Solar Power LED Screen Trailer for Sale


Solar Powered LED Screen Trailer for Sale

The LC-ML15S solar LED screen trailer combines solar energy, an LED single yellow display screen, and a mobile advertising trailer. 

It addresses previous limitations like the requirement for external power sources or being fixed in a specific location.


360° Rotatable Screen

The screen can be rotated 360°, customers can get much more wider viewing angle than traditional LED screen!

High exposure rate, increased flexibility, maximized advertising impact.


Multiple Functions

The LC-ML15S mobile LED wall trailer features a self-checking system for equipment operating status, providing timely feedback for maintenance.

More functions are supported such as multiple communication methods and includes adaptive communication interruption, a reset function, automatic data storage, and remote parameter setting capabilities.


Suitable for Traffic Guidance

The LC-ML15S traffic guidance LED display trailer can showcase construction notices, highway weather updates, road surface conditions, blockage alerts, dynamic traffic status, and recommended detour routes.

This comprehensive functionality makes the LC-ML15S an indispensable tool for ensuring road safety and efficient traffic management.
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Tech Support

Linsn LED has professional technology support team to solve any tech problem for you, tech support covering installation, configuring, and anything about LED display, please check our contact us page.

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