FAQs of LED Screen Software-LEDStudio Use

When you are using linsn led screen software LEDStudio, you will facing some problem. Here is the FAQs of the use of LEDStudio.

LED Screen Software LEDStudio Use

1.Warning: MCI systematic error when starts up?

This is because that Windows Media Player has not been installed, please install it. Find a file named: Mpsetup2K.exe (for Win2K/XP/ME) or Mpsetup98.exe (forwin98) in your CD-Rom. Double clicks to install.

2.Warning: cannot find LED screen system or transmission error?

This is due to the disconnection between the Serial Pot cable and the LED, or they are not well connected. Please check the cable.

3.How to change the position and size of the play window?

To change the position and size of the window, you must go to software setup. Set the position of play window to “Any position”, then enter coordinates and screen size. You may also use mouse to drag and change the position and size of the play window. For details please refer to “Software Setup”

4.How to run and play certain files?

Firstly, you should go to “Software Setup”, and select all three options under auto-setup.

5, How to edit the existing files (.lsd)?

Click on “Open” button to open the file, and then select “allow edit” to allow you make changes to the files. For details please refer to “Programming”

6.Attached switch illustration.

Due to the upgrade of hardware, some switches for lower edition maybe not available.
  1. OE Switch (JP1 first position), to justify the polarity of the cell boards. When the polarity is incorrect, luminance will decrease.
  2. Data Switch (JP1 second position),to justify the polarity of the data. When error occurs, picture display will become
  3. W16、W32、W64、W128、W256、W512、W1024 (JP1 11th,3rd,4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th position) , to justify the width of the led receiving card.
  4. ClkDly switch (JP1 9th position), to justify the properties of displacement clock. When there is problem with unit cell
    step-connection, please justify this switch.
  5. Row Switch (JP1 10th position), to set whether translate code when quartet sweep and double sweep display, or the
    polarity of row-serial-row output.
  6. S16、S32、S64、S128、S256、S512、S1024 (JP2 the 11th, 12th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th position and JP1 12th position), to justify the horizontal starting point of the screen
  7. 1/8、1/4、1/2 switch (JP2 the 5th, 6th,7th position) ,to justify the scanning method or vertical starting point.
  8. ClkHi,ClkLo switch (JP2 the 8th 、9th position),to justify the slide-point clock. When CLkHi is on and ClkLo is off the frequency is 16.7Mhz; When ClkHi、ClkLo are both off, the frequency is 2.5Mhz; When CLkHi、ClkLo are both on, the frequency is 8.33Mhz; When ClkHi is off but ClkLo is on, the frequency is 6.25Mhz.
  9. Delay Switch(JP2 the 10th position), to justify the delay clearing of a whole row. If there is horizontal dark/bright difference, justify this switch.

LEDStudio Download

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