How to Load RCG & CON files

To make the led display module work properly, we need to load the right RCG setting file and CON connnection file by Linsn ledstudio LED display control software.

How to Load the RCG and CON setting files by LEDStudio

1. Run the LEDstudio.Options Software Setup.

Linsn LEDstudio RCG Load

2.Click the Software setup window. DO NOT TOUCH anything. Just type “linsn” then will appear a password window, the password is: “168

Linsn LEDstudio Password Setting

3.Loading the CON file and RCG file to the led control card according to the following pictures. Send it to the led receiver, and save it to the led receiver.

Linsn LEDstudio RCG CON File Setting
This is the CON file of 5×3, you can set the CON file by yourself according to your led display controller resolution.

4.After we send the RCG and CON file to the led display screen,Then you can play the video using the controlling computer by Linsn LED studio.