New Design Magnesium Alloy 500*500mm and 500*1000mm LED Cabinet
Linsn New Design Magnesium Alloy 500*500mm and 500*1000mm LED Cabinet. Only 7.3KG for Rental LED Cabinet.

With the continuous expansion of the application area of rental led display, more and more rental led customers have personalized requirements for the LED display’s parameters and appearance. The LED Display Cabinet occupies a very important position in the full set of rental led screen. A good led cabinet not only protects the electronic components inside the led display screen, but also determines the smoothness of the assembly of the led cabinet. Indoor and outdoor rental display cases are mostly made of iron or die-casting aluminum materials. The iron box has poor stitching accuracy and poor stitching quality. The die casting aluminum box can easily abrade the surface of the box during installation and disassembly. Then, is there any better case material than iron and aluminum?

magnesium alloy led cabinet
linsn led developed a New Design Magnesium alloy led cabinet with magnesium alloy structure, weight is only 7.3KG! More light than the original die casting aluminum box 1400g!
less weight Magnesium Alloy led screen cabinet
ultra weight Magnesium Alloy led screen cabinet
Magnesium (Mg) is 12 of the periodic table of elements. It has the characteristics of small density and light mass. The proportion of magnesium is 2/3 of aluminum and 1/4 of iron. It is the lightest metal in practical metal. The alloy made of magnesium has the advantages of high strength, high rigidity and good heat dissipation. The bearing capacity of magnesium alloy is larger than that of aluminum alloy, and the corrosion resistance is good.
Therefore, magnesium alloy led display cabinet is not only beautiful in appearance, light in total weight, easy to install and durable, but also can reduce the transportation cost and installation cost, reduce the scratches and bruises in the process of installation and disassembly, and can prolong the service life of the Rental LED Display.

Linsn LED New Design Magnesium Alloy LED Display Cabinet Has the Size of 500*500mm and 500*1000mm. it can be mixed installation to achieve Sleamless Splicing.

mixed installation Magnesium Alloy LED cabinet
Because of the active chemical properties of magnesium and the easy oxidation of magnesium alloys in the application environment, how can we prevent the oxidation of magnesium alloys?The magnesium alloy case adopts the surface black electrostatic powder spraying process, and the anode oxidation treatment is adopted in the contact surface between the led display cabinets, which perfectly solves the problem of easy oxidation of the magnesium alloy box.
Compared with the traditional led display cabinet, magnesium alloy led cabinet is more portable, easy to install and save transportation cost. The magnesium alloy box for outdoor use has good waterproof performance, low temperature rise, low power consumption, and can adapt to all kinds of bad weather.It has better price than die-casting aluminum led cabinet.for more information,please contact LINSN LED!