The Explaination of LINSN LEDStudio Intelligent Setup
The Explaination of linsn ledStudio Intelligent Setup

First,Let us see the below picture(Before setting the RCG file, it is necessary): linsn ts802 sending Card and linsn rv908 receiving card Connnection with the led display module

Connection of Linsn send card, receiver card and LED panel


  1. If using RV801/rv901 receiving card,It is better to use the upper 50PIN LED Hub card interface for single and double color,and connect the hub card to led modules with Pin cable in order.(The Intelligent Setup require the #1 interface).
    For the Fullcolor led modules, like hub75B/hub40B need 2 of 50 PIN just make sure connect it with RV801D/RV901 sending card in a right direction.(The Intelligent Setup require the #1 interface).
  2. If using RV908/RV908T receiving card, Normally RV908 led receiver is for full color, so connect it like the above picture,Hub75 interface to led display module in order.(The Intelligent Setup require the #1 interface).
    3.Set the DVI graphic Card to CLONE Mode(LCD monitor and led display show the same image).

After you install the ts802 sending card rightly and run the LEDStudio in the computer. go to LEDStudio–>Software Setup–> GET into the LED Receiver Setting window,you will see the intelligent setup as below,then click it for setting, pay attention to the RED PART.

Linsn Ledstudio intelligent Setup
  1. Display type: means choose the display type of single color/double color or fullcolor/fullcolor virtual pixel.
  2. Driver Chip: means the Driver IC, if it is MBI5042, Then choose MBI5042 in the list.normally,you can choose the general
  3. Pixel: means the led module resoluiton, for example: PH10 16×16, then write 16 pixel for X, 16 pixel for Y.
  4. Data Input port Qty/Data Group:means the Interface Quantity in the modules,normally, we have 1 or 2, and you can find the Data group Quantity at the side of interface.
  5. Row Decode: Normally Scan Way we choose 138, and Static do not need Decode.
  6. Card Mode: RV801D/RV901/RV901T use the Normal Mode, and RV908/RV908T use the 24 Data.
  7. Bits of Single: Normally we choose regular mode, 8 For 74HC595,and 16 for Constant Current Driver IC.
  8. Module Cascade: Normally we choose from right to left (looking from the front of led display module).

After you finished the Setting of Intelligent, you have to set the receiver parameters as below of RED Part:

setting parameters for Linsn LED receiver card
  1. Refresh FRQ: The Value will be changed automatically based on the left Gray Level/Grey Mode.
  2. Scan Clock:Normal Value is: 15, you can set the different value according to your Driver Chip.
  3. Gray Level/Grey Mode: Gray Level normal value is: 1024 or more with high refresh.
  4. Max Width Actual Width: /Max Height/Actual Height:Means 1 pcs led receiving card loading area.

Attention: You can change the above value according to your led display module and see what is the best effect to show the videos and images. If you buy the led modules from linsn led, we will provide you the best effect RCG files, if you buy from other supplier, please ask it from your supplier.our RCG files maybe not work with your led modules.