays with golden ratio for many applications such as conferences, concerts, stages, shopping malls, etc.

Moreover,it also allow many video contents to be displayed on it without streching or distorsion.

(2) Quick Lock Design

Linsn MA640 is equipped with fast locks to make the whole cabinet can be assembled quickly! For big screen for church, the lock system can enable the stability of the whole screen.

(3) Frontal Service Avaliable

The whole module can be removed within 5 seconds, and other components such as power supply and LED control card are also supported frontal-sevice.

(4) High-definition for Indoor LED Display

As a cabinet which is designed for indoor installation, MA640 series has many small pixel pitches models including P1.25mm, P1.37mm, P2.5mm, P4mm, P5mm and so on.

If you want to achieve real 4K visual performance, then considering this cabinet will be a wise choice.

MA640 Customer Case to Germany

  • Installation Country: Germany
  • Cabinet mode: MA640
  • Display Size: 3.6864㎡ (2.56mX1.44m)
  • Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm
  • Module Size: 320X160mm
  • Cabinet Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Cabinet Size: 640X480mm
  • Maintenance Method: Dual Service
  • Application: Indoors

3.4.2 MA480 Series LED Display

MA480 indoor led cabinet
  • 480*480mm cabinet size
  • Dual service with frontal and real maintenance
  • P1.5, P1.66, P1.875, P2, P2.5, P3 available
  • CE, Rohs approved
  • 3 years warranty and 5% spare part
Pixel pitch1.875mm2mm2.5mm3mm
Pixels per cabinet256×256 (HxV)240×240 (HxV)192×192 (HxV)160×160 (HxV)
LED lifetime100,000h (video – 50% brightness)
Brightness800 – 1000 nits;
Module size240*240mm
Module resolution128*128dots120*120dots96*96dots80*80dots
Refresh rate960-3,840Hz
Hor. viewing angle140° +/-5° (@50% brightness)
Vert. viewing angle140° +/-5° (@50% brightness)
Brightness uniformity>98%
Grey Level16 bits
Avg Power consumption350 W/m²320 W/m²300 W/m²280 W/m²
Max Power consumption680 W/m²640 W/m²620 W/m²600 W/m²
Operation power voltage100-240V / 50-60Hz
Operational temperature-10°C to +40°C / 14°F to 104°F
Operational humidity10-80%
IP ratingIP54 for Indoor, IP65 for Outdoor
Dimensions480 x 480 x 80 mm (WxHxD)
Weight5.5 kg
ServiceabilityFront and back service
CertificationsCE, UL, FCC class A, RoHS, WEE, REACH
Warranty2 years standard product warranty

Dual-service design

MA480 LED screen is equipped with dual service design, featuring magnet adsorption panels that allow for frontal and rear servicing. This innovative design allows for quick and easy installation, as well as efficient replacement of components.

Fine Pixel Pitch Available

Various pixel pitches such as P1.875, P2, and P2.5 allow high-definition LED displays and high-standard visual quality.

This cabinet is very suitable for indoor LED screens for close viewing distance. Especially for church LED screens, this is an important feature to enable the effectiveness of events.

3.5 LED Screen for Church Price

What is the LED screen for the church price? The church LED wall cost is related to factors like screen parameters, configuration, installation, shipping cost, etc.

A small LED screen with low resolution typically carries a price tag of around $1,000 to $2,000. Conversely, large LED screens for churches with higher resolution may range from $5,000 to $10,000 or even more.

Furthermore, displays with special features like interactive screens or seamless video wall displays tend to be pricier.

However, contact us, and we will give you customized quotations based on your specific LED display project! And our products always have favorable prices for you.

4. Why You Need LED Screen for Church?

(1) Affordable but effective

Compared to projectors, LED screen panels for churches are more affordable and suitable for churches.

First, the size can be customized resting with the pace of the church as LED displays are modular. Second, the brightness is changeable and also can be higher than projectors.

When there are many windows, and the ambient light is bright, the screen brightness level can be changed accordingly.

(2) Engaging worship

With church LED screen, everyone can easily engage in worship with more enjoyable experiences. The screen can display various contents on it such as bible studies and lyric songs.

(3) Energy-saving property

It is energy-saving based on its matured technology. Moreover, it will not emit heat like other media so as to be more environmental-friendly.

(4) Longer working life

The lifespan of LED screens is, on average, much longer than that of LCD. The lifespan of an LED screen can be 50,000 hours (15 years of use at 10 hours per day), while the lifespan of an LCD can be 30,000 hours (8 years of service at 10 hours per day).

(5) Better visual performance

Full-color LED display has a wider color gamut so it has less color distortion and more vivid expressive force.

5. FAQs of LED Screen Panels for Church

(1) How much is LED screen for church price?

The LED screen for church price varies depending on many factors like product models, sizes, pixel pitches, installation factors, and so on.

However, you can still get a reasonable and detailed quotation from our professional staff! We will provide you with high-standard LED displays at good prices.

(2) What size is suitable?

The suitable size is related to the space of church, the architectural structure, and your ideal parameter.

Just contact us, and we will help you to get a satisfactory proposal.

(3) What pixel pitch do I need?

Church LED screen is usually used indoors, thus, the common pixel pitch includes P1.25, P1.86, P2.5, P2.604, and P3.91.

For outdoor LED screens, the usual pixel pitch includes P3.91, P4, P5, P4.81, P6.67, and P10.

You will find that most of the projects selected P2.5 because its price will be much lower than HD LED Display (Pixel pitch≤P2), but the resolution is higher than normal indoor LED display.

It is obvious that the closer the viewing distance, the smaller the pixel pith. Thus, the pixel pitch depends a lot on how close the viewers will be to the screen.

Our staff will help you choose from these parameters depending on your specific conditions.

Just contact us, and we will help you to get a satisfactory proposal

6. Conclusions

Linsn provides with you a high-quality LED screen for church! We will give you reasonable quotations, all-around professional technical support, and after-sales service! Wanna know any more information, or just contact us to get your free samples or discounts? Just fill in the simple form to get what you need!