Reveal LED Screen Rental Prices: How to Estimate It?

How to estimate your LED screen rental prices? This question is common but sometimes, we are lacking a reliable answer to it. However, it is necessary for customers to have a ballpark price in mind so as to consider the investment in a more well-around manner. That is why the article is here – to discuss jumbotron rental costs and modular LED rental costs.

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LED Screen Rental Prices

1. How to Calculate Modular LED Screen Rental Prices?

Here we list some fomulas for you:

1.1 Method One of Calculating LED Rental Rate

In this case, we will estimate the prices based on the sizes of the screen.

Day 1 LED Rental Cost:

Screen width in feet * screen height in feet * $50 – $70 = day 1 rate range

Consecutive LED Rental Cost:

The consecutive costs generally are 20% of the first-day charge.

Take a 16 feet x 10 feet LED display as an example, and the renting period is 4 days. How much will it cost?

Day 1: 16 * 10 * 50 and 16 * 10 * 70 = $8,000-$11,200

Day 2-4: 8,000 * 0.2 and 11,200 * 0.2 = $1600 – $2,240

Total: 8000 + 1600 *3 or 11,200 + 2240 *3 = $12,800 – $17,920

Thus, a 4 day rental rate for this rental LED display can be estimated to range between $12,800 – $17,920.

1.2 Method 2 of Caculating Rental LED Display Price:

The second method will discuss how to get the ballpark prices based on the units of LED cabinets.

For example, if the rental rate for the LED panel is $150 per unit, then for the 16 feet *10 feet display the possible cost may be:

16/2 = 8 LED panels in width

10/2 = 5 panels in height

Total amount of LED display panel: 8 X 5 = 40 units

Day 1 cost: 40 units X $200 per unit = $8,000 

And the LED screen rental prices for the consecutive days can be calculated as 20% of the first day prices. 

As the prices of each rental LED equipment supplier are different, the final ballpark prices can vary, too. 

2. How Much Does A Jumbo Screen Cost?

Compared with a modular LED display, the mobile one may need no additional charge of labor and equipment, and the fee often already includes power, setup, tear-down, and operation. 

mobile rental led display price

The approximate fee of a mobile rental LED panel often is $150. Here we take a mobile rental LED display made up of 5 LED panels in width and 8 panels in height as an example.

Total panels: 8 Panels wide * 5 Panels high = 40 Total panels

Total charge: 40 Total panels * $150 = $6,000 daily rental rate

If you want to know more about Mobile LED Display Rental Cost, you can click to jump to this article. In this article, we discuss more mobile rental LED screen including possible events, use suggestions, and factors influencing the final price.

3. Factors Influencing LED Display Rental Costs

(1) Pixel Pitch

As you may know, the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution, and the clearer the displayed contents.

However, a smaller pixel pitch LED display may not always be your best option as the prices will be higher. Just choose the appropriate one based on your specific requirements including view distances and scale of activity.

For instance, if your targeted audiences will be 15 meters away from the display, than fine pixel pitch LED displays with pixel pitch under 2.5mm may result in unnecessary costs. And if the number of simultaneous audiences is no more than 100, a gigantic LED display can also waste your budget.

(2) Service Time

It is obvious that the longer the time you rent the display, the more money you will cost.

Please remember time is money, especially for rental LED screens. So prepare the installation staff to be onsite, and start the work as soon as possible because when the screen is delivered from the rental company, it has already been charged for renting fee.

Generally speaking, the fee on the first day will be the most expensive and will decrease in the consecutive days such as 20% of that of the first day.

(3) Modular or Mobile

Modular LED display often needs more budget than mobile LED display. That is because, the mobile one is permanently built on a vehicle, and does not need reconstruction as a modular LED display.

However, when you think about the budget of renting a mobile LED screen, do not forget to account the cost of employing a person who runs the mobile LED display.

(4) Installation

More complex the installation and the more intense the timeframe, the more expensive the labor resources and additional construction tools.

(5) Seasonality

It is easy to understand that peak season will require higher rental rates. And a bargain price can be obtained in a slower time when there is more product availability.

Of course, please book the display in advance during peak time as they may be out of stock, affecting your project plans.

(6) Company

Typically, there is a golden rule that you get what you pay for. The more experienced your technician and the higher quality products you get, the higher the expenses will be.

4. The Bottom Line

Renting a display can be a worthy investment as the costs of purchasing one can be more than ten times the costs of just renting one. Therefore, rental LED display can save you a pretty penny and also enable high effectiveness of activities.

Now you can estimate the LED screen rental prices by yourself, which can give you more reliable expectations before calling the rental equipment company. Want to know more accurate prices? Just contact us and send us your quote! Or you can click LED Screen Calculator to get all the information you want right now!