LED Wall Film Production Solution
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What is XR technology?

XR is a general term that includes multiple layers of AR, VR, & MR to achieve the integration &

transformation from real to virtual environments

The background of XR technology development

· The rapidly developing online live industry, which provides good ground for its development.

· XR tech bottlenecks continue to break through to produce revolutionary application experience upgrades;

· XR tech virtual engine, LED display technology does not just stay at the level of technical research, but further integrated into our life scenes.

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Application of XR Cinematography

Application of XR tech in digital broadcast media production

In filming, technicians can combine XR tech, camera motion tracking & real-time rendering to create an immersive, all-around
the environment on the LED display stage, creating a 3D visual effect where the desired scene can be rendered directly during filming.

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led film screen

Principle of XR Tech Work

Take XR LED wall as an example

XR LED wall film production is an innovative way for filming and entertaining which combines both technology of LED display wall and XR.

The heart of XR stage is LED film screen, which play the vital role of displaying images, videos and showing the superior effect.

The other components includes camera tracking system, controller, graphic engine, rendering server and virtual production pipeline.

How do XR tech work

Virtual production LED wall combines the technologies of a large wraparound LED wall, game engine (Unreal Engine), and camera with a tracking device on top.

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led wall film production process

Advantages of XR LED Film Production

advantages of xr led studio

· Real-Time Rendering by Virtual Engine

Real-time rendering, with unlimited scaling of real-time content, enables unparalleled creative flexibility. 

The Unreal Engine can drive pixels on the LED wall in real time, manipulating virtual scenes & effects on the wall to create a more realistic shooting scene.

· Virtual Scenic Features

Technicians can survey the scene in the virtual space & can preset a definite scene in advance according to the requirements & quickly call it up during the shooting, & the director of photography can have better control of the color on site.

· Ambient light simulation

Compared with the traditional green screen, 3D LED giant screen stage presents a more accurate light source highlight, reflection and rebound, so as to obtain more realistic light and shadow effects and detailed color performance, solve complex and difficult accurate lighting, strong reflection problem to make the shooting picture more natural and realistic.

· Instant composite output video

Producers no longer need to build a huge & bulky green screen, & it only takes hours to render a realistic forest scene with 3D modeling. 

At the same time, the shooting scenes can be freely converted, which greatly reduces the shooting time & post-production time, improves shooting efficiency & reduces the cost of film production time.

· Experience & perception of reality

The virtual space is the biggest challenge for actors’ performance & director’s management, LED display can build the most realistic & immersive shooting scenes, in the process of filming, the actors are in it, can quickly enter the role, no longer have to rely on imagination alone.

50% saving shooting time
comparison of traditional process

Why Choose LinsnLED?

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Establishing a 3D Space for LED Wall Film Production

A 3D semi-immersive space composed of curved LED vertical screens, sky screens & floor screens, replacing the conventional green screen.

xr led wall studio
linsn xr led studio solution

XR Stage Series

(1) High definition: the pixel pitch is P2.604, making the screen a small pixel LED display.
(2) High refresh rate: high refresh rate up to 7680Hz, enabling stable visual performance without flickering when filming.
(3) Wide grayscale: 16 bit grayscale, more delicate image quality.
(4) Support almost all types of contents: 4K HD videos allowed.

ma series xr led wall
linsnled customer case of xr led screen

Linsn XR Series has been specifically developed for use in Film & Television industries & Virtual Production Studio as well as extended reality applications. 

The XR led panel offers trusted reliable performance with sophisticat-ed & high-speed components such as wide color gamut LEDs, high speed & high grayscale IC drivers and broadcast standard processing.

Rental Stage LED Display

Frame Multiplexing

Supports frame multiplexing allowing users to reframe multiple video feeds in the same time field. 

Utilizing the camera’s genlock phase offset, it becomes possible to output multiple effects simultaneously within a single shooting scene, improving work efficiency and reducing cost

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ma500 series virtual production led display

Lightweight and Thin

Portable and good stability with weight of 7.5kg/cabinet
and thickness of 80mm.

The feature of lightweight make the LED display is easy to carry, transport and install, saving good amount of money on your labor costs.

Perfect Structure

LinsnLED has the domestic top design team,the design innovation has its own unique philosophy,with a number of core technologies. 

Innovative structural design,avant-garde body lines,give you extraordinary experience.

ma series xr led cabinet
ma500 xr led display cabinet

Fast Installation

Auto-locking system for fast and easy 1 man installation with ultimate safty and pixel protection.

Front & Real Maintenance

LinsnLED XR Stage Series Rental LED Display is dual maintenance product, not only 100% front accessable but 

also can do rear service.The LED panels are magnetic and can be removed by tools from front side in 5 seconds. 

Easy and convient, save you cost and labor.

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VMP+MX40 Pro+A10s Pro

The solution of the XR virtual shooting LED control system can effectively solve the problems of black field, scanning line and other LED realistic picture details in shooting, and create a shooting scene that can be perfectly comparable to the real environment by virtue of the targeted function design of shooting scenes and the unique industry advantage picture quality improvement technology.

xr led display controller
xr led solution features

The new MX series control system is equipped with a new generation of Nova’s image quality engine and dynamic engine to improve the  LED screen display image quality in an all-round way, create an immersive shooting scene and provide full guarantee for XR LED wall film production.

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