Linsn LED Studio RCG and CON file Setting Config

Linsn RCG file is for led receiving card, it is the most important configuration files for led display module, it will make the led display screen work properly.if you have experience on ledstudio and led display module, you can do the intelligent setup to config the right RCG files.

linsn rcg config file

Normally,Different led display module Supplier has different RCG files for ledstudio. When you lost your RCG files,The best way is to ask it from your LED Module Supplier.

Linsn LED aslo provide the support for RCG file Setting, if you need help,please go to download center or add our skype: leddisplays to get more information.

CON files is the connnection files for LED Display Screen, it is easily to config it by yourself, if you do not know how to config it,you can contact, we will config it for you for free!

Linsn RCG File Download

We provide all kind of RCG Files Download,You can Download All Config Files here—Download List