LED Stock Ticker Display Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to get a competitive advantage in market-driven finance and business?

In that way, the LED stock ticker display will be a tool that you can’t miss. It can perfectly combine with traditional financial communications and top display technology to help you always keep your leading position
in a constantly changing economic environment.

It is not only decoration, even can provide key real-time stock market data in a visually attractive format to help you get a professional advantage and improve traffic.

Today, in this article, we will show you everything about the stock exchange LED display, including its advantages, features, installation methods, price, and common questions.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Why need an LED stock ticker display?

LED stock market ticker display refers to an digital signage used to offer continuous real-time information of stock market performance, like stock price, financial index, and other market data.

1. Its general composition:

(1) LED module

The LED modules usually cover LED lamp beads, LED chips, PCB boards, and power input.

(2) Cabinet

Except for LED module, the LED display also includes LED cabinet.

Currently, the more popular ones on the market are iron cabinets, die-cast aluminum cabinets, profile aluminum cabinets, and so on.

(3) Sending and receiving card

The sending and receiving card of LED screen are used for transmission signal and decode video sources to display modules. When selecting it, make your choice based on the module interface.

Linsn LED supports HUB75 interface, HUB73 interface and HUB320 interface. The most commonly used interface is HUB75 interface.

(4) Power supply

LED power supply refers to the power supply for the box module. The general input power supply is 220/110V, which is then converted to 5V and output to the module and receiving card.

The power supply voltage supported by different countries and regions may vary.

An LED display is roughly composed of these components, and of course there are more details, such as driver IC, LED kit, and more.

2. What are its features?

(1) High brightness: The high-brightness LED display can ensure its visibility in various environment, including bright sunlight or dimly lit interior.

(2) High refresh rate: High refresh rate ensures smooth playback of content, making it easier for investors to understand real-time updated information.

(3) Lifelike colors: Advanced display technology restores lifelike colors and provides an excellent visual experience.

(4) Modular design: The LED display screen adopts a modular design to facilitate installation and subsequent maintenance, while also enabling customizable size.

3. Its advantages:

(1) Content customization

It supports a variety of content displays, which can be videos or animations, or static text or pictures.

Besides, it also supports multiple display modes, scrolling or static display.

Seamless switching, real-time updates

The stock exchange LED display supports seamless switching of its display content.

Provides continuous, real-time updates on stock prices, indices, and other financial indicators. In addition, connect to financial data sources to ensure the information is accurate and timely.

led stock market display

(2) Multiple installation methods

Different installation methods can be used according to the installation environment and building structure. It can be installed on the wall, ceiling, or bracket.

(3) User-friendly design

With user-friendly design and support for remote management, you can easily control the display content of the LED monitor.

(4) Long-running

Compared with traditional display technology, stock market LED display can operate around the clock. Meanwhile, it has lower energy consumption to reduce operating costs.

(5) Practical and beautiful

In addition to practicality, the LED stock ticker display screen also serves as a beautiful decoration, adding a sense of fashion and core decoration to the stock market environment setting and attracting traffic.

(6) Multi-application

Whether it is indoors or outdoors, stock LED displays can be used. At the same time, not only the stock market but LED displays can also be used in various activities or advertisements.

Part 2. What information is usually displayed by it?

In addition to showing stock prices, it can also be used to display the following information:

led stock ticker display screen

What’s more, you can also use the LED display to display other information, such as weather forecasts, sports scores, or advertisements.

Part 3. Stock exchange LED display solutions

1. MA640-Indoor fixed installation

More Videos:

2. MA480-Small pitch LED display

Part 4. The Installation selection of LED stock market ticker display

The stock market LED display screen mainly adopts the wall-mounted installation method, that is, a frame or bracket is installed on the wall, and then the LED display screen is installed.

In addition, according to different applications, the LED stock market display screen can adopt different forms of wall-mounted methods.

(1) Fixing bracket

In order to get as close to the wall as possible, try to use a thinner LED panel for installation.

(2) Push-track wall mount

If you need to install several different stock ticker screens at the same time, then the push-track wall mount is your best choice.

It is quick and easy to install and maintain.

The installation process will start with the first rail mounted on the wall, and then the subsequent rails can be easily installed and leveled until the installation is complete.

(3) Push-in/Push-out installation

Push-in/Push-out installation is to push the LED display screen into place and then release the lock. After installation, the LED display screen will pop out.

This installation method is very convenient for later maintenance. When you need to maintain the LED display screen, just select the push-out option. After maintenance, you can easily push it back.

(4) Tilt Wall Mount

This mounting option allows the LED stock ticker display to be tilted up and down for a wider viewing angle.

Part 5. The LED stock price display

The stock LED display price is something you must know.

However, almost all LED display suppliers are reluctant to disclose detailed prices on the Internet. This is because the price of LED display is affected by multiple factors.

Here we will discuss the main factors so that you can estimate the approximate price.

Of course, you can also take a more direct and effective approach: contact us to get a detailed solution with a quotation.

1. Pixel pitch

Pixel pitch refers to the distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels on an LED panel. Smaller pixel pitch means less space between pixels, which means higher pixel density and refresh rate, and therefore a higher price.

2. Size

LED panels are modular in design, which means you can customize the size as needed. The larger the size, the higher the cost.

In addition, some special-shaped LED displays are usually more expensive than traditional rectangular LED displays, such as round LED screens, magic cube LED displays, cylindrical LED displays, and other special-shaped LED displays.

Of course, these special-shaped LED displays will also have higher appeal and better decorative effects.

3. Installation

Although most stock exchange LED displays are wall-mounted LED displays, different wall-mounting methods will also produce price differences.

The more complicated the installation method, the higher the price.

4. Transportation

The LED stock price display vary depending on the mode of transportation. Prices also vary based on the delivery address, estimated delivery date, and package size.

Additionally, if you choose sea shipping, you may also need to pay certain destination charges, including unloading fees, terminal handling charges (THC), port service charges (PSC), operating fees, port congestion charges and other fees.

Please don’t forget that different countries or regions also need to impose certain taxes or customs fees, which will affect the cost of purchasing your stock exchange LED display.

5. Additional features

Perhaps, you also expect the LED display to have some additional features to help you better financial situation.

But all additional features mean more advanced technical support, that is, more expensive cost.

In summary, when calculating the price of an LED display, you need to consider not only the cost of the LED display, but also the costs of transportation, installation, and maintenance.

Part 6. Commonly FAQs about it

Q1: Can we customize different formats to display specific data points or information?

Of course, the LED screen display content can be highly customized. This means that you can use different formats to display specific information or data points.

Q2: What advantages can a stock exchange or financial institution gain from using LED displays?

Believe it or not, LED displays do have many advantages in displaying real-time financial data, including high visibility, durability, and energy efficiency.

They can ensure the readability of content in various environments and customizable content.

Q3: What types of stock price LED displays are there?

LED displays can be highly customized in both shape and size.

Based on the display content, they can be divided into: customized stock price LED displays, line chart LED stock price displays, LED news newspapers, and others.

According to the shape, they can be divided into circular LED displays, curved LED stock market displays, and more.

Q4: What kind of control system can we get?

Linsn LED Display has reached in-depth cooperation with control system brands such as Novastar, Colorlight, Huidu, Xixun, etc., which can be your choice.

Or, you can also tell us your needs, and our professional team will recommend you a suitable and cost-effective control system.

Part 7. Conclusions

This article mainly introduces the features, advantages, prices, installation methods and some common problems of LED stock ticker display screens.

Linsn LED Display has more than 10 years of experience in LED display screen production and manufacturing, providing 7/24 hours technical service, 3-year warranty and 5% spare parts service, as well as guaranteed on-time delivery service.

Contact us to get professional LED display screen solutions for your financial institution!