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LED Screen for Restaurant | LED Display Menu Board

LED screen for restaurant can be divided into many types such as LED menu boards, LED screen for advertising, waiting call screen, and so on.

In this post, we will discuss the types, the advantages, how to choose, and related product recommendations! Just follow us to read until the end.

Table of Contents

1. What Are the Screens in Restaurants Called?

The LED screens in the restaurant include storefront screens, electronic menu screens, order display screens, kitchen display screens, status display screens, table number screens, zone navigation screens, digital advertising screens, and so on.

These LED screens serve many purposes. For example, the storefront screen can attract customers and effectively promote restaurant sales, and the digital advertising screen is used to display advertisements and promotional content in the restaurant to enhance brand awareness and attract customers’ attention with its ability to display statistic images, dynamic videos, and animations.

led display for restaurant for entertainment

2. What Are the Types of LED Screen for Restaurant?

(1) LED Display Menu Board

The LED display menu board is one of the most common LED display boards in restaurants. It can replace traditional printed paper menus to show the menu items, prices, and descriptions.

These digital screen menus offer advantages such as easy updates, customizable content, and cost savings, and are often made by indoor LED screens.

A common type of electronic menu screen is the P4 indoor LED display. It has a moderate pixel pitch, high-definition resolution, and can display clear text and images. 

led screen for restaurant

(2) Advertising LED screen

This type of screen can be placed in the restaurant or outside it to display advertisements and promotional information. 

It can attract people’s attention to improve brand awareness and increase income. 

(3) Order display LED screen

The order display screen is used to display customers’ ordering information and pending orders in the restaurant. It can help the kitchen and servers better manage orders, and improve work efficiency and accuracy.

For instance, the P2.5 LED ordering screen has a high-definition resolution, and is suitable for close-range viewing to display clear images of menu items, prices, and descriptions, providing customers with an intuitive ordering experience.

(4) Status display screen

The status display screen is used to display business status, special reminders, or event information in the restaurant.

This can be placed outside the restaurant to show business status (such as “Open” or “Closed”), special promotional information, or upcoming events, attracting passing customers to enter the restaurant to improve sales volumes.

(5) Table number screen

The table number screen is an LED display screen used to identify and display table numbers in the restaurant. It can help servers accurately deliver dishes to the corresponding tables, improving service efficiency.

(6) Waiting call screen

The waiting call screen can remind customers of call numbers and prompt messages, reminding them to pick up their orders or take their seats.

(7) Zone navigation screen

The zone navigation screen is employed within expansive restaurants or dining establishments to direct customers toward designated areas or seats.

3. What Advantages Can LED Display Board for Restaurant Bring to You?

(1) Improve ordering efficiency

LED display for restaurants improves the efficiency of ordering to increase the turnover rate of tables.

Moreover, customers can complete the ordering process by themselves as human errors can be reduced.

What is more, customers can directly select menu items on the screen to confirm their orders without the need for additional communications and confirmation steps.

(2) Increase sales amount

These screens can improve sales amount a lot with multiple functions such as displaying menu items, promoting and advertising new meals, presenting important information, and helping with ordering.

It can improve efficiency for almost every step to save labor costs and improve incomes for the restaurant.

(3) Enhance brand images

The professional screens can be controlled and managed easily to show different contents with high-definition visual performances. 

(4) Entertainment and communication

a. Providing entertaining information

LED screens can display various entertaining contents such as music, MV, films, and animations to entertain customers, especially children.

For example, for families with children who come to the restaurant, suitable content for children can be played on the display screen to attract their attention and reduce their anxiety and restlessness.

b. Improve interactivity

LED display screen can be transformed into interactive platforms to engage with customers such as encouraging people to participate in communications by interactive games.

c. Improve customer experiences

Digital screen menus can display menu items, introduction of meals, promotional information, and so on to help them better understand dinners’ services and products to improve customers’ experiences.

In summary, LED display screens can help promote the entertainment aspect of restaurants by providing entertainment content, increasing interactivity, creating a pleasant atmosphere, and enhancing customer experience.

4. How to Choose Right LED Display for Restaurant?

There are some recommendations for you to refer to to choose the right LED display for your restaurant.

First, you need to decide the appearance of the screens to make sure that the style is suitable for the whole decoration.

Second, choose LED panels with stable visual effects and stability. For example, high-standard visual performances and adjustable brightness levels ensure the screen is seen clearly which can Improve their dining experience.

Third, choose the appropriate location for the display screen based on the restaurant’s spatial layout to maximize space utilization while ensuring the screen’s aesthetics and practicality.

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6. Conclusion

LED screen for restaurant such as digital menu boards and ordering displays provides customers with excellent customer experiences to increase sales amounts, improve ordering efficiency, enhance brand images, and encourage communication. For any more information, just contact us right now!