Linsn EX901D/Ex902D/EX903 Difference
linsn led EX901/EX902/EX903 Multi Function LED Card Features and Difference:

EX901/EX901D//EX902/EX903 Specifications:

  • Audio-output:Integrated the audio-signal transmission,free from exteranal audio signal line,amplifier could be connected to the function card directly
  • Light Sensor:Enable brigtness adjust automatically ,256 grades,work with ledstudio and ts802 sending card.
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor:Detect the temperature and humidity inside and outside the display,Display the temperature and humidity on the LED Display panel
  • Smoke detection,smoke sensor is needed for this function
  • Remote control:Turn on and off the power of LED display remotely by the LEDstudio.
  • Temperature Alert:Via our software LedStudio,you can set a certain value for turning on the fans automatically,also another value for turning on the air-conditioner.

EX901/EX901D is the normal one. Power supply: 5V DC by four pins power connector or two line connector and Data input/output: RJ45;Physical Connection: Place between sending card and first receiving card. Usually near the led display side.

Linsn EX901 EX901D LED Card

EX902/EX902D with more 4 power supply connector,1. led display screen Brightness Automatically Adjustment;2. Internal and External Humidity and Temperature Detection;3. Audio Data Output;4. Remote Power Control.

Linsn EX902 EX902D LED Card

EX903 with Optical Fiber Connection (SFP module: single-mode 20km multi-mode 500m)

Linsn EX903 LED Card

When you need to turn on/off the led display or adjust the brigtness automatically, linsn advise you using the EX901D Multi function card.