Linsn 901 LED Receiving Card Diagram

Linsn 901 led receiving card Diagram and Description

>>linsn rv901 is the Upgrade led receiver of RV801 led receiving card.(The most popular led card used for led screen)

>>Linsn RV902 LED Receiver is the Upgrade products of RV802 LED receiver. (RV902 mainly used for background lighting and strips,smaller than RV901,so it called mini led control card)

>>Linsn RV907 is the new version of RV807 led receiving card(Used for rental led module signs with small size)

>>linsn rv908 = RV901+HUB75 LED Receiving Card (With Hub75 led hub card with D signal, support 1/16 Scan), it has 12 interface to control 12 pcs high led display module.

Linsn 901 LED Receiving Card Diagram

The nine generation of the receiving card is upgraded in the RV801 led receiving card,compatible with the eight generation,has the full function of the eight receiving card, it also adds the following functions:

1.supports 12 bit HDMI color input (need send card with the nine generation).
2.using the 18 signal processor, maximum support RGB 18 each (level 260000) gray.
3.single card maximum support 1024X256 pixel, 1024 single color correction.
4.supports single card color space conversion. configuration file read back. program replication. double receiving card backup, used for performance screen demanding. pixel fault detection (need special chip support) cable error test. cable fault detection. the box door switch control.
12.the two fan speed control.
13.Road three road system for voltage monitoring, a box body, two external power supply.
14.temperature control.
15.humidity monitoring (required humidity sensor).
16.smoke monitoring (required smoke module). line with the EU CE-EMC standards.

Linsn RV901 led control card is the most popular led control system for led screen industry.most of led display manufacturer use it for overseas clients of big projects. if you need any help of linsn led display controller,please contact our online support.