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Linsn Mini901 LED Receiving Card
Linsn Mini901 led receiving card is the latest linsn led receiving card with DDR SODimm200 interface.

Linsn Mini901 is a full-featured high-end ultra-small mini led receiving card, compared with the traditional linsn rv901 led receiver. Mini901 LED Receiver Card uses DDR SODimm200 interface that can be adapted to a variety of electronic circuit structure,it is more flexible, truly a card applies to all applications (for this DDR interface I can provide docking development template for reference), has considerably reduced the purchasing of the types for led receiving card.

Linsn Mini901 LED Receiving Card

Mini901 LED Receiver card has specific circuits and program designing, the system can effectively reduce the electromagnetic radiation effectively help products easily through EMC certification.

Single Mini901 LED Display Control Card supports up to 32 parallel data set of RGB signal output;