Linsn ISLE 2017 Expo Guangzhou
From February 15th to 18th, 2017, International Signs & LED Exhibition, Guangzhou (“ISLE Guangzhou”) was held at Area B, Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China. ) LINSN showcase a number of new led products at the exhibition.
Linsn ISLE 2017 Expo Guangzhou

LINSN NEW LED Control Card In ISLE EXPO Guangzhou 2017.

The SOM202 and SOM203,it is a Build-in LED Control Card with LED is smaller size and more function:
Linsn SOM202 SOM233 LED Card
The Mini901 and Mini902 replace the RV901 led receiving card in the furture with more function and smaller size:
Linsn Mini901 Mini902 LED Receiver Card
And LINSN Best Selling TS802D led sending card and TS852 led sender Box With Reliable Quality.
Linsn TS802D LED Card TS852 Sender Box
We feel happy to meet all of our customers who have achieved success in business through the platform for led display screen, led control system and LED industry in this very first exhibition of the year. hope to see you next year!
linsn led exhbition