LED Screen Rental Installation: How to Do Effectively?

This article will tell you two typical installation methods of rental LED screen, and what the attention points are before and after the LED screen rental installation. Don’t miss it and gain some useful ideas.

Points for Attentnion of LED Screen Rental Installation

1.Before Installation

(1) Appropriate design according to event place:

The LED display rental company needs to provide installation design plan according to the event place after analyzing the post including size of the place, visual distance, expected visual effects and surrounding environments.

(2) The number of LED screens needed:

Before the installation, the number of LED screens needed should be calculated. What is more, according to the number of LED displays how many electrical wires and signal wires and other related equipment will be needed should be figured out, too.

(3) Installation methods:

There usually are two typical installation methods including stacked installations and hanging installations depending on several factors such as the weight capacity of the supporting structure, the number of LED display panels and environment.

Determine which one is suitable is a necessary task which needs some research as this will influence the final displaying effect and safety of audiences.

(4) Labor Preparation and training:

Basically, there will be two groups of staff, they will be in charge of the installation and operation of the rental LED screens separately. They need to have basic trainees about the screen to install and run them in an appropriate way.

LED screen rental installation way

2.During Installation

(1) Avoid collision of corners of the LED display rental cabinet during installation, because LED lamp beads are susceptible to damages caused by pressure.

(2) Keep the LED cabinets remaining level and in a steady speed when taking them out from the packing boxes to avoid possible friction between the box and the surface of the cabinet. .

(3) When connecting the power cable and signal cable between different LED cabinets, you can choose to connect them through mounting hole to ensure the aesthetic appearance.

(4) Use reliable supporting equipment: the weight capacity, strength and stability of the supporting equipment will have a strong impact on the safety of the rental LED screen displays.

(5) Ensure the tight connection between different LED panels. The whole rental LED wall is usually assembled by LED cabinets. And if one of them is not connected with other firmly, the panel may fall apart and cause safety issue.

3.After Installation

(1) After the event, arrange the power cable and signal cable, and store the LED cabinet in the right place to prevent moisture or excessive heat.

(2) When putting the LED display module into the storage bins, please do it gently and slowly to avoidunnecessary damages.

Common LED Screen Rental Installation Methods

Before you considering to choose installation methods, just think about several questions including:

(1)Wheter the surrounding environment exists changeable factors such as frequent high wind?

(2)How high does the bottom of the screen need to be for the audience to view it clearly?

(3)Has the event place already had supporting structure to support the screen?

(4)How long will you rent the LED display screen?

There are two common installation methods you may choose from one of them, and you need to consider which one is suitable based on consideration of above questions.

1.Hanging Method

It seems like “fly” a screen. That means the screen will be rigged to either an overhead truss system, a ceiling grid, a crane, or some other support structure from above.

Hanging rental LED display

The size of the lifted screen is usually below 6M * 10M, and the lifting mechanisms are usually classified into three types: gear type, cone type and bolt type.

The gear type is comparatively more expensive but looks more neat, and the cone types are more affordable with more reliable speciality. The bolt one is the cheapest way, but the assembly can be more difficult and is unnecessary to disassemble.

This is a great installation method to cater to mass simultaneous viewing because of the height and also a more innovative displaying way to impress the audiences.

However, when you hanging the screen, it is sometimes susceptible to move in high wind. The movement will affect momentum and may cause the worst situation – down structure.

This push the as good as possible installation techniques to a foremost place, because if it will be fine when done properly.

However, if you are going to hang the screen outside for a long time such as a week or more, it may be safer to consider the scaffold structure.

This installation method is also more common in indoor applications where people seems to be more aesthetic than practical, and this method can be quick and easy.

2.Stacked Method

“Stacked” means to put all the weight on the ground, and the screen will be braced in multiple locations to make the screen “stand” stable and rigid.

Stacked rental LED screen

However, you need to figure out how high does the bottom of the screen. If you need the bottom of the screen high, and the screen will be installed outdoor, the best choice for you may be flying it as the enormous truss structures can be expensive and time-consuming.

In conclusion, the best installation method of rental LED display screen should be determined based on comprehensive consideration from aspects of appearance, environment, safety, functions and special requirements related to the event.

The Bottom Line

This article is about LED display rental installation methods, and we have talked about points for attentions before, during and after the installation, and two typical installation ways including hanging way and stacked way.

Before we choose each one from them, there are some factors  waiting us to take account in such as whether the event is going to indoor or outdoor; whether there exists some adverse environment factors such as high wind; how height the bottom you want your screen have, etc.

Please notice these points for LED screen rental installation to build your LED display better. If you have any other questions, just follow our blogs or contact us!